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Spitzer's Prostitute Revealed

Anyone who thought New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation would be the end of the story of his nights with high priced call girls is deluding themselves. The New York Times confirms that "Kristen," the hooker who toppled Client 9 (Spitzer), is really Ashley Alexandra Dupré.

Of course she's got a MySpace page that's (as of now) still up. Bikini pictures below...




Note to Bill Clinton... A little cash goes a long way in the looks department...


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Hmmm. So I'm not the only ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. So I'm not the only insomniac tonight. I can't tell whether this is supposed to help my nightmares or make new ones...

She's just a kid, not much ... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

She's just a kid, not much older than his daughters. Spitzer is quite the f'ing perv. Yeah, he's gonna have his own special little place in hell.

The question was asked on o... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The question was asked on one of the national news programs -- why do so many successful men risk ruin by having extra marital affairs, or in this case, involvement with prostitution?

Well the answer involves two characteristics. First they are men who by their nature are attracted to women, particularly good looking women as in this case. Second, one of the characteristics of very successful men is that they are risk takers. Few risk adverse people ever get to the top of any heap. We only hear about the men who get caught, so it's likely that many more very successful men are also fooling around.

Classy girl. Flashing faux ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Classy girl. Flashing faux gang signs and passed out in a bar. Spitzer did his part in helping this girl spiral down out of civilized society. But hey, it's just 'a personal matter between him and his family '.

"She's just a kid, not much... (Below threshold)

"She's just a kid, not much older than his daughters. Spitzer is quite the f'ing perv. Yeah, he's gonna have his own special little place in hell."

I hadnt considered this. Just makes it all the more creepy doesnt it? He could've found a 35 yo I'm sure.

I applaud her entrepreneuri... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I applaud her entrepreneurial spirit. There aren't many lawyers that can get away with billing $5,500 an hour for screwing someone, but she can. Hopefully she's saving her money and will be able to retire soon. Especially after Playboy pays her a mint for posing...

That was worth 5000.00, a c... (Below threshold)

That was worth 5000.00, a career and a family? I've had better and didn't drop 5K in the process!


Beware that while another c... (Below threshold)

Beware that while another case of a politician and a call girl gets such extensive coverage, the barrell of oil has reached $110, and the dollar fell to the Euro. In addition, the head of the armed forces in Irak quit for disagreeing with the Administration on Iran (over the existance of weapons of mass distruction in that country). That is the type of "screwing" we should focus on!

Nessman, it's a peace sign ... (Below threshold)

Nessman, it's a peace sign genius...she's holding it up in several of her other photos as well.

im not saying this man was ... (Below threshold)

im not saying this man was right in what he has done, but does someone dislike him so much to blow this up? they knew a long time ago where this money was going..now its been made in to some federal case..again wasting tax payer dollars.... i would think that they would go after this company. now this hooker is going to be in the headlines for god knows how long..last night they had an expert pimp on anderson cooper.. who knows maybe they'll find a few more senators, governers, congressmen using this service and destroy a few more lives...i mean if they want this man out of office do it in a different way,not disgracing the entire family..

Peace Sign is with Palm Out... (Below threshold)

Peace Sign is with Palm Out.

Palm In, in Europe, is equivalent to middle finger only here.

i do not think that its a g... (Below threshold)

i do not think that its a good idea to bring the identity of that call girl to the public.

You know if prostitution we... (Below threshold)

You know if prostitution were legal none of this would be a problem. This country is filled with too many morally backward people. His wife obviously wasn't helping at home or he wouldn't have been going somewhere else, so as far as her "feelings" she is partly to blame.

Beware that car is an idiot... (Below threshold)

Beware that car is an idiot BDS sufferer.

"Recent press reports suggesting a disconnect between my views and the president's policy objectives have become a distraction at a critical time and hamper efforts in the Centcom region," "the current embarrassing situation, public perception of differences between my view and administration policy, and the distraction this causes from the mission" makes resigning "the right thing to do."

"In a subsequent Washington Post article, Fallon called the story "poison pen stuff" and "really disrespectful and ugly."

So thanks to the media, we lose a good man. You're an idiot car.

"Peace Sign is with Palm Ou... (Below threshold)

"Peace Sign is with Palm Out."

