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Video of the Day

I don't often have much use for The Daily Show, but occasionally, it can be really funny.

Here's a video of correspondent Rob Riggle reporting on the Berkeley situation. There's lots of snortworthy quotes that really made me wonder -- how do these people actually believe what they're saying? I mean, when they hear this stuff played back, are they not embarassed? Ugh.

Here's a few examples:

I kind of felt like how the Iraqis probably felt, like we were being occupied here in Berkeley.

The Marines are not a moral influence.

We are hugging, we are hugging, we are hugging for a peaceful world!

Rob Riggle: If only there was an organization sworn to defend that free speech!
Code Pinko: That would be great!

The Marines, we don't need to be worrying about their rights. It's not an equal relationship.

Rob Riggle: So if we got rid of police, we wouldn't have crime?
Code Pinko: Essentially.

Well, just think, if we had a Department of Peace, it could reach down into every community and talking about peace studies and conflict resolution...

Enjoy. There are laughs abound in this video. Code Pink and Berkeley hippies, be ashamed.

Hat Tip: Hot Air


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Comments (14)

The funniest part is that R... (Below threshold)

The funniest part is that Riggles is a Major in the USMC Reserve, having served in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Africa.

Sorry, it's Riggle, not Rig... (Below threshold)

Sorry, it's Riggle, not Riggles


There's really no better wa... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

There's really no better way to expose some people's stupidity than through humor. What a riot!

Rob Riggle: If only ... (Below threshold)

Rob Riggle: If only there was an organization sworn to defend that free speech!
Code Pinko: That would be great!

OMG - It just doesn't get any better than that!

HUG YOUR KIDS AND FORGET TH... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:


will you be leaving a world... (Below threshold)
john Ryan:

will you be leaving a world for your kids that HAS trees ? better start planting some

Not funny to me. Having end... (Below threshold)

Not funny to me. Having endured the left's crap once before, I can only say---not THIS military, not THIS war, NOT THIS TIME.

will you be leaving a wo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

will you be leaving a world for your kids that HAS trees ? better start planting some

Come out West, john. I'd be happy to show you the 10's of millions of acres of trees with have out here in WA state! Then we can go to Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Colorado....

Bwhahahahaha.....occasional... (Below threshold)

Bwhahahahaha.....occasionally Jon Stewart gets it right. This video and the one he did making fun of environmentalists opposed to windmill ? farms outside their homes are the best.

There is a photo out there of John Murtha posing proudly with Code Pink ladies. And that says it all. Never vote democrat.

Oh, my. Somehow this almos... (Below threshold)

Oh, my. Somehow this almost makes it all worse than what I've seen before. I'd sort of like to shake that guy's hand for not putting his fist through any of their heads. Oh, but the next to last quote in this post is incorrect - she says 'potentially' not 'essentially', which does make a big difference in the meaning.

That is one of the best bit... (Below threshold)

That is one of the best bits I have seen in years.

Congrats, Rob Riggle.

Falze - potentially ... (Below threshold)

Falze - potentially vs essentially, it still showcases 'magical thinking'. Police cause crime like flies cause garbage. It's pretty clear that cause and effect are reversed in Berzerkistan...

I know, but I'll into the a... (Below threshold)

I know, but I'll into the accuracy thing, if you're going to pound someone for saying something dumb, pound them for the actual dumb thing they said.

Falze, we are pounding some... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Falze, we are pounding someone for saying something dumb. "Potentially" or "essentially" are both dumb beyond reproach! LOL






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