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I have my problems with John McCain, but I have to say there's one thing you can't fault the man for: sheer physical courage.

This is a man who had his plane shot out from under him while he was sitting on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal, by a misfired American rocket, and got the hell out of an explosion and fire that killed 134 sailors before it was controlled. He was literally at "ground zero" of that disaster.

Later, he had a second plane shot out from under him, this one by enemy fire, and was injured when he bailed out. Then he spent over five years undergoing various tortures by an enemy that declared that, as a "war criminal," the Geneva Convention didn't apply to him, but offered him favorable treatment (as the son of an admiral) if he'd cooperate.

Now, John McCain has gone to Iraq and met with military leaders and Iraqi government officials.

Apparently, Iraq was a tad too tame for him, so he went somewhere that might be a little more exciting and dangerous -- Sderot, in Israel.

(Hat tip: Soccer Dad, at Meryl Yourish's site)

For years, the Palestinians have fired literally thousands of rockets and mortar shells into Sderot, with an average of ten per day over the past three months. Nothing ever makes it stop; it slows down sometimes, but it never ceases.

Statistically speaking, McCain wasn't in a great deal of danger. The rockets are unguided, and the Israelis have gotten pretty good at ducking. It's kind of like standing at the other end of a high school gym while New York's new governor takes shots with a pistol -- the odds are highly against him hitting you, especially if you keep quiet.

But it's still an intolerable situation.

Plus, can one imagine what would have happened had McCain been injured or killed? While there would have been rejoicing at Democratic Underground and Huffington Post would have to close the comments on any discussion of the matter, it would pretty much kill any national sympathy or support for their cause.

Not that that would have mattered. I suspect that had the people who fire those rockets known that McCain was going to be there, they would have done all they can (which, fortunately, isn't much -- they're incredibly incompetent) to kill him. And the Palestinians would have rejoiced and pronounced it a great victory.

After all, they overwhelmingly support the massacre of eight religious students -- seven of them under 18 -- in Jerusalem recently.

The Palestinians, it is often noted, "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." And they tend to revel in atrocities that, in the long term, do their cause far more harm than good. And a successful attack on a United States Senator and the Republican presidential nominee presumptive would have them dancing in the streets and handing out treats.

Hmm... I wonder what the world's response would be if Israel were to announce that they were building a new prison exclusively for Palestinian prisoners in Sderot? I can write Israel's statement justifying the move:

"Human shields? Nonsense! We're merely locating the prison near Gaza so they can be near their families. Also, Sderot has been having some economic hardships, what with the constant bombardment, so we hope this will prove a boon to first the construction industry, then employ the guards and other staff a prison requires."

Way to go, Senator McCain. I still have a lot of problems with your positions on a lot of issues (and I better express them before your odious McCain-Feingold law kicks in and I can't criticize you without risking a fine or jail), but I have to salute your courage and integrity in going to Sderot.


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Comments (30)

I'd have been happier if Mc... (Below threshold)

I'd have been happier if McCain hadn't praised Abbas (the Fatah leader) as trying to get a deal. They had a deal no sane negotiator would have turned down, at the Wye River meeting. All the blood since then is Fatah avoiding a deal.

Until they lost to Hamas because they weren't violent enough and didn't kill enough innocent Jews, I mean.

If you watch, in its... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

If you watch, in its entirety, McCains news conference from Iraq with Graham and Lieberman, you will see a guy clueless as to the facts on the ground there. He even says, I think 3 times, that "al Queda" is taking operatives in Iraq, sending them to Iran for training and them bringing them back to Iraq as "leaders".

It is clear that he is as clueless as Bush on the matter. Not that any Americans actually give a shit anyway.

If they had known McCain wa... (Below threshold)
Mark L Author Profile Page:

If they had known McCain was going to be there, they would have stopped launching. The Palestinians know that their best weapon is Western sympathy. The West ignores that dozens of rockets fall on Israel each day because there's no symbolic "high value target".

The Palestinians know this. They can destroy a few targets with no threat of reprisal whatsoever. It's a win-win - as long as it's small and relatively quiet.

If McCain were injured or killed, many in the West would turn on them. It would severely damage their "victim" status. There is no interest in killing American leaders, just a few quiet Jews.

Ah! Dr Lava. So glad you sh... (Below threshold)

Ah! Dr Lava. So glad you showed up to tell us the "truth" about Iraq instead of that pesky McCain, who has been a true believer and supporter of the troops and their mission. What did you see when you were there? What intelligience was shared with you? What secret society do you belong to that knows so much more then the actual people on the ground there? Pathetic you are, to say the very least.

JT good post, as always. ww

lavaMaybe McCain sho... (Below threshold)

Maybe McCain should just say he was tired. That excuse worked for Obama several times but I don't recall you calling him "clueless".

I have to salute your co... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I have to salute your courage and integrity in going to Sderot. Yes, but the Palestianian terrorists are nothing to the courage it would take to defend..

the memory of 34 brave Americans and 172 others wounded from the Israeli assault on the USS Libery in June,8 1967 by Israeli bombers which lasted over 75 minutes and was made to look like it was an Egyptian attack.

McCain's father, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., Commander-in-Chief, Naval Forces Europe. He wanted the investigation done in less than a week." Senator John McCain said that he wasn't going to do anything about it because the "matter was thoroughly reviewed."

