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Hillary's records released

Today, the National Archives released over 11,000 pages detailing Hillary Clinton's life as First Lady.

Remember how she says her experience as First Lady qualifies her to be President? Boy, was she right! Check out her duties!

She had speeches scheduled, at home and abroad. She appeared by Bill Clinton's side at an education event where he angrily dismissed the reports of his womanizing. And if that were not enough, there was his State of the Union address.

Her schedule has her choosing flowers for a black-tie dinner, congratulating "Guns Aren't Cool" award winners and reading to kids in the week in January 1998 that upended her life and threatened his presidency. She denounced a "vast right-wing conspiracy" in a TV interview.

The National Archives in Washington and former President Clinton's presidential library in Arkansas jointly released the first lady's schedules after months of pressure from critics who say the Clintons were delaying the disclosure. The issue has dogged Clinton in her bid for the White House.


In all, 11,046 pages have been made available. Nearly 4,800 pages have parts blacked out. Archivists said that's to protect the privacy of third parties. Schedules for more than 30 days of activities were not included in this release.

Mrs. Clinton's ordeal during the Monica Lewinsky scandal followed her own legal troubles in 1996 during the criminal investigation of the Clintons' Whitewater real estate dealings in Arkansas.

In the Whitewater probe, one of the most pivotal events occurred on Jan. 4, 1996, a day in which Mrs. Clinton's personal calendar for late that afternoon is marked "Private Meeting" with her chief of staff, Margaret Williams.

Several hours earlier, an aide had discovered inside the White House family residence long-sought billing records of Mrs. Clinton's legal work on Whitewater-related real estate transactions that turned out to be fraudulent.

WOW! Arranging flowers?! Reading to children?! Denouncing Republicans?!

Jeez, she really is qualified to be President based on her role as First Lady! These records have proved it!


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Comments (19)

That's unfair: for many Dem... (Below threshold)

That's unfair: for many Dems "denouncing Republicans" is all the experience one needs to be President.

Wow, you sure read those 11... (Below threshold)

Wow, you sure read those 11,000 pages awfully fast.

WOW! Arranging flowers?!... (Below threshold)

WOW! Arranging flowers?! Reading to children?! Denouncing Republicans?!

Wow, Cassie. I'm impressed you were able to read all 11,000 pages so quickly and sort them into all of three categories.

You're the type who would read Reagan's papers and declare that he spent his entire presidency eating jellybeans.

No: Reagan spent 100% of hi... (Below threshold)

No: Reagan spent 100% of his time physically beating the shit out of Commies with his bare hands. Hillary was an armchair florist.

Cassy was reading so fast t... (Below threshold)

Cassy was reading so fast that she missed the part that said that Hillary began working on health care reform 3 days after the inauguration. That's what I mean by starting on Day 1. You go, Hillary! You've got my vote.

That's a wasted vote, Hanle... (Below threshold)

That's a wasted vote, Hanley. Eight years in the White House and she didn't clear a single acre of brush.

The sad part is that Obama ... (Below threshold)

The sad part is that Obama has even less executive experience. And McCain only has his time as commanding a squadron (much of which he seems to have spent chasing skirt).

No wonder markets are so uncertain. When was the last time the US had a Presidential election with such inexperienced candidates?

Who hired Craig Livingstone... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Who hired Craig Livingstone?

You must be kidding. Or stu... (Below threshold)

You must be kidding. Or stupid. Or a liar.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said the trove of documents "shows she was a co-president," revealing an "extraordinary extent of meetings for an unelected official to be meeting with cabinet officials."

Hillary Was in White Ho... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Hillary Was in White House on 'Stained Blue Dress' Day
Political power is all she cared about. No wonder she has been willing to enable Bill 's sexploration by trashing his female victims. Feminism to Hillary is the same as racism to Obama. That 's why the dem party cannot be honest about what they really believe. Bunyan is right, lying is a job requirement for leftist politicians.

It's a mixed bag. Nothing ... (Below threshold)

It's a mixed bag. Nothing over-the-top, earth-shatteringly horrendous, but much of the time has been blacked out, so we really don't know what we don't know. Sorry for the epistemology, but better that than to be episton.

Surely, she spent a good deal of time on inconsequential First Lady stuff, but she also spent a lot of time with policymakers, especially for someone with official duties besides lighting the Christmas tree. It seems she inserted herself into policy and political discussions when she so desired.

Jesus, Cassy. Didn't take ... (Below threshold)

Jesus, Cassy. Didn't take you long to read 11,000 pages. You should get a hold of Guiness. Not the record book, but a bottle of it to numb the pain Republicans must feel these days. You have a nominee you hate, which I have to ask a question, if all of you right-wingers hate John McCain, who in the hell was out there VOTING for him? What a joke. Oh by the way, Cassy, I'm going to need an 11,000 page report on what YOU did for eight years, starting 16 years ago. I want that on my desk by Monday morning.

At the risk of getting bann... (Below threshold)

At the risk of getting banned and my comments removed from this great blog, and I do really mean that. I may not fit the model of the average Wizbanger, but I have been faithfully reading, visiting and posting here for a year and a half. This is the stupidest fucking post I've ever read by your stupidest fucking editor. Where did she get this? "The 11,000 page report was released today, and because nothing else was going on in my life, I somehow still read 11,000 pages today, and STILL managed to write a dumbass report on it. I am in NO way a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I am my county's co-chairman for Obama's campaign. But I simply have to call bullshit on this.

Ryan, first off, since you ... (Below threshold)

Ryan, first off, since you are Obama's co-chair, you are now considered a racist and hater of white people. Secondly, it is obvious that you have a deeper viceral hatred to Cassy, or maybe women writers only. I did not read anywhere in her post that she read the whole post. Remember when you and your party said in 2000 that GW stole the election when he didn't? Do you remember when you and your party said that GW said Iraq was an imminent threat, when he didn't? So, I am glad you like Wizbang, I do also, very much, but lefties are regarded as people who have selective memories and outrage. In other words, you people are crazy. Cassy, you go girl. ww

This is the stupidest fu... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

This is the stupidest fucking post I've ever read by your stupidest fucking editor. Where did she get this? ... I am my county's co-chairman for Obama's campaign.

Democrat officials are so classy.

4800 pgs blackened out? the... (Below threshold)

4800 pgs blackened out? there goes half of Her experience claim.

Great.Now let's se... (Below threshold)


Now let's see the donor list for the Clinton library.

You took out all my vowels!... (Below threshold)

You took out all my vowels! I guess you were justified, as my post was pretty over the top, but I was angry at the time. You ever get angry? I hate Hillary. She makes me angry. I used to defend her against my right-wing friends, and I have a lot here in Utah. They would tell me that she is just a ruthless career politician, who will do anything, including blowing up her own political party, to get power. It's not going to work, but she's trying. I think she has some good ideas. But she has proved over and over everything that any Republican has said to me about her during the course of this primary. She can't handle the fact that she has lost. But please, if you want to attack her, there's no shortage of real issues in her life to attack her on. You think Nancy Reagan never arranged any flowers, or read some books to kids? Also, the letter "Y" is only sometimes a vowel, so I think you only should have deleted half of their delegates.

Secondly, it is obvious ... (Below threshold)

Secondly, it is obvious that you have a deeper viceral hatred to Cassy, or maybe women writers only. I did not read anywhere in her post that she read the whole post.

Yeah, you're right. Since when did someone actually have to READ something to slam it? You sure got me there.






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