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Gov. Eliot Spitzer To Resign This Morning


The New York Post and CNN are reporting that Gov. Eliot Spitzer will hold a news conference at 11:30 a.m. (Eastern) where he will announce his resignation.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has decided to resign and is notifying top state officials of his decision, The Post has learned.

Word began circulating of his decision in state political circles earlier this morning. The decision came after what one source called "an agonizing night," as the governor's wife, Silda Wall Spitzer, and the governor's lawyers went over a possible plea deal offered by federal prosecutors, sources told The Post.

Lt. Gov. David Paterson, who has remained at his suburban Albany home for the past three days, was expected to be notified of Spitzer's decision this morning.

Sources said Paterson has told friends that if he does become governor, he would like Sptizer to hold off his resignation until Monday to give him enough time to prepare for a transition. He will be the first black governor of New York.

The Associated Press reported that Spitzer will announce at 11:30 a.m. that his resignation will be effective Monday.


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Comments (24)

I must be the only person i... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I must be the only person in America watching this Spitzer theatre and wondering, "What's the big deal?" A lawyer and politician cheating on his wife with hookers! Now that's some Earth-shattering news!

Maybe it helps to be in New York. But from Texas it's about as interesting and surprizing as seeing the sun rise in the eastern sky.

caption time!Gover... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

caption time!

Governor Spitzer: "If I make a wistful muppet face, maybe it could help?"

Mrs. Spitzer: "You know, I could kill him at the press conference, and no jury would ever convict me ..."

I think I'm part of the cro... (Below threshold)

I think I'm part of the crowd that just couldn't care any less about this issue. I can think of about 2 dozen other reasons to have him resign but those are about his policies and not his sex life.

In my opinion, I put this in the same category as the latest Britney Spears tabloid scandal.

Call me old fashioned.... (Below threshold)

Call me old fashioned.

A guy that cannot honor the most important of personal contracts is not fit for any office where other contracts are to be negotiated, discussed or honored.

It took him 15 months, but ... (Below threshold)

It took him 15 months, but Eliot Spitzer finally did something in the best interests of NYers.

Theatre or not Baron, I mus... (Below threshold)

Theatre or not Baron, I must second Rougman's opinion.

Here's the big deal, Baron.... (Below threshold)

Here's the big deal, Baron. Only Democrats believe that it is acceptable to have a Governor, who supervises criminal investigation agencies and has the power of pardon for the state of New York to be in the power of an organized crime ring.

Let me just note, for all o... (Below threshold)

Let me just note, for all of you who frequently claim that Republicans who get in trouble are drummed out and resign while Democrats stay in office....

Eliot Spitzer: resigned
Larry Craig: still serving in the Senate
David Vitter: still serving in the Senate

Doesn't seem so cut and dry as before, does it?

Personally, I don't give a ... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

Personally, I don't give a hoot about the sex part. It is the money laundering, the violation of the Mann Act http://www.rootsweb.com/~kyjohnso/MannAct.htm , wire fraud mail fraud and tax evasion charges that have me jumping up and down for joy. How many people's lives have been ruined by this clown? Countless, by malicious prosecutions that were thankfully thrown out of court of lack of evidence. From what is being said on Fox News, the IRS has been investigating this idiot for at least five months, because the bank he was using dropped a dime on him. Of course, Mantis and his ilk are very upset because another one his icons had to leave office under a cloud.

Of course, Mantis and hi... (Below threshold)

Of course, Mantis and his ilk are very upset because another one his icons had to leave office under a cloud.

He ain't one of my icons (no modern politician is). I'm upset only insofar as I hate when elected officials commit crimes, regardless of party, and I'm glad he resigned and I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent.

I just looked up the Vitter... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

I just looked up the Vitter scandal and found again the liberal politics of personal destruction. Vitter was found to involve in prostitution in the 1990s (in 2007). At least according to him, he confessed that problem to his family already and he stopped that activity already. Larry Flint, the enabler of Clinton defenders in the 1990, claimed credit for the outing. Spitzer was outed by suspicious financial transaction.

The liberal press has been fawning over Spitzer over the last several years, naming him a hero/icon in 2004. This is eerily similar to the fawning over Obama now. They seem to be willing to overlook any lurking scandals like Rezko mess.

No, mantis, that's not how ... (Below threshold)

No, mantis, that's not how it works. You don't get to choose your icons. stan does.

Oh, Matthew, welcomed back.... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Oh, Matthew, welcomed back. I assume that you are still supporting Obama. Now you do not only have his extremist position on denying medical care to surviving aborted babies. You also have his determination to kill the disabled like Terry Schiavo (the NAFTA flip, the Rezko connection).

I didn't go anywhere, LAI. ... (Below threshold)

I didn't go anywhere, LAI. Some of us work for a living, and some of these jobs entail sporadic access to the internet for personal use. And, sometimes one grows tired of beating his or her head against a wall whilst trying to explain to you (as in you, personally) that a candidate is the baby, and a candidate's beliefs which you do not share are the bathwater. Also, consider whether you will be voting for John McCain in the fall, and then consider whether you share every single one of his views. Assuming you don't, think about how much it means to you to not be an annoying hypocrite; and then, go find another talk radio talking point to macro-key. Terry Schiavo, whom you brought up, would be a good one--remember how well that worked for Bill Frist, the man who would be President? What's he up to these days, torturing more cats?