That would be a real profile in courage to stand up the the fraudulent official American cover-up led by the first Commander-in-chief McCain. You would think that John McCain "the conscience of the Senate" having been shot down by friendly fire in Vietnam would have some sympathy with those American sailors, but evidently not enough to demand the truth come out in their memory of those who gave up their lives, or of the survivors who had difficulty getting benefits and were denied medals for their bravery that day, because they and their eye witness accounts weren't meant to survive.

WW agrees with McCain that ... (Below threshold)

WW agrees with McCain that Iran is training al Qaeda in Iraq fighters. Shows you what a right-wing education buys you.

Today, Mr. McCain has to fi... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:
Wow. John McCain just won ... (Below threshold)

Wow. John McCain just won my ungrudging vote.

McCain was pandering to the... (Below threshold)

McCain was pandering to the wealthy, influencial Jewish vote. It was electioneering.

I never voted Democrat in my life - and never will. But if McCain doesn't start worrying as much about America and the Americans as he does about Jews and Israel he will lose my vote.

Well said. Courage... (Below threshold)

Well said.

Courage is an appealing quality which McCain obviously has in spades. If he keeps up like this, he may actually grow on me.

Keep fighting ZOG, Puck.</p... (Below threshold)

Keep fighting ZOG, Puck.

"There is no interest in... (Below threshold)

"There is no interest in killing American leader's, just a few quiet Jew's."

The barbaric scum will kill anything they think will further their sick belief system.

I like your idea of the pri... (Below threshold)

I like your idea of the prison in Sderot. Maybe Ashkelon would benefit as well.

I don't get the cheap shot at the NY Governor?

It is racist and you should lose your position as Senate minotity leader.

given that Iran is allowing... (Below threshold)

given that Iran is allowing Sadr to stay in the country, that there is evidence of Iran's involvement in training AQI in Iraq, that there is evidence of Iran supplying bomb making materials to AQI, and that there is evidence of human smuggling from Iran to Iraq it really isn't that great of a leap to think that Iran(or at least Quds) is training AQI forces in Iran and then sending them back across the border.

just saying.

He has stones? Did you for... (Below threshold)

He has stones? Did you forget about this just a year ago?

"McCain takes 'safe' stroll in Baghdad market... wearing body armor, flanked by 100 American soldiers, 3 Blackhawk helicopters, and 2 Apache gunships. "

Maybe McCain is just to sen... (Below threshold)

Maybe McCain is just to senile to notice? He does look kind of Mr. Magoo-ish...

I am amused by the kool-aid... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

I am amused by the kool-aid makers and drinkers on the left. I doesn't make much brain to see that Iran doesn't mind to support AlQ against the great Satan. Only the kool-aid drinkers can support someone as clueless as Obama (and Hillary) who advocates a silly run-and-chase with the terrorists in Iraq. Forgot that Obama people wouldn't mind another genocide in Iraq. But to act tough, they promised to send special forces back in to deal with AlQ if necessary.

No wonder these people can swoon over Obama speech. Please keep bringing up Iraq and GWOT. It will make it much easier to vote for McCain.

...and the quote you cited ... (Below threshold)

...and the quote you cited (no source, of course, par for the course) has exactly what to do with McCain going to Sderot, Barney?

Oh, yeah. I forgot. "Relevance" is something you just don't get, isn't it?

And I think the main reason you don't give sources for your quotes, Barney, is because far too many times others have looked at your source material and used it to prove the exact opposite of what you say.


What does the USS Forrestal... (Below threshold)

What does the USS Forrestal have to do with McCain going to Sderot? Aren't you using those cases as examples that McCain has "stones"? Well my example of McCain taking a walk in a market in Iraq surrounded by a small army is an example that he has pebbles.

Barney, it's simple: being ... (Below threshold)

Barney, it's simple: being a carrier pilot requires far more courage than you could even conceive, let alone muster. Remaining one after barely escaping a disaster that killed over 100 of your shipmates takes even more. And willingly and knowingly visiting a city that is a target for rockets and mortars several times a day -- and visiting it precisely because it is a target -- takes the same kind of physical courage.

In both cases, on the Forrestal and in Sderot, he showed that he was putting his principles and beliefs ahead of his own physical safety.

I understand your ignorance, Barney, and forgive it. McCain demonstrated courage and principle and dedication to goals more important to him than his own life. I realize that that sort of thing is beyond your comprehension.


And in my case he acted lik... (Below threshold)

And in my case he acted like the high school experiment on how can construct a package that will protect an egg from breaking after a two story fall. You pointed out courage I pointed out an extreme amount of caution.

My point was just as valid as yours.

Based on McCain's confusio... (Below threshold)

Based on McCain's confusion on who is Shia who is Sunni and what is halloween and what is the Jewish holiday of Purim, he probably did not even know where he was.

I just went outside, collec... (Below threshold)

I just went outside, collected a bunch of rocks, put them in a bag, then brought them in and read them my article, and they got the point.

I guess the old saying is true: Barney IS dumber than a bag of rocks.

I say "here are a few times when John McCain showed great courage," and he responds "here's a time he he didn't take a needless risk and acted with common sense and self-preservation, and just the other day he made a misstatement!"

If I said "the sky is blue," Barney would point to a cloud and announce that I was wrong, and the atmosphere has a lot of nitrogen in it.

Nah. That would require a bit too much intelligence.


Jay, I think you na... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

I think you nailed it. I guess Barney thinks courage is to throw the grandmother under the bus to defend the "inspiring" preacher. Barney thinks it is courageous to fearlessly pronounce "God d* America" in the facist US of KKKA. That 's what courage means to Barney. And he was courageous against the evil US military. No wonder he is carrying the water for the courageous