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Nice Of Them To Confess Ahead Of Time...

While there are some sincere, honest, honorable, decent opponents to the war in Iraq, it seems that they are often dwarfed by the asshats who garner all the attention. And as we approach the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war, we can expect all sorts of sincere dipshittery.

Such as appears to be planned for Pittsburgh.

Here's their agenda (so to speak):

On Wednesday, March 19, POG will be holding a torch-lit march to a modern day castle of abominations--our local military recruiting station. If the station remains open, we intend to evict it and everything inside of it, occupy the location, and transform it into something useful for the community. We'll also be bringing a movable cage in which to confine military recruiters until they no longer pose a danger to our friends and neighbors.

Let's see, how many crimes are they planning on committing?

Marching with lit torches -- that's gotta be a fire hazard.

Seizure of private property.




Gee, that oughta keep the Pittsburgh cops and courts busy for a little while.

Of course, the morons are giving themselves an out:

Of course, the station may be closed and recruiters may flee or hide behind the police apparatus that enables the war to continue. That is often the case, and we've seen in the past the overwhelming resources the state directs against these anniversary events because of their importance as a symbol of dissent. We believe in acting effectively, in confronting the war, at times and places of our choosing. When the state brings the resources necessary to suppress direct action against the war, it makes sense to hold a symbolic protest, and we still consider that a success, as it exposes the reality that it is ultimately on the local level that our countries war policy will be decided.

You know what would be hysterically funny? If the cops decided to sit this one out, and a bunch of Freedom Riders or retired military showed up to defend the recruiting stations.

Even better -- the rally is declared as a "domestic insurrection" and the governor sent in the National Guard to keep the peace.

That'd never happen. Pennsylvania's governor, Ed Rendell, is a Democrat. So is Pittsburgh's mayor.

But boy, it's going to be fun to watch next week.


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Comments (28)

JT, don't ever forget the l... (Below threshold)

JT, don't ever forget the left "supports the military". Liars, all of them. Attacking the people that provided the freedoms they have. JFO and his buddies are just without character. ww

Any friends from the left c... (Below threshold)

Any friends from the left care to explain how this is not sedition?

Funny how many democrats wi... (Below threshold)

Funny how many democrats will back someone who ran when or before the going got tough. All of the WS crowd are phony soldiers or those with 'bad' discharges. I guess when you've been a loser (democrat/coward) all of your life they your hero doesn't have to be much of a human, just someone that can turn tail and run faster than you.

POG? POG??? They use an acr... (Below threshold)

POG? POG??? They use an acronym that's based off of a really, really silly game? And they expect to be taken seriously?

Fuck!!! I hate having to su... (Below threshold)

Fuck!!! I hate having to support these people because they're also to the left of Richard Cheney. Man, I haven't felt this stupid since I was logically compelled to join Code Pink.

Obviously, their "out" is r... (Below threshold)

Obviously, their "out" is really their objective. They want to be arrested with a lot of fanfare which is why the severe threats and announcing their 'plan'. They probably expect to only spend the night in jail.

They should call their bluff. The police should sit this one out and after they caged the military personel, the police should move in for abduction, possibly kidnapping, and throw a felony at them. Won't seem so fun after that.

I'm sorry, jpm100, but I do... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, jpm100, but I don't see military personnel allowing a bunch of stoned vegans to put them into fucking cages.

WiilieLets exchang... (Below threshold)


Lets exchange DD-214(s) and afterwards we can talk about issues like character and service to our country.

Interesting that I'm so inside your head without even posting a comment. Are you a Log Cabin Republican and secretly attracted to me? Sorry to disappoint you but I'm already taken by a wonderful woman.

Sorry to have to remind you... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Sorry to have to remind you in public, JFO, but inflatable girlfriends do not count ...

LOL....very good DJ. But sh... (Below threshold)

LOL....very good DJ. But she's a blonde!!

Nice riposte, JFO. And ser... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Nice riposte, JFO. And seriously, aside from the discussion thanks for your service.

"Freedom Riders?" The cops... (Below threshold)

"Freedom Riders?" The cops should just stand back let the recruiters themselves beat the ever-loving fsck-all out of these hairy-legged Indigo Girls fans. Then arrest the Code Pinkers for savagely bruising the knuckles of the Marines with their faces.


If you're an ex Jag as you ... (Below threshold)

If you're an ex Jag as you claim, what the hell could your DD214 show? That you're a lawyer?

Let's see, in the military hierarchy that would be 18 steps below a field wireman. (If any 36Cs are on this site, I didn't mean to offend, sorry.)

