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Ferraro enters race/sex debate

As if the tensions in the Democratic Party weren't high enough, Geraldine Ferraro, former Representative and Vice Presidential nominee, enters the fray, reports Jake Tapper at ABC New's Political Punch:

Clinton campaign finance committee member, former vice presidential candidate, and former Rep. Geraldine Ferraro, D-NY, told the Daily Breeze of Torrance, Ca., that, "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."

Of Clinton, Ferraro said that the press "has been uniquely hard on her. It's been a very sexist media. Some just don't like her. The others have gotten caught up in the Obama campaign."

Read the full post at the link above.

Pass the popcorn, Senator McCain . . .


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Comments (35)

I am enjoying this latest d... (Below threshold)

I am enjoying this latest development- gender identity politics vs racial identity politics.

The Democrats wanted it- well, they got it.

I hope this race goes to the convention. Gonna be a lotta broken glass in Denver.

Geraldine who?... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Geraldine who?

I cannot express in words h... (Below threshold)

I cannot express in words how much I am loving watching this train wreck happen. ww

Although this is entertaini... (Below threshold)

Although this is entertaining while it lasts, the media will have collective amnesia once they pick their King (or Queen).

It will be like you fell into an alternate universe where there was no mud slung at all.

The 'Vote for Wally and the... (Below threshold)

The 'Vote for Wally and the Beaver' campaign buttons made for the Mondale/Ferraro bid must have taken their toll.

Let's see.. Obama supporter... (Below threshold)

Let's see.. Obama supporters are sexist pigs because they're not voting for the female candidate and Clinton supporters are racist bigots because they're not voting for the black candidate ? Viva la identity politics of the Democrat party!

Remember how Democrats scre... (Below threshold)

Remember how Democrats scream about Republicans being racist by using 'code words'?

The Dems appear to have more overt racists in their party, but somehow minorities still embrace them come election time.

Stockholm Syndrome perhaps?

Ferraro used the same racia... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Ferraro used the same racially charged language to describe Jesse Jackson's candidacy for the President in 1988.

"If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race," she said.

She has alot of nerve...I suppose being a woman had nothing to do to her with promotion from a mere Queen's 'congressperson' to become Mondale's running mate in 1984.

You know, as much as saying... (Below threshold)

You know, as much as saying this will get me labeled as a racist, she has a point. I mean, John Kerry has done NOTHING in his 20+ years in the senate, yet he's accomplished MOUNTAINS more than Obama.

And Ferraro's name wouldn't... (Below threshold)

And Ferraro's name wouldn't have been on the 1984 Democrat ticket if she weren't a woman. She didn't have the "bones" to be selected as a VP candidate - but she had the requisite gender politics genetalia.

Perhaps Ferraro could expound on whether Hillary would be in this position if she hadn't ridden on the coattails of her husband?

Identity politics is for losers without any ideas or leadership to offer.

The problem with attacking ... (Below threshold)

The problem with attacking Ferraro for this (by Obama and surrogates) is that she's demonstrably correct. The living, breathing evidence is named 'John Edwards'. Both he and Obama are well spoken, likable, inexperienced, ultraliberal tax and spenders. But Obama is going to be their nominee and Edwards is...well, where has Edwards gone?

Faize - Perhaps Obama just ... (Below threshold)

Faize - Perhaps Obama just had better hair this time around...

Neither of these bozos woul... (Below threshold)

Neither of these bozos would be where they are without political correctness and white male guilt.

How do Clinton and Obama differ?

One is a nut with two boobs,
the other is s boob with two nuts....

(credit to however wrote this joke)

If i do remember FERRARO WA... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

If i do remember FERRARO WAS walley mondales VP pick for the demacrook party and they lost big to REAGAN too bad by the dems are squabling and their eating their wounded

To Ferraro's credit, she di... (Below threshold)

To Ferraro's credit, she did say during the same interview that if her name was Gerald, she wouldn't have been part of the ticket.

Both true statements.

Everybody thinks it -- but they're afraid to talk about it.

The U.S. needs a shift in l... (Below threshold)

The U.S. needs a shift in leadership away from the Old White Protestant Male special interest group that has held the nation in its thrall for far too long.

I am sooooo sick of any com... (Below threshold)

I am sooooo sick of any comment about Obahm, being called racist. How is it wrong for Mrs. Ferrao to say that race matters? If white people say race matters they are racist but if blacks say race matters they are stating a fact. She isn't wrong and it's not racist to say that if Obahma was a white man or a black woman he wouldn't recieve 90% of the black vote in Mississippi.

But why say it, Rita? He <b... (Below threshold)

But why say it, Rita? He is a black man. If he was a convicted serial rapist he also wouldn't have received 90% of the black vote in Mississippi.