Thats ridiculous, I don't even need to go into steering you towards the most likely millions of photos available of people clearly flashing a peace sign in every which way imaginable. If you take a look at her other photos, it is clear that she is in to flashing peace signs. This isn't to say she isn't "gangster" or whatever, I mean look at her myspace page, but get real.

ever heard of sensationalis... (Below threshold)

ever heard of sensationalism? perfect example. i feel bad for the girl

She looks like a tranny in ... (Below threshold)

She looks like a tranny in the second picture.

D-Hoggs:C'mon, the... (Below threshold)


C'mon, the V-sign in the UK and eastward has been around forever. I distinctly remember a picture of a Soviet bomber crew flashing the V sign to the US jet (that captured the Kodak moment) sidled up to it back during the Cold War. Not that I think the morons flashing it on My Space have a clue.

Or maybe its a PIECE sign a... (Below threshold)

Or maybe its a PIECE sign and we're supposed to imagine a tongue wagging between the fingers...

Huhhh...SPITZER, Jus... (Below threshold)

SPITZER, Just an S and a T more than a pizer.
Why you all think this guy is wrong? Was he a priest? Has he got HIV? Why make a big deal out of a natural phenomena? Did Clinton resign after the Lewis case? If SPITZER were a priest or a pastor i would bother, he has not been preaching against sex or prostitution. And why can't the FBI learn to respect people's private lives? Now the wife and kids will be even more hurt than if they never heard about it.

SPITZER is a great guy who has done much for New York. Dupre is as hot as hell and many engaged husbands can feel her aura.

To say the least, i know there is 99 days for the thief and one day is all it takes to break down. Many other barons are doing so to spice their relationships. He could have divorced like Mr Sarkozy and get Dupre in but for the love of his family, he wets his appetite time and again outside so that he can enjoy his own wife when he gets home. Maybe they have been having a boring sex life who knows?

So let's see the good side of things..i know federal authorities like to act expressively.

It's no wonder this country... (Below threshold)

It's no wonder this country is so screwed up. We have two wars going on, we're on the brink of destroying the planet, genocide is occuring in Africa and for the past week this country cares nothing more than where someone stuck his..... Amazing. People get a life.

And why are we giving this ... (Below threshold)

And why are we giving this tramp free publicity? Another symptom of the ills of our voyeuristic society - we just have to know, have to see, don't we?

Next she'll be appearing on some Celebrity gameshow...

"So men have no choice some... (Below threshold)

"So men have no choice sometimes but to sleep around! Having one girlfriend or wife and sleeping with her is like eating the same food and drinking the same soda daily. How long are you going to do that before you lose appetite?
Therefore, Mr. Spitzer should not get all the blame. When you get bored with sleeping with your wife, what do you do? Divorce her???? Besides must wives and girlfriends will not perform some sexual acts that their husbands and boyfriends might desire."

Wow. That one says a lot about you. "No choice," eh? Ever hear of the term "self control." Ever hear of the word "maturity." It includes the recognition that we don't always get what we desire. Some of us, for example, really "desire" a faithful spouse.

In any case, everyone keeps referring to how much dough this silly woman was making. That really shows your naivete.

Do you really think the high-class pimps she works for don't take the largest cut?

How can anyone feel sorry f... (Below threshold)
Bucfan79 Author Profile Page:

How can anyone feel sorry for this girl? She made a lot of money by being a hooker. Look at her myspace page, it says a lot about her. Pictures of stacks of money. A photo album basically dedicated to the 'bad news' which includes pics of the ex governor, the hotel, and the hotel room door. She is enjoying this attention and will bank even more off of it. Pathetic. I work my butt off and will never make the money she has and will. So no Boo-Hoo stories about this girl, she's as bad as he is in my book. She isnt doing this to survive, or is just barely getting by. She lives in an expensive complex and is rolling in dough. I hope her 15 minutes of fame run up quick and she ends up bankrupt.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré: Don... (Below threshold)

Ashley Alexandra Dupré: Don't make me out to be a monster she says! How about a common whore; not ho but whore, let's not sanitize the word with popular culture.

This is like the story about a very proper lady who, when asked if she would have sex with a strange man for a million dollars who states that yes she would do it, for a million dollars. But when asked if she would do the same thing for a one hundred dollars, she exclaims, "What kind of girl do you think I am?" to which the response is, "Madam, we have already established what kind of girl you are. Now we're just quibbling about the price."

