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Odds and Ends

*- Let me wish all Christian Wizbang readers a blessed Holy week and Happy Easter.

*- I haven't blogged much the last few days. It isn't because of health reasons, but rather I see very little I feel like writing about. Except maybe this- I'm tired of hearing the 134th talking head view of Obama's recent speech. Give me a rerun of The Nanny any day.

*- It is unlikely I will be blogging at all tomorrow. The wife and I will be travelling to Tampa by car early in the a.m. I have an appointment at H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center at 10:30. This in order to get a 2nd opinion in regards to my cancer.

As a result, I'll be gone almost all day. Tomorrow night is Holy Thursday, and if we're home in time, Dear Wife and I will attend the service. Then afterwards I'll watch a tape of tomorrow's Florida Panther game. Cancer, Church, Hockey, 420 miles worth of driving(round-trip) Dear wife and I got a busy day ahead of us.

*- Ivan Dixon who played Sgt. Kinchloe on Hogan's Heroes, has passed away. I love Hogan's Heroes, and proudly confess to being an owner of all six seasons on DVD. Dixon, who was an integral part of the show's first five seasons, brought me to laughter many times in reruns. RIP Ivan.

*- Talk about karma. Read this story from yesterday's Miami Herald.

That's all folks till next time.


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Comments (9)

BillI'm glad you are... (Below threshold)

I'm glad you are getting a second opinion.

I will continue to pray for you.

Travel mercies Bill, and Go... (Below threshold)

Travel mercies Bill, and God bless you.

Ah, Hogan's Heroes.... I've... (Below threshold)

Ah, Hogan's Heroes.... I've often wondered how the pitch for that show was made.

"We got this idea see.... We're going to put several people in a Nazi prison camp in World War 2...and it's going to be a [i]comedy[/i]......"

You have good wishes and pr... (Below threshold)

You have good wishes and prayers, Bill. God bless you and good luck. God works through the hands of brilliant doctors you know.

Bill ~ Continued prayers an... (Below threshold)

Bill ~ Continued prayers and good wishes for you.

Faith+1 ~ Hogan's Heroes was an adaptation of a movie called Stalag 17, which was a drama with comic relief. Starring William Holden, the movie was about American POWs and their attempts to out-smart the Germans. The only character who was carried over was Sgt. Schulz, who was made into a complete buffoon for the TV show.

The pitch would have been pretty easy, since the movie was nominated for several Academy Awards. It comes on late-night cable/satellite fairly often even now.

Bill have a good Easter Wee... (Below threshold)

Bill have a good Easter Weekend and I really hope everything turns out alright for you. Take care.

I knew the Stalag-17 origin... (Below threshold)

I knew the Stalag-17 origin. Stalag-17 was far from a comedy. It's like starting with Titanic and ending up with Gilligan's Island.

Hmm CORNEL KLINK always tho... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Hmm CORNEL KLINK always though hitler had it in for him

Bill - Best wishes and pray... (Below threshold)

Bill - Best wishes and prayers for you and your family. Drive carefully.

Ivan Dixon is dead. Bless him. I loved Hogan's Heroes and I really liked Ivan's character.

I think we all know that show could not be produced today...






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