These Democrates..fighting ... (Below threshold)

These Democrates..fighting it out...for no reason, hope or change. The party is doomed. If Obama gets nominated the Latinos will not vote for him, well the majority will not. If Clinton gets nominated the blacks will not vote. So its a lost case...

McCain it will be a breeze for you....

What a joke! Everything th... (Below threshold)
Dr. F:

What a joke! Everything that Ferraro said is true! Osama Obama is once again playing the race card while being his typical sexist self.

Senator Clinton has nothing to do when others freely speak the truth.

Double standards? Damn skippy! For years blacks have been allowed to say what ever they wanted while whites feared being called racist simply for looking the wrong way.

If Osama Obama is this fragile, he needs to drop out of the race now. What a coward he is!

Really this has gotten way ... (Below threshold)

Really this has gotten way out of hand. I have a great video at my website from a CNN show.
The bottom line is if someone makes fun of Hillary it is sexist. But what happen in Mississippi is 90% of the blacks voted for Obama. He is black. Women overwhelmingly vote for Hillary because she is a woman. We've never had the opportunity ever to have a black person or a woman run for president. Woman take pride and side with Hillary. Blacks take pride with Obama. That is just fact. Hw won Mississippi with its primarliy black population, that is just fact.

As I talked to many women that I called before the election in MIssissippi, they said Obama didn't visit worn, torn Katrina areas, he was at the black colleges. That is just fact.

In the video it emphasizes that when someone makes a sexist remark it doesn't get much notice but race, all flags go up.

Noone is talking about the fact that maybe Obama won Utah because many didn't want to vote for a woman. BUt no, sexism is not talked about like it should. I believe what happened in Ohio and TX is that many women were just fed up..I know i was and many visited my website and signed a letter to MSNBC for all their bias to Obama. Enough is enough.
visit this site if you want to read more and hang out with Hillary friendly supporters.


The U.S. need... (Below threshold)

The U.S. needs a shift in leadership away from the Old White Protestant Male special interest
group that has held the nation in its thrall for far too long.

How far back matthew...back to when our
government was framed by an old
white protestant male interest group,
more commonly known at the founding fathers?
Methinks you assume you can make a right
on the line racist remark and it pass
Strike one.

I hate to say this but from... (Below threshold)

I hate to say this but from experience, the black people will also throw the race card. And it is true majority of the black people are voting for Obama simply because of his skin color. They think that a black man will do more for them. As you will know that all government, city, county agencies that employ black people have to be careful what and how they say things because the race card is thrown in immediately. So I agree with Ferraro.

She cried foul when Edwards... (Below threshold)

She cried foul when Edwards and Obama attacked Clinton in the first democratic debate.

At that point Clinton was ahead of both Obama and Edwards by twenty-five percentage points, and it was a matter of course that her competition would be very hard on her in an effort to narrow that gap(something that is a forgone conclusion in politics).

Ferraro still whined that they were givning Hillary a hard time because of her gender?

Now this unreasonable statement that Obama is the potential nominee because he's black, when study after exhaustive study have shown that being black actually makes most whites at least a bit more skeptical of you?

I think that statements like these hurt women. The conventional sexist argument against women having power is that they will personalize things and behave irrationally when the heat gets turned up. Ferraro only encourages that kind of thinking with these retarded statements.

Good for Obama for not playing her bullshit game!

I'm a 60 year old white fem... (Below threshold)

I'm a 60 year old white feminist and Obama supporter. I'm appalled by Ferraro's remarks. I can remember the first time I heard Obama speak at the Dem convention, when I was not watching the TV but just listening to it while doing other things. I was mesmerized by Obama's words, his vision for the future, and motivated to become involved with politics again by his example. I had no idea who he was, nor the color of his skin. I was moved by his passion for bringing us all together as a nation, and remember saying to my husband, "I have no idea who this man is, but he's going to be president of our country one day soon."

I'm saddened, frustrated and embarrassed by the nastiness and racism charges lobbed on Senator Obama, as well as the charge that his race is the only reason he is doing so well in his campaign. He's holding strong because of his integrity and inclusion, not because of his race. He's holding the lead because he is reaching out to ALL Americans, not just black Americans. He's getting crossover votes because his message rings true with so many Republicans who have become disenchanted with Rush-Rove-Cheney politics and want a real change in Washington.

How cheeky to assume that all blacks are voting for him based on race alone; an absolutely horrid slam on the intelligence of black voters everywhere who are inspired by his words and his actions.

I would have campaigned and voted for this candidate regardless of race, religion or sex. It's about integrity, not color, not sex.

Even as an African-American... (Below threshold)
Duane Milam:

Even as an African-American man I don't necessarily think that her comments were racist... just completely unfounded. Please tell me one time in the history of U.S. politics where it has benefited someone to be a black man. Okay, true maybe if you name the 2 black male senators that we've had since RECONSTRUCTION. I guess Ferraro wins this round.