By the way, you don't seem ... (Below threshold)

By the way, you don't seem to know what "eerily" and "overlook" mean. If the "liberal press" was overlooking Spitzer's discretions, he would still be a rising star in the Democratic Party. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he's presently unemployed.

Matthew, Last time... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Last time you mentioned that you choose a "candidate" who most closely match your ideal. SO I guess your ideal doesn't rank these very high:

(1) Denying medical care for surviving aborted babies
(2) Killing the disabled rather than allowing the parents to take care of their disabled children
(3) Absolutely banning waterboarding of high-level terrorists even at the risk of thousands/millions people killed by terrorist attacks. At the same time, absolutely denying medical care to surviving aborted babies.

Also, Obama is considered not only as a hero/icon, but as a messiah by more than a few liberals. "Hope" and "change" via Rezko.

That 's all. I think I get another confirmation of the liberal ideal. Thanks again.

"At fifty everyone has the ... (Below threshold)

"At fifty everyone has the face he deserves."

George Orwell

I feel really bad for spitz... (Below threshold)

I feel really bad for spitzer...
I'm in no way thinking what he did is right (no matter how hot the "others" are), but who among here isn't guilty of a bad deed or two? Granted he's a public figure and should have been more careful but as a guy who've been through a shit load of trouble, I must say I feel darn lucky I'm far from being popular.
Didn't he think about the risks? No more than a cigarette smoker thinks of getting lung cancer, probably. That's how we all are in our weakest and lowest points... Some just get caught with their pants down, some don't.
What's more disturbing for me in cases like these though is the way the general public enjoys the downfall of promising and (pre-scandal) admired individuals. For most of us, seeing someone fall from a place we wished we were in is quite pleasing. Is it right? I dunno. Is it wrong? No idea.
More good points were raised about this in here.

MARK MY WORDSWe wi... (Below threshold)
Hsu from Jail:


We will see a scandal in the White House if Hillary and Bill get back there. VP or President why would we want to subject our country to more of the lying, cheating Clintons?

The Spitzer whoring is an omen ! Will Hillary resign from the VP or Presidential spot if Bill opens his zipper with another intern? Or the spouse of the French president?

Crush these slime Clintons now.

I hope in five years Mrs. S... (Below threshold)

I hope in five years Mrs. Spitzer isn't sitting on some talk show with her new book about her 'estranged husbands' affair that ruined her life. Instead I hope Mrs.Spitzer will be on some talk show in five years introducing her new book on how she and her husband decided to take their marriage to the next step and get restoration and healing in their marriage. Of course it won't make the front page like this is. Our society enjoys watching one destroy his or her life. It makes for much better news worthiness I guess.
I think it wouldn't hurt for all of us to do some work in our lives.I'll be praying for both of them.They are going to need it.

So let me see the feds bust... (Below threshold)

So let me see the feds bust elliot for call girls yet McCain who was a regular user of the gals in Phoenix, AZ " Kitty's Klub" and always wanted Crystal age 19 for services so why does he get off without trouble. ?

Spitzer laundering money? H... (Below threshold)
Richard Korir:

Spitzer laundering money? He probably thought that this was a stimulus package, and what a better way to spend it!

I know this makes for big n... (Below threshold)
Tommy D:

I know this makes for big news but to continuosly post details of Spitzer for "our dirty pleasures" does not cast a positive light on our society. What's next, the under garments he wore during one of his escapades?

Maybe I should clarify my d... (Below threshold)

Maybe I should clarify my disinterest in this matter.

1) The case boils down to a politician being found out to be a lying, cheating, two-timing, stealing hypocrite. A politician.... Water is wet too by the way.

2) I don't about his sex life or use of prostitutes. It isn't relevant to me. I'm a little shocked he'd pay $5500 for a roll in the hay with a 22 year old hooker. Even my ugly puss has managed to bag a 22 year old slut with as little as 3 shots of Jager. He overpaid. But just wait to see what it costs him to get his balls back from his wife.

3) If he is guilty of financial crimes then prosecute him. I'm not a citizen of his State so it really has no impact in my life. There are thousands of people being prosecuted every day for crimes and I don't really give a crap about them either.

4) "But he is a prominent Democrat and this gives their party a black-eye!"--Which will be forgotten as soon as a Republican lying, cheating, two-timing hypocrite politician does something stupid. I give it 2 months, tops before that happens.

5) "But the media won't mention his party because they're biased!" Really!? You don't say? The media, biased toward their favorite political party and filtering the news accordingly? Surely they haven't been doing that for the last what, 50? 100 years? Hah! Next you'll try and tell me the sun rises in the east!

6) In even the small scheme of things this is trivial. It's front line news only until either Britney or Paris turn up pregnant then he'll be a footnote.

7) His wife is dropping the ball appearing by his side. It isn't going to help his political career or his legal troubles. However, if she was on the 6 o'clock news seen throwing his stuff out the second floor window of the Governor's mansion. She could win the next election just on the "Pissed Off Women" vote that way.

7a) Had Hillary done the same with Bill back in the Lewinsky scandal she could have run and won back in 2004. (Shudder)






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