To be honest... I don't bel... (Below threshold)

To be honest... I don't believe he ever went to bed with her.... I've used hi-priced prostitutes before for purposes entirely in the interest of industrial contracts and I never went to bed with them. My secretary was a lesbian who contracted them for me to get the million dollar contracts which makes sense... We live in a non-Christian world. I still use prostitutes to do me some informative favors.... My 2 deceased wives knew and we never had any problem... If you're over-religious go see your councellor, but don't judge others.... You're sick ! Judgeing by Elliots wife's reaction she has no reason to give up on her man....l You guys just don't make sense... Elliot is simply not a ladies' man...
Drop the sensation.... Donah////

this woman is no kid. she ... (Below threshold)
p. brown:

this woman is no kid. she is a whore and a lawbreaker just as the governor. she should be prosecuted for her crime. but i see a book and a movie deal for this low life prostitute!

Spitzer is not resigning be... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Spitzer is not resigning because he got caught in an extra marital affair, which by the way there's no law against (unless you're in the military). Spitzer broke federal law when he transferred money across state lines is support of a criminal enterprise (the prostitute ring) and he is likely going to be criminally charged. That's why Spitzer is resigning.

It's not his wife's fault either. Some men desire the hunt as much as they do the capture. Spitzer wouldn't even be prosecuted if he were not a high profile public figure. It's not that the feds are trying to destroy him for personal reasons, it's that we can't allow people in powerful political positions to compromise themselves. Any unscrupulous person with proof of Spitzer's involvement with the prostitute ring could have blackmailed him into doing favors.

If law enforcement looks the other way when they find such cases than it wouldn't be long before the U.S. government is as corrupt as Mexico. Spitzer took risks and got caught and now it's time for him to get out of government and stay out of it.

I haven't looked it up, but unless I'm mistaken this Monday New York will have it's first black governor.

Epador, for your informatio... (Below threshold)

Epador, for your information, this woman is from the US, this story is an American story, nobody cares about what you think a V sign means in the UK. In the US, what she is doing in all of her pictures, if you care to look at them, is a peace sign, plain and simple. The peace sign is big in "gangsta" culture here in the US, as in "peace out". You're being ridiculous.

Her site has now been delet... (Below threshold)

Her site has now been deleted, just within the past hour or so.

Nothing like one whore (the... (Below threshold)
Riff Raff:

Nothing like one whore (the media) talking about another.

Disgusting... both that he ... (Below threshold)

Disgusting... both that he would throw away his and his family's life for a mediocre looking girl, and the girl herself. She says she doesn't want people to think she's a monster? Far too late to be concerned with that my dear, you should have thought about that BEFORE you acted like human trash.

Hmmm, who is being more rid... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, who is being more ridiculous?

Donah - are you kidding me?... (Below threshold)

Donah - are you kidding me? The man has a wife, a family, and is a famous politician...why in the world would he need to hire a prostitute to help with getting contracts? What a joke!

For the people saying she's just a kid - I'm 22, and I know better than to whore my body out for money. 22 may be young, but it's sure old enough to know what's good for you and when you're in the wrong. No one forced her to do this. Both Spitzer and Dupre are to blame, and the fact that she's getting off without charges is just going to show children that prostituting yourself is a fine thing! It might even get you a record deal and a reality TV show if you sell your bikini pictures to the right people! How long before she's the Maxim covergirl?

these women should be prose... (Below threshold)
Client 8:

these women should be prosecuted, and not for prostitution...but for price gouging!

we're the victims here.

I would like to wonder whos... (Below threshold)

I would like to wonder whose wife is looking at the picture of her on the boat with the flag flying and saying...hey...she screwed my husband too...she is a trashy tramp who has certainly destroyed many families...and probably many more to come...I believe she wanted her name revealed because she wanted the publicity and possibly a career out of it...

