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Must be the new math

Take the year 2008
Minus 196?(The year of my wife's birth. Which is the same as mine)

and you get 50 or older. Some how AARP has either flunked math or a database has my wife's year of birth in the 1950's. Today she got a AARP membership card in the mail.

I was expecting this to happen one day but not so soon. Even if she was 50, the membership card would get tossed by dear wife in all likelihood.

Now if we can only stop getting mails in Spanish. Leonita(my wife) and my mother-in-law(Conchita) because of their spanish names get mistaken for Hispanic. They are Filipino and speak little or no Spanish. My MIL has been mistaken for Hispanic, Leonita for Chinese.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World I tell you.


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Yeah, I have a good friend ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I have a good friend who is Filipino and she is mistaken for Mexican ALL the time. She speaks no Spanish and knows a splash of Chinese.

I got an AARP card about 6 ... (Below threshold)

I got an AARP card about 6 months ago. I'm NOT even close to 50. I also get mistaken for Hispanic and my mother is Japanese.

I got an AARP membership ca... (Below threshold)

I got an AARP membership card in the mail when I was in my 20s. (I did not sign up for actual membershipe)

They get your name from some sort of mailing list, usually from magazine subscriptions. I think my subscription to Scientific American was what profiled me.

Wait until some kid at the ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Wait until some kid at the fast food joint gives you the senior discount. Then you have to decide whether to protest or take advantage of the mistake.

I got my first AARP card in... (Below threshold)

I got my first AARP card in the mail when I was still getting carded in restaurants.

AARP has been trying to rec... (Below threshold)

AARP has been trying to recruit me too, far in advance of my reaching actual retirement but I frankly don't like them because they are a stealth advocacy group. The purport to be advocates for retired but run a political line that is more liberal than their target demographic actually is.

I got my first temporary AA... (Below threshold)

I got my first temporary AARP card when I was 35. It was great fun to whip it out at the local Hardee's for the senior discount.

Get used to the AARP cards ... (Below threshold)

Get used to the AARP cards in the mail. I bet I've received a hundred or more of them, beginning a few years ago when I was about 48.

They are very persistent.

AARP is boycotted in this h... (Below threshold)

AARP is boycotted in this household. Why? They advertized at the site dailykos.com. Screw them.

My husband got his first AA... (Below threshold)

My husband got his first AARP card at the ripe ol' age of 36. I'm still waiting for mine.

However, although I'm half Sicilian and half Irish, I have been oftentimes mistaken for Native American, Chinese, etc. etc.

My kids still laugh about the time we went into a Chinese restaurant to eat and the owner, an adorable older Chinese woman, said to me "Are you Chinese? Cause you LOOK Chinese."

Finally and most recently, I had a very snappily dressed African American man pumping gas into his brand new Volvo while I, at the adjacent pump, filled my minivan. He was looking at me very strangely. After a bit, he glared at me and said "You're one of them INDIANS aren't you!" When I told him that I was Italian and Irish, he said.... "Nope, you're one of them Indians. I can tell from the earlobes and the cheekbones."

Never did make heads or tails of that one.






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