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The Real Barack Obama

Sure you're probably wondering what today's speech by Barack Obama really tells us about him. They covered the speech at Wizbang Politics so I won't rehash that ground, and I fully expect that others here will deconstruct portions of the speech. To the far more interesting "find" today was via Powerline - a link to Todd Spivak's story of his experiences covering Obama as he was just starting out in politics. If you always wondered how Obama managed such a remarkable rise to prominence, Spivak's article will give you answers.


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Very interesting article.</... (Below threshold)

Very interesting article.

Typical Chicago Machine pol... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Typical Chicago Machine politics.

Why do people think this guy is so different from any other Pol?

I listened to Sean Hannity ... (Below threshold)

I listened to Sean Hannity yesterday afternoon, about Baraks speech. He talked about how we
entrap ourselves, with pride when we discover
we've made a huge mistake and deny it.
As when we buy a car, to find it's a lemon,
yet convince ourselves there's really nothing
wrong with it.

What will we end up with if... (Below threshold)

What will we end up with if the democrat crazies keep backing the lemon Racist Hussein 'The Magic Negro' Obama? A county dominated by the most racist person to come on scene since 1865. That will not cure racism but will spread it far and wide and push it back underground. You were buying a pig in a poke, now you know for sure what he is and you get what you pay for.

I am not an Obama supporter... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

I am not an Obama supporter (nor have I ever been) and the more I learn about him, the more concerned I am for this country. Interesting article by Mr. Spivak...

If Obama is elected there w... (Below threshold)

If Obama is elected there will be riots all over America.
Its will be "OK" for black rage to boil over and spill into the streets of our cities.

I'll be taking Mayor Daly's advice in that case.

Barack Obama keeps very sha... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Barack Obama keeps very shady company






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