Sometimes it is so much fun... (Below threshold)

Sometimes it is so much fun poking the bee hive. JFO, if you disagree with the lefties running the marines out, tell them, not me. ww

WillieBeehive -tha... (Below threshold)


Beehive -that's pretty weak defense for a person challenging someone's character and blowing his opinion through his asshole.

Lets hear what you've done for the country that would suggest some service and some character. Got something to tell us?

As for the anarchist aholes in Pittsburgh I'd love to see some Marines take them behind their office building and teach them a little about martial arts.

I think we've fully reached... (Below threshold)

I think we've fully reached the point where the frog-in-boiling-water analogy has become apt. If you saw eco-goons spraying shaving cream on some cars at a dealership, would the frog jump out? Nope. Then they smashed a few SUV windshields. Oh those scamps! Then they started setting enormous, life threatening fires and destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property. If they had started there would the frog have jumped? Probably.

When old ladies were protesting at recruiting stations, it was 'cute'. The frog was happy. Then it got a little warmer and Code Pinko started with the 'blood'/paint. It got a little warmer but the frog was happy. Then they broke into a few offices, did some damage. It's uncomfortable, but would the frog jump at such heat? Nah. They're just expressing their first amendment rights. What if the leftists had started by setting off bombs at recruiting stations and threatening to assault (stop laughing at their hubris) recruiters? Well, if they had started that way the frog might've actually taken them seriously instead of bobbing lifeless to the surface the way he is now.

These cowardly pinheads are... (Below threshold)

These cowardly pinheads are STARTing their "march" at 6:60 PM, so the likelyhood of the station being open is small. Nothing I would like better than to see a group of Marine volunteers stay late at the recruiting station, and kick some hippy @ss when they try to storm the place. Of course, as soon as that bunch of pantywaists sees the lights on, they will turn tail and run. I'm in Texas, but it would be worth the trip to see it. Will Zombie be there to record the festivities? I hope so.

6:60 p.m., iurockhead?... (Below threshold)

6:60 p.m., iurockhead?

4:20 p.m.: best time of day to get high.

6:60 p.m.: best time of day to repel a hippy incursion.

JFO, although I am very pro... (Below threshold)

JFO, although I am very proud of the things I have done for my country, community and party, I do not need to trumpet them or thump my chest like you do at any occasion. You can call me vile names, and slander me but it does not bother me, it just proves my point about the left. Keep writing. ww

So, in other words y... (Below threshold)

So, in other words you've done nothing for your country. No surprise that.

I don't "thump my chest" until ignorant extremists like you challenge my commitment to my country or my character.

I had an earlier comment re... (Below threshold)

I had an earlier comment removed. I want to apologize to anyone who read and was offended by my language in that comment.

I was extremely angry that a commenter here mocked my military service and I responded with completely inappropriate language.

Again, I apologize.

JFO, get a hold of your tem... (Below threshold)

JFO, get a hold of your temper. You are seeing things that are not there. If the leftists calling the military murderers, haters, corruptors the real terrorists, yes, I do question very much the character of the left.

And because I do not brag about what I have done, that means I haven't done it. Nice world you live in there buddy.

Your screeching is becoming annoying. ww

Willie - i was not referrin... (Below threshold)

Willie - i was not referring to you in my previous comment that was removed, so we can be clear about that,

Do try and have a modicum of honesty willie. You gratuitously raised my name in the first comment on this post. Your comment had nothing to do with the post- instead you decided it was an opportunity to conclude that I have no character. Now you're making a sweeping generalization.

You don't "brag" about what you've done, nor do I.

"Of course, the station may... (Below threshold)

"Of course, the station may be closed and recruiters may flee or hide behind the police apparatus"

Pleeeeeeeze.. if "police apparatus" wasn't at every place some group of libtards liked to yap and wet their pants, the reality slap would be hilarious.

It'll be even better in Den... (Below threshold)

It'll be even better in Denver if the antiwar loonies are aroused or if Obama doesn't win. The Denver cops have been preparing for months - with special classes in conflict resolution and tolerance. Should be quite a show of . . . capitulation.


Some people here have a habit of using the fallacy of argument from authority. It's especially ridiculous on the internet where any anonymous person can claim to be whatever he/she/it chooses.

btw ~ what American General won the most battles in the Revolutionary War?

If they commit those crimes... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

If they commit those crimes then we lock them up in the slammer

Freedom of assembly? Feh, t... (Below threshold)

Freedom of assembly? Feh, that's sooo yesterday.

Here Jay, Have an out:

Pentagon Report on Saddam's Iraq Censored

Vandalism is a crime all va... (Below threshold)

Vandalism is a crime all vandals should be made to pay for the damage they do right out of their own pockets and if they cant then put them on community service






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