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News that you can use IV

Florida is full of crazy people and they aren't always criminals.

Senate committee passes bill that requires food establishments to have 'enough' toilet paper. Please define enough.

Two teenagers think it is a joke after they get arrested for attempted armed robbery. Where were they committing their dastardly deed? How about a police station.

Prosecutors in California have to drop murder charges after they discover their key witness was deported.

I make a bet you never heard of a person getting shot in this body part. Ouch!

What are friends for? You get shot and are lying on the ground. So what do they do? Take your trousers.

Buyer beware. Electronics made in China may come with little extras. Viruses.

A different type of story to tell when coming home from vacation.. A prisoner in New Zealand comandeers a tour bus.

Hey cousin. DNA indicates all American Indians descended from six women.


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Comments (3)

This is sure to get SHERYLE... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

This is sure to get SHERYLE CROWE upset seeing how she and the rest of those ecowackos to took part in those dumb LIVE EARTH CONCERTS last year now whats the greens to do besides banging their walnut sized brains out against a tree

A law that requires restaur... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

A law that requires restaurants to have enough toilet paper is a GOOD THING, and I don't want to be downwind or shaking the hand of anyone who thinks otherwise, the nasty MF's!

"Senate committee passes bi... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"Senate committee passes bill that requires food establishments to have 'enough' toilet paper. Please define enough."

So that nobody asks you if you can "spare a square."






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