Nice x tattoo on your hand.... (Below threshold)

Nice x tattoo on your hand. Ghetto trash.

geez skanky looking and not... (Below threshold)

geez skanky looking and not at all pretty

Dear Mrs. Spitzer- get thee... (Below threshold)

Dear Mrs. Spitzer- get thee immediatly to a clinic to be tested for herpes, warts and aids --- geez skanky looking whore

the first thing our of her ... (Below threshold)

the first thing our of her mouth -how am i going to pay the rent on my 5000.00 apt? hint hint peopel magazine im up for the highest bidder -but wy not in a world when mothers like angelina pimp their childrens picutres out to us magazine -if it sounds like a whore it is one -makes me sick --shes just a whore and drug addict who didnt want to work for alivign and pay a decent rent -wanted to lay on her back and let strange men screw her -what a PIG -- i am sick that hse will nwo be glorifed by the tmz's -but mrs spitzer aint no better -by standing next to him she showed her young daughters --mommy is a DOORMAT

Hey, I've been married for ... (Below threshold)

Hey, I've been married for 17 years and I'm not tired of my monogamous sex. It's great!!
So why do you guys think it's a "natural" thing to have sex with girls the age of your daughters?? You (and the gov.) are so blindly bought into the sex trade that your the dupes. While I'm home having fun with my beautiful wife, you guys are deluding yourselves into thinking your being desired by young girls. The truth is they will gladly take your money now and then as they get older will have to deal with the guilt and disgust they will feel at having been used by you.

Question; is the woman unde... (Below threshold)

Question; is the woman under arrest for prostitution? That is a crime right? Or, is it illegal to hire a prostitute; but not to be one? Where is the IRS? It looks like a lot of unreported income here? More income to finance the sting operation that is coming from MY tax dollars. Difference from Clinton; she was not a prostitute! Supposedly there is a difference I think! I too thought she looked like a tranny! Oh yea, she is now a celebrity, she will have record contracts, TV deals, modeling jobs; she fits perfect into Hollywood's style of living. For the record; I think his wife looks great; I appreciate women that really take care of themselves!

He exits rapidly stage left... (Below threshold)
Eddie O.:

He exits rapidly stage left, meanwhile she is about to enter stage right. His career went down the drain and hers is about to take off. You go girl!

I personally don't care who... (Below threshold)

I personally don't care who the prositute was. I dont know why the media is goin after this angle of the story. The issue is Spitzer and how his dealings with this woman affects his governorship. CNN needs to stick with the real story. Leave this stuff to the enquirer

OK will they please take he... (Below threshold)

OK will they please take her face off the home page of CNN.

I cannot believe he paid for that ass...a dime bag and a 40 probably would have done the trick by just the looks of her.

Hope the boy wrapped it up and she is definitely carrying something that causes something to itch or explode.

"Nice x tattoo on your hand... (Below threshold)

"Nice x tattoo on your hand. Ghetto trash."

jeff.come on now. You clearly don't get out much, or have never! She is obviously at some type of club in that photo, it is a widely practiced routine to mark patrons hands with an x, either for drinking purposes, or whatever that particular club is regulating.

Dumbass-HoggsIt's ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:


It's not a peace sign, moron.

Looks to me like she has a ... (Below threshold)

Looks to me like she has a different nose in some of those pics than it others. A more overturned Italian nose to a little ski slope nose. Invested some of that hard earned money in rhinoplasty looks to me...
One article quoting her brother a saying she had been homeless and on drugs at one point. I hope he wound up wrapping that rascal or he and Silba might be sorrier than they ever could know....

"You know if prostitution w... (Below threshold)

"You know if prostitution were legal none of this would be a problem. "
Except that he was known for going after prostitutes during his career as a district attorney; was also outspoken against prostitution. I have no problem with making prostitution legal - would bring more taxes and save taxpayers dollars; I do have a huge problem with politicians' hypocrisy.

"So thanks to the media, we lose a good man. "
"SPITZER is a great guy who has done much for New York"
Really? Leaking information to the press about unproven cases and ignoring due process? How many of normal, not rich, lost their jobs because of him:

Wow les you really are an i... (Below threshold)

Wow les you really are an idiot. Look at her other photos around, she is flashing the peace signs in all of them, as in 'peace out' dumbass.

Palm facing the signer
Insulting - largely restricted to the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.
Peace - in the United States without respect to the direction. Sometimes used as an informal valediction.

You are seriously an idiot, show me where gangs use that as a gang sign, it's used by the hip hop culture as peace out, you know nothing.

Valediction1 : an ac... (Below threshold)

1 : an act of bidding farewell

As in 'peace out'.

