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democrats vs. Democrats

One of the most remarkable things about the American political culture is that it tends to be self-correcting. We make mistakes, but we tend to fix them.

One of those corrections seems to be starting here in New Hampshire.

In 2006, it was a Blue day for the state. Democrats not only held the governorship, but took both US House seats and majorities in the state House, state Senate, and Executive Council. And once they got into office, they pushed hard on their agenda.

Not the agenda they ran on, though; that one kind of got set aside in place of passing "civil unions" and working over the state budget. Apparently the state had been sadly neglectful over the last decade or so, because they jacked it up 17.5% in a single year.

The folks of New Hampshire noticed. We haven't done much, as we can't vote out the current legislators until November, but in the mean time, we can do what the Democratic majority didn't do -- we're giving them fair warning of what's coming:

We're saying "no" to spending on the local level.

The Boston Globe does a good account on the "what" of the story, but they are sadly missing the "why." And the answer is simple. We know what's coming at the state level -- new and higher taxes. So we're bracing ourselves by doing all we can to control the money local government takes.

(A brief aside: The Globe betrays their Massachusetts-centric bias when they describe Atkinson as "a town near Haverhill." Atkinson is about 100 miles from Haverhill, NH, but just five miles from Haverhill, MA. The overshadowing of the New Hampshire town by the Massachusetts city has been a long-time annoyance for those of us who have, at some point in our lives, lived in Haverhill, NH.)

Here in New Hampshire, we practice some of the purest democracy in the country. We have a relatively huge legislature, with one representative for about every 3,000 people. Most of our towns have town meetings, when the public meets to debate and vote on matters like taxes and budgets and ordinances.

The "big-D" Democrats won a big victory in 2006, but I think that the "small-d" democrats (like me) will be taking some of that back this November.


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In 2001 the Bush administra... (Below threshold)

In 2001 the Bush administration took over a recession from the most criminal administration in history and hundreds of criminals were raping private industry (Enron/Worldcom) and then we got hit on 9-11. Funny thing is we recovered from the criminals and the terrorist attack and the economy boomed until 'day 1' of a democrat takeover of congress, immediately the economy started to tank. All it took was a few months of democrats screaming 'raise taxes, raise taxes'. Now after a short 12 months of democrat control over congress we have to implement massive government bailouts. The democrats couldn't manage a McDonalds in a high traffic area.

Speaking of democrats, a bo... (Below threshold)

Speaking of democrats, a boycott has begun over at Kos for the pro Clinton writers! They say they're sick of the vicious comments and the treatment they get from the pro Obama people. One commenter said "I thought liberals were suppose to be tolerant of others..."

Bwhahahahahahahah.....nothing more glorious when people finally "wake up" to see the liberals for the intolerant vicious sickos they truly are. LOVE IT!!!

This election is turning out to be a blast.

Move over, JT - We the Peop... (Below threshold)

Move over, JT - We the People of Maine can't take it anymore! Our taxes are through the roof, and although they are currently attempting to reign in taxes and make significant cuts across the board, it would appear that the parasitic groups are calling foul and fighting hard to continue getting funds. My husband has worked in NH for the past 7+ years, so we get nailed every two weeks paying income tax because we reside in Maine. We might be skipping over the border...

Also buried deep in the Glo... (Below threshold)

Also buried deep in the Glob article -- the very last paragraph, in fact -- is a small fact that I've been searching for: the fate of the widespread "get rid of the Tax Pledge" warrant articles pushed by the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition. Those articles were opposed by group and individuals who charged it was a devious way to advance legislators who would consider and eventually pass a broad-based tax like a sales or income tax. Well, about half the targeted towns passed it ... but in at least some cases, sayeth the Glob, they "first changed the wording to make it a statement of repudiation of an income tax."

Dimacrats vs deacrooks thei... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Dimacrats vs deacrooks their eating each other alive






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