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We're Back!

We've been down all weekend - stuck in a timewarp - with a disk that couldn't be written. After serveral days of work everything is back as it was Friday. Of course this happened when my computer access was serverly limitted making the repairs take a bit longer than I'd hoped.

We've been at our backup site since Saturday, and posts prior to Monday are being moved back to this site. We'll be redirecting posts at the backup site back to this site and moving comments back here this evening.

We'll be down for a few minutes overnight for a RAID controller upgrade that's part of the restore process.


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Why don't you switch the ha... (Below threshold)

Why don't you switch the hamsters to a high-protein diet?

Who won the Caption Contest... (Below threshold)
-S- Author Profile Page:

Who won the Caption Contest? Got an error page when I tried to view the contributions on the Friday thread.






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