Frankly even if it is what she felt she should have known better. I feel like she must have wanted to be removed from the campaign because everyone else that has said anything off the beaten path has been quickly shown the door and why exactly did she think anything different would have happened to her?

Personally, I don't even agree with it myself. People should be able to say whatever they feel like as long as it is not hatred towards another person. (Which this isn't a case of at all. Even calling Hillary a monster wasn't all that bad. For most of us it was more humorous than horrific.) However, if both campaigns have set the standard of demonizing non-PC comments then either abide by the rules or just don't do interviews about the election! It's not that hard to follow.

Plus, people can go on all day about there only being roughly 13.4% black people in the U.S. so someone else must be voting for Obama or the fact that several women are mainly voting for Hillary because she is female but in the end people vote for someone for two reason:

Either they identify with them or they represent them. Plain and simple.

when study after exha... (Below threshold)

when study after exhaustive study have shown that being black actually makes most whites at least a bit more skeptical of you?

Perhaps true, but which studies say this, which demographic was studied, and why the term skeptical? And what does "a bit more mean"?

I hope McCain has the stone... (Below threshold)

I hope McCain has the stones to challenge Obama, right from the start, to condemn anyone that may call Republicans and/or McCain racist simply for disagreeing with or opposing Obama. In other words, "Mr. Obama, we have already heard numerous cries of 'racist' against individuals who oppose you politically. Will you right now, right from the start of this election condemn any of your supporters that choose to take the low road, the road of low expectations, and attack people that oppose you for your politics by calling them 'racist' when their opposition to your campaign has nothing to do with the color of your skin?"

Race/sex debate? There is ... (Below threshold)
Egidio Parodanedri:

Race/sex debate? There is no race/sex debate; there is only a race debate. The airwaves are filled with the racial invective of neanderthals like Geraldine Ferraro and Bill Cunningham, but I have yet to see the same degree of criticism levelled at Hillary Clinton over how she has used her gender to get to where she is.

It's about time it started.

How has being black HELPED ... (Below threshold)

How has being black HELPED Obama? Does she realize that black people comprise less than 15% of the US population...better yet 12% of the US Population? And 41% are in prison and/or out of prison and can't vote at all? Does she realize that there are many more white people and WOMEN in the US? Exactly 73.9%......

Also Hillary had a huge part of the hispanic vote, but still can't pull a win?!? First her camp complained that she's loosing because she's a woman (despite her crying BS she pulled) and now they're complaining that Obama is in the lead ENTIRELY due to race-base voting!!!

I'm like dang, how many handicaps do you need? This isn't the olympics. Obama doesn't have the Dream Team at his disposal. This is politics, an arena where blacks have never had a substantial foothold, yet Obama's still giving her a lot more than a run for her money.

She just can't take it that the black man is beating her. In her mind he stole her votes.

But in reality I think people started to dislike her more and more the way she carried herself thru the debates. The chickens have come home to roost and it ain't pretty.

It's a shame. It's true, Ob... (Below threshold)

It's a shame. It's true, Obama is winning black votes because he's black and yet you can't say it. What kind of world is this?

He didn't even go to New Orleans, and Louisiana voted for him. If this is not a black issue, what is it? Blacks are united, and whites are not. It's not a black problem, it's a white problem.

So, face it! White people are losers.

If this is not a black i... (Below threshold)

If this is not a black issue, what is it?

Obama is getting millions of white votes. What it is is crossover appeal. Obama couldn't win a single state primary without white votes. But, he's getting them.

Blacks are united, and whites are not. It's not a black problem, it's a white problem.

No, Sceptic(tank?)...it's a math problem.

Maybe someone should have a... (Below threshold)

Maybe someone should have asked Ms. Ferraro if Senator Clinton would have become a senator if not for being the wife of the President. She never even lived in New York before deciding to run for the senate. After that, would she have been considered the presumptive nominee for President in the election year if not for being the former First Lady? Afterall, that is what she's touting as her "experience" to handle foreign affairs. At least Senator Obama's aide that referred to Senator Clinton as "a monster" quit her post before things reached the level that this has.

KatM Maybe s... (Below threshold)


Maybe someone should have asked Ms. Ferraro if Senator Clinton would have become a senator if not for being the wife of the President. She never even lived in New York before deciding to run for the senate.

In fact, the odd couple of Chris Matthews and Rush Limbaugh have served up that question often. Matthews had to apologize to the Clinton police because he couched the comment in a way to suggest that Hillary wouldn't even be a candidate if not for her husband's adultery. Limbaugh has asked the question in precisely your way.

A new maneuver by Clinton c... (Below threshold)
Quang N:

A new maneuver by Clinton campaign to direct the media to this Race issue
There is a win-win strategy of Clinton, Ferraro will become a center point of attention and be a hero in the eye of her white friends.
Such a dirty old politic.
I hope American is ready for a new politic and can see the true value thought Obama's skin.







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