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What if they hold an election and no one votes

It happened in Broward County Florida this week.

As Broward County election results trickled in Tuesday night, some spectators wondered why no vote totals were shown for an annexation referendum near Tamarac.

The mystery's answer disappointed government officials. The election's final result, "0 votes," was accurate: Not one registered voter who lives in the unincorporated Prospect Bend neighborhood turned out for the annexation question.

The expression "every vote counts" was clear in this election. Had one a lone voter showed and voted yes, that voter would have decided the fate of the 200-person neighborhood, requiring all of it to be part of Tamarac.

"I'm just shocked that there was an election held and no one showed," said state Rep. Jack Seiler, D- Wilton Manors, who last year submitted a bill passed by the Legislature allowing the referendum question to be on Tuesday's ballot.

Up for annexation was an area dubbed Prospect Bend by Tamarac officials. The area, made up of a multi-building rental complex and industrial properties, abuts a curvy part of Prospect Road near the southwest corner of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

I always thought holding municipal or county elections in March was done. Florida traditionally has its statewide elections every two years. The Tuesday after Labor Day and then in November. That would seem the best time to hold elections, if only because the turnout will be much higher. A referendum without a vote. Isn't Florida a great state or what?


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Wow, even the dead didn't b... (Below threshold)

Wow, even the dead didn't bother, huh?

epador writes- Wow, even th... (Below threshold)

epador writes- Wow, even the dead didn't bother, huh?

I heard from a reliable source that the Century Village bus broke down.

Couldn't resist that one.


I'm not surprised to see th... (Below threshold)

I'm not surprised to see this. My town has ~9000 registered voters. At least half of those turned out for the presidential primaries a month-and-a-half ago. OTOH, if 1000 turn out to vote for town ballot initiatives or 250 show up for town meetings we're having sellout participation.

Conclusion; the real importance of an issue to a voter and the extent to which his voice and vote matter are inversely proportional to the level of that voter's interest!

This is further evidence of... (Below threshold)

This is further evidence of why the Democratic presidential primary results should be ignored.

The thing that gets me abou... (Below threshold)

The thing that gets me about this is the poll watchers. In Texas, both parties provide poll watchers to monitor the election for fairness. They are generally from the precinct and vote. So if no precinct chair, poll watcher, etc. bothered, that is really strange.






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