Why is she even news? The ... (Below threshold)

Why is she even news? The story is about Spitzer. The news media is using her because she is young and pretty and keeping her picture online as the "top" story ensures bored middle-aged white men will visit the site. She didn't do anything wrong. She wasn't riding around on a high horse living the lie. Although, I'm quite sure we'll be hearing more about her music "aspirations" and her broken home on Entertainment Tonight.

She is a Whore, he is a Who... (Below threshold)

She is a Whore, he is a Whoremonger, it's that simple.

Main Entry: whore
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: prostitute
Synonyms: • call girl
• escort
• fallen woman
• harlot
• hooker*
• hustler
• lady of the evening*
• pro*
• slut
• streetwalker
• strumpet tramp
• working girl*

Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)
Copyright © 2008 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.
* = informal or slang

whore•mon•ger Pronunciation [hawr-muhng-ger, -mong-, hohr- or, often, hoo r-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
Someone who consorts with whores; a lecher or pander.
Also called whore•mas•ter Show Spelled Pronunciation [hawr-mas-ter, -mah-ster, hohr- or, often, hoo r-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation.
--Related forms
whore•mon•ger•ing, whore•mas•ter•y, noun

[Origin: 1520-30; WHORE + MONGER ]
Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

Dumbass-HoggsShow ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:


Show me where I said 'gangs use that as a gang sign', dumbass.

What I wrote was " faux gang signs ", idiot. Apparently you are too stupid to know what " faux " means.

So who is getting charged f... (Below threshold)

So who is getting charged for what? I better see some clients and the prostitutes jailed if my tax dollars were spent on the case. The prostitutes should definitely be getting time and not immunity deals to reveal the Johns. They are the ones at helm of an illegal business. This hooker will get her 15 minutes of fame and even more money for her story. What a crock.

Rita said..."She did... (Below threshold)

Rita said...
"She didn't do anything wrong."

Ummm, being a call girl/hooker is illegal there last I checked.

I am on Wall Street and wat... (Below threshold)

I am on Wall Street and watched Spitzer closely during these investigations. No one is more pleased than me to see the greed and avarice of that time put to a stop by the authorities. One thing that alway struck me during that time however was the mean spirited nature of Spitzers pursuits. Whether he was politically motivated, or driven to crush these prostitution rings by the same forces that might have had a panty wearing Hoover to attack gays and deviants will probably never be known. I do know he had a fervent drive that was scary...

nessman, do yourself a favo... (Below threshold)

nessman, do yourself a favor and get with the real world. Go to flickr.com and type in "peace out", bask in the thousands of examples exactly like that of the prostitute's, all titled Peace Out. Jeees.

Shes right she is not a mon... (Below threshold)
Mark Berry:

Shes right she is not a monster she is a slut whore!! She can pretend she is just a misunderstood young lady but the truth is she is an expensed whore!!!!

Spitzer deserves whatever h... (Below threshold)

Spitzer deserves whatever hell his family and state relegate him to.
I am a Canadian cattle rancher and you want to know what I do to bulls who don't stay on their own side of the fence?

you want to know ... (Below threshold)
you want to know what I do to bulls who don't stay on their own side of the fence?

Probably the same thing I do to male horses
who are either intractable, or not of breeding
quality. Geld them.
I do know some men who need to be treated
in the same manner.

This sends back ugly memori... (Below threshold)

This sends back ugly memories of Bill Clinton's affairs with Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, and Paula Jones. Can we get someone in office that we can trust?

The girl is not the ... (Below threshold)

The girl is not the story here. Spitzer is the story. If he was just some normal john, nobody would've heard anything about this, or her. The problem is that he was the governor, and as attorney general, he used to prosecute people for running prostitution rings. The problem is the base hypocrisy of a public official sworn to uphold the law crapping all over it.

Now obviously, she's no nun. She wasn't exactly a victim of him. But she clearly is being scapegoated by the media. If her john had been a nobody, no one would've ever heard of her. It's even arguable that if Spitzer had chosen a $50 whore, no one would've heard of her. So none of this has anything to do with her. She's a distraction for the media because she's young and pretty and apparently worth $5000 an hour to be with. It's hard to say I feel "sorry" for her, per se, but she did draw the short straw, in a sense. There are a lot of people who engage in questionable behavior (including prostitution, by the way) who are never subjected to public humiliation. In fact, I'd say most people who engage in bad behavior never get it outed publicly -- and certainly not this publicly.

