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The other day I picked up a copy -- hardcover -- of Mary Mapes' book, "Truth And Duty: The Press, The President, And The Privilege Of Power."

Original cover price: $24.95.

I got it for a buck.


At a dollar store.

I should have bought a couple of copies and offered them as some kind of prize to readers...

"First prize: one copy of 'Truth And Duty.'

Second prize: two copies of 'Truth And Duty.'"

Even at a buck apiece, I think I was ripped off.


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Comments (9)

You got ripped off, amigo. ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

You got ripped off, amigo. :)

No, the real victim here is... (Below threshold)

No, the real victim here is anyone who owns stock in the publishing company. They wasted their limited resources financing this lemon, probably including a healthy advance for Ms. Mapes which sales will never recoup.

I confess that, for a mere buck, I might have been tempted to buy it myself, especially given the recent exchange rates. I must wonder, though, what sort of complete and utter dullard would have paid $25 for it.

JT,Why, oh ... (Below threshold)


Why, oh why, would you have spent a buck on a Mary Mapes book?

I hesitate to say this, as I like your prose, but I might just have to nominate you the "knucklehead of the day".

William, it's simple:... (Below threshold)

William, it's simple:

1) Since it was at a dollar store, it wsa "remaindered" and Mapes will get not a single penny from my purchse.

2) Sheer laugh value.

3) Once I read it, I figure I ought to be able to get at least one blog posting out of mocking it.

4) One never knows when one might have a TP crisis.


Hell, stock up on them and ... (Below threshold)
Uncle Pinky:

Hell, stock up on them and sell them for original price at Kos conventions and Democrat rallies.

The only way I would buy Ma... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

The only way I would buy Mary Mapes book is if her publisher put together some sort of promotional scavenger hunt where I had to search for the copy at a livestock show -- and the winning copy was signed by Lucy Rameriz. That would be fun.

You could have had a double... (Below threshold)

You could have had a double cheeseburger from the McDonald's dollar menu. You got hosed.

It should have come with a ... (Below threshold)
Korla Pundit Author Profile Page:

It should have come with a free copy of this.

I have a wobbly sofa that m... (Below threshold)
Korla Pundit Author Profile Page:

I have a wobbly sofa that might have benefitted from it.






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