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British couples spend just 2 months of their lives having nookie

Now we know why the country's birth rate is down. From ANI-

It looks like not much action takes place inside the bedroom, for according to a new survey an average couple spends almost two and a half months of their entire lives having sex.

The survey, carried out for a bedroom furniture firm, revealed that the average couple almost 25 years of their lives in bed - but just two and a half months romping.

We sleep for 18 years and ten months, but are more likely to spend the rest of the time talking, watching TV, surfing the net or reading, the survey found, reports The Sun.

And romping comes a poor tenth on the list of things we do in the sack, the poll of 2,000 people found.

What are the other nine things? I'm guessing reading, watching television are two. There was a baseball player 100 years ago who had a clause in his contract forbidding him from eating crackers in bed.(Supposedly teams on road trips would have players sharing a room and the same bed. Rube's roommate complained of crumbs in bed ) So I guess eating and drinking is another. Wizbang readers can enlighten me to the other nine. Keep it clean.

Maybe British husbands need to do more housework. Wizbang contributor Cassy has her own views on that.


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Comments (2)

Last night sure seemed like... (Below threshold)

Last night sure seemed like it lasted more than 2 months for me.

"British couples spend j... (Below threshold)

"British couples spend just 2 months of their lives having nookie" My bad! I thought you meant this year!

(Cancel those tickets to London!)






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