I expect she's got either a modeling or music career in her future. Her song on her web site doesn't sound all that different to me than a Jennifer Lopez, and while it's not my kind of music, I think there's probably a market for it.

My question to CNN is "Why ... (Below threshold)

My question to CNN is "Why is this newsworthy?" What makes a prostitute who sells herself to complete strangers AND her brother headline news?

Also why has CNN stooped so low as to give details of phone/email conversations about trysts between Spitzer and this common hooker, how many times they hooked up, etc? Regardless of Spitzer's wrong-doing, he has a wife and children who must be going through all sorts of pain with this being reported in such needless detail every hour of every day. You should be ashamed right now CNN, for "prostituting" a family's pain and a human being's mistakes.

Let's not lose sight that if one could feasibly discover the private actions of all persons who are drawn to positions of power and authority, we'd see just how common such behavior really is. Spitzer's being made out as some over-the-top sex pervert, when he's probably par for the course. I wonder what some news reporters do on travel for news stories during their spare time too.

I've never lived in NY, don't know Spitzer except from TV, and don't engage in such behavior myself. I do understand human weaknesses though, and how common they really are.

Spitzer for Interstate Comm... (Below threshold)

Spitzer for Interstate Commerce Commissioner!

God Bless her, she's gonna ... (Below threshold)

God Bless her, she's gonna need it

Eliot Spitzer has to be 200... (Below threshold)
George Vreeland Hill:

Eliot Spitzer has to be 2008's Jackass of the Year.
He blew his career, or rather, she "blew" it for him.
Did she Spitzer or swallow?
It is clear that we need to get rid of many of the leaders we have in this country.
Far too many of them are idiots.
While we are at it, we need to get rid of many judges, and the laws that let people off the hook while others pay for doing the same things.
Get rid of guns too.
Get rid of a lot of things.
I want my old country back.
Bye Spitz.
You won't be missed.
I am,

George Vreeland Hill

I love how people just brus... (Below threshold)

I love how people just brush her off and want to solely focus on the governor. They ALL should be focused on. I guarantee the IRS doesn't know she was making $5000 a night. Lock her up for the night like any other prostitute would be and then she and her pals need to be investigated for tax fraud.

My tax dollars were at work on this. I don't just want the governor being the only guilty party. If you are going to spend my money on things like this, I want to see the whole lot prosecuted.

My question is when will th... (Below threshold)

My question is when will the Feds and the IRS go after the escort services and the individual escorts themselves. I wonder how much taxes Ms Ashley Dupre paid on the thousands of dollars she's made from Gov Spitzer and other johns. Patronizing prostitution has no positive effects the economy whatsoever, only negative ones.
The emperor's club and "businesses" like them make millions and I'm willing to bet they're not paying a third of it to Uncle Sam like the rest of us people with legitimate employment are. If I made what they make (in some cases nearly $6,000 an hour) I would be paying over $2,000/hr in taxes.

Can we say "whore?" Shame o... (Below threshold)

Can we say "whore?" Shame on him, but shame on her. She's young, but she know what she's doing. Knowing how life goes, this will be her rise to "fame." Please don't give her the credit. She should be ashamed of the lives that she's destroyed.

Anyone who has ever read an... (Below threshold)

Anyone who has ever read any research, or been or even known a prostitute, whether she's made $20 a shot or $1000 an hour, knows that these women are not doing this by "choice". The ones who have claimed publically they are doing it by free will - often recant when they get off drugs, sober up or escape their captors. Linda Lovelace is a big example of someone who promoted herself as loving being a sexual product while having a gun held to her head by a man named Chuck Traynor and her infamous bruises on her legs in Deep Throat by him forcing her to shoot that scene. And this is also my issue - how many men (or women) who got excited to that movie would have felt the same way if they had known the truth - that she was forced into making that movie. The truth changes things. And sometimes the truth takes a while for society to accept. For years we felt that men needed prostitutes or they would rape innocent women and children - that men were animals with no sexual control. However, we know now that rape occurs right next to brothels and by men who are having sex for free and often - because rape is not sex - it's about power. Just as we now know that child molestation isn't about sex either. Over the years - men have been painted as animalistic brutes who when their sexual natures aren't expressed they will go on some kind of raping women and children rampage. The idea that prostitutes are "needed" in order to stop men from turning into these wild savages is an idea that's outdated. Spitzer is a good looking man with money. We don't know about his sex life with his wife - but I can promise you he could get it for free much as Clinton did with an intern (and others). An affair is not the same as buying a prostitute because it's not about sex - anymore than rape is about sex. If it was just about the need for sex - he could have gotten sex without all of the risks he took. And he knew that he could be exposed in this way more than the average joe because he was a prosecutor and he is the governor. What does disturb me as a prostitution advocate - is that men like him are the ones in charge of the laws that are imprisoning the women - and letting the men go with a public apology. It's not just about selective prosecution - it's about gender bias. The men who are the foxes in charge of the chicken coop are not going to approve john legislation whereby men become arrested for seeking prostitution in an effort to reduce demand for human trafficking (and has proven that tactic works as in Sweden) because they don't want to risk themselves, or their cronies, going to jail for things they know they are doing. Nor will they approve alternative sentencing and rehabilitation programs for prostitutes that save money over our current criminal system way of branding them - because they don't want to risk these women being seeing as just that "women" and not prostitutes - because they don't want these womens' voices respected and heard - because again it will tell tales on them. These men are justifying these things by saying prostitution is a victimless crime. It's not. It robs our government of tax dollars that funds social programs that some of us need - so it does hurt american citizens. It causes money laundering which supports human trafficking, crime, drugs and even terrorism as the demand for human trafficking leaks into other countries to bring women over here to supply that demand. It also tells women that once you are "branded" a prostitute - that somehow you lose your rights and your personage. I heard him apologize to everyone but the prostitute herself. I don't see him standing up on the podium next to her as he did his wife and tell her he's sorry for not only the scandal he's involved her in - but that he should have instead been doing his job to investigate whether or not she needed his help to get out of the clutches of a crime organization that could be brainwashing or forcing her to be there in the first place. We don't know and he doesn't know - because he wasn't doing his job when he called. It sends a message to women anywhere that as long as men like Spitzer are clients - who are you going to go for to get help to get away from human traffickers when the clients aren't going to want to prosecute them because they don't want their laundry aired in public? What if that was his daughter caught up in a prostitution ring - and when a governor called instead of seeing if his daughter needed help to get out of there - he just said "'I'll take a 1/2 and 1/2 please". I personally don't accept his apology until he sets up a fund to help rehabilitate this woman and get out of prostitution - that's an apology. Nor do I accept it until I see him donate the same $80,000 he spent on degrading and commercializing women and letting traffickers and pimps think they have a free rein here - to be donated into groups that provide direct services to rescue women from prostitution. If he'd been caught drunk driving - I would expect people would demand he write a check to MADD. I don't see what's different here.

If you are in need of "it" ... (Below threshold)

If you are in need of "it" that much I am sure a ticket to Amsterdam and a night on the town is a hell of alot less than $5000. Let's keep the freak shows in Europe and to the South of our borders. John flights to places outside of the border could be a big hot just like the free flights to Vegas!

For crying out loud, someon... (Below threshold)
Tim in TX:

For crying out loud, someone pays someone else to screw 'em and you'd think it was the end of the world. Get a life, people, rather than being so damn high and mighty about everyone else's.

"Why you all think this ... (Below threshold)

"Why you all think this guy is wrong? Was he a priest? Has he got HIV? Why make a big deal out of a natural phenomena?"

"His wife obviously wasn't helping at home or he wouldn't have been going somewhere else, so as far as her "feelings" she is partly to blame."

"For crying out loud, someone pays someone else to screw 'em and you'd think it was the end of the world."

I'm sure Mrs. Spitzer is comforted by these opinions. I'm sure she's thinking, I'm glad people think it's okay that my husband has gone outside our marriage to satisfy his "needs". I mean, after all, he didn't really make a vow to me. Those are just words. It's partly "my fault".

And I'm sure the good people of the State of New York are comforted in knowing that he never really meant to uphold laws - all of them - and that his actions were okay because it's just "natural".

What the hell is the matter with you people?

This is a sad sex starved c... (Below threshold)

This is a sad sex starved country.






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