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Dating Rules for Women

Dr. Melissa Clouthier today gives us eleven dating rules for women:

Women claim to want equal rights but then do things in the dating dance that makes them look like immature children. It's annoying. A couple friends, male and female, are experimenting with on-line dating, and based on their experiences all I can think is, what is wrong with people?


This post is not going to be an "ain't it awful" post for women, though. Quite the contrary. For the sake of this post, I'm making an assumption that the vast majority of men are good men, just trying to find a woman they connect with and desiring a relationship. I think this assumption is true, by the way. There are players and male sluts, sure, but I think most guys want what most women want--a close, loving, compatible, dependable relationship.

If a woman is going to participate in the dating game, she needs to follow some rules.

Here are a few of her rules:
  • Say "no" nicely.
  • Mean what you say.
  • Don't have sex on the first, second or third date.
  • Get a life.
  • Leave the baggage for later.
  • Express gratitude.

    Here is my favorite part of the article:

    Men might be from Mars, but they're still humans. All the male-bashing that goes on is offensive. One of my least favorite commercials features a guy ordering a pizza which will come in 30 minutes. He asks his wife for sex and she bats her eyes and asks, "What are we going to do for the other 28 minutes?" It's meant to be funny, but it just seems like more of the same disparaging of men.

    Men aren't the enemy. They are lovely creatures. Sometimes strange and exotic, but always interesting. They deserve respect until they've proven themselves to be unworthy of respect and even then, treating any person with respect and kindness is a winning proposition. Because ultimately, it's you who you have to live with whether you end up with a man or not.

    It seems to be en vogue for women to have a monumental chip on their shoulder when it comes to men. Don't. Yes, some men are assholes. But some women are bitches, too -- men do not have a monopoly on being mean, or cruel, or misleading. So many women go into dates and relationships with their guards up, with preconceived notions of what men are, what men want, and how men will treat women. If women can't get that chip off their shoulder, they'll never have a truly happy, successful, long-term, fulfilling relationship.

    In any case, make sure to read Melissa's post to get all of the rules in more detail. It's a great read, and some solid, sensible advice for women -- the kind of advice we could hear more of.

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    Bravo, Cassy, for posting t... (Below threshold)

    Bravo, Cassy, for posting this. I'm recently divorced, and just starting to think about the dating thing (something I haven't done for 28 years), and the public attitude you express is so true. Many women assume the worst, and the add you mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg.
    "I am not an animal!"

    All the male-bashing tha... (Below threshold)
    Peter F.:

    All the male-bashing that goes on in offensive

    Oh, does she mean like the male-bashing she did on Brett Favre recently:

    But his sobbing for himself at the press conference seemed narcissistic and out-of-proportion. He is retiring after playing a game. No one died. His child isn't sick. There was no tragedy. His beloved, obviously, career ended on a high note. What more could a person want?

    What more could we want? How about a little less duplicity from Dr. Clouthier who openly and stupidly bashed him for holding back tears from a game he loved?

    Rules are great to follow, especially when you apply them to yourself, doctor.

    I absolutely agree. I am s... (Below threshold)

    I absolutely agree. I am sick to death of women who make "dumb, walking penis" jokes about men and then pitch and moan that men treat them badly.

    Respect goes both ways and no man should be expected to treat a woman like a lady, if she's going to turn around and treat him like an ass.

    The far too numerous mindless sit-coms of the ignorant dad, continually duped by wife and kids, are a perfect example of this blatant double-standard.

    I blame Wilma Flintstone...couldn't Fred go out bowling just once?!

    OOOPSY, Me and My wife viol... (Below threshold)

    OOOPSY, Me and My wife violated rule number 3.

    ha ha ha

    914,Yes, but did y... (Below threshold)
    Sheik Yur Bouty:


    Yes, but did you violate it in all three possible ways? ;-)

    btw - As a disclaimer, I looked through her rules, but I did not read the entire article. However, I think she left out one very important rule. In order to be loved, you have to be love-able. (Bitchy and high-maintenance are not loveable, no matter how pretty you are.)

    Sheik Yur Bouty,Gu... (Below threshold)

    Sheik Yur Bouty,

    Guilty on all count's..

    Yeah, me too...and we've be... (Below threshold)
    Sheik Yur Bouty:

    Yeah, me too...and we've been married 11 years now!

    Congrats!! 15 here and two... (Below threshold)

    Congrats!! 15 here and two great young lads 14 and 12 to boot..

    Ahh.. life is good!

    "If women can't get that... (Below threshold)

    "If women can't get that chip off their shoulder, they'll never have a truly happy, successful, long-term, fulfilling relationship."

    The first person that came to mind for me was Maureen Dowd :)

    Me? I LOVE men. Delightful and interesting creatures? You bet they are. My husband is a case study.

    Been married to Leonita 18 ... (Below threshold)

    Been married to Leonita 18 years, 19 years on May 30th. Both our children are angels in heaven. We have two cats. Anyone want a totally black noodle chasing cat named Misay?(Means cat)

    I met my wife at a bowling alley, introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance. Dear Wife and I knew one another 15 months before we married, and the first time we did it was our wedding night.(Cebu Philippines, Mercedes Hotel, room 506 and it was past 1 am in the morning) I was the last of the 28-year-old Petty Officer 2nd Class virgins. If you ever saw how I look like, you'd know why. Opposites attract, you got to give and not just take. If the wife wants to watch Wowowee, Dancing with the Stars, or American Idol on the big screen in HD, let her. There's always the den television set to watch the Florida Panther games on.

    Most husband-wife fights are about trivial stuff that you won't even remember five years later(or sometimes five months).







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