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But did she charge $5,500 for one hour?

Robert Koehler at Marmot's Hole tells us how different things are in South Korea when it comes to politicians and prostitutes.

Here, politicians will resign for any number of reasons -- some better than others -- but banging prostitutes is NOT one of them. Heck, our current head of state has even shared pointers in the media on how to pick out massage girls.
Here's the story in question about now South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.
Civic groups and lawmakers of the pro-government United New Democratic Party (UNDP) and the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) criticized Lee for his "inappropriate" joking on prostitution in his recent dinner meeting with some managing editors of the media.

Some journalists who attended the meeting said Lee, citing experiences of his former boss during his work at a company, said bad-looking girls are better than pretty girls when being massaged overseas, an Internet newspaper said.

According to the report, Lee made the remark, while talking about the "skills of life."

Lee has done some comparative shopping, and apparently overseas, and was able to get elected President. Some how I doubt Spitzer will be as successful if he is allowed to run again for Governor, but you never know in American politics. As one politician said some years ago, "The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy" Spitzer passed that test and American voters can have short memories.


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Let us (especially those of... (Below threshold)

Let us (especially those of us in NY) not forget - Spitzer the Spy, in just 15 short months - also has the following self-hung albatrosses...albatrossi?...to contend with

-was one of the the biggest recipients of Norman Hsu's dirty money
-had his aides inappropriately use the State Police in a plan to smear the Senate Majority Leader, and sent the documentation to the local fawning media, the Albany Times Union, under cover of an only tangentially related FOIL request
-tried to force drivers licenses for illegal aliens down our throats before most other politicians got a backbone - at least 3/4 of NY'ers opposed his plan according to polls

His approval rating was in the Democrat congressional range before this hit.

Lest we forget, this guy is... (Below threshold)

Lest we forget, this guy is a Democrat, and thus hailed as a hero and promoted. Wouldn't surprise me to see him run for and win Hillary's senate seat and given the chair of the ethics committee.

I understand why some folks... (Below threshold)
Tim McNabb:

I understand why some folks think that prostitution is a victimless crime, but nobody grows up hoping to be a hooker.

Further, he made a promise to his wife which he carefully and methodically violated.

Spitzer ought to be ashamed of himself and slink off to reflect upon his shame. Doubt he will.

"The only way I can lose... (Below threshold)

"The only way I can lose this election is if Im caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy"

unless You happen to be Barney Frank,Jerry studds or any other prominent lib with "shall We say" unusual backdoor habits.

Other than a guarantee of a... (Below threshold)

Other than a guarantee of action, what can one possibly get for $5500.00 that one can't score for dinner, movie, a couple of drinks and proper flattery?

Other than set himself up to violate the Mann Act, why wouldn't have a D.C. based hooker sufficed, regardless of cost?

Other than set himself u... (Below threshold)

Other than set himself up to violate the Mann Act, why wouldn't have a D.C. based hooker sufficed, regardless of cost?

Well, he had that leftover credit that he wanted to use and all...the credit that he explicitly told the pimps to use to cover the train tix (aka - to transport the hooker across state lines).

There's no justice in life.... (Below threshold)

There's no justice in life. Wealthy men like Spitzer can afford to pay high quality prostitutes thousands while poor men have to go to bed horny.

I have only one question - ... (Below threshold)

I have only one question - What did he get for his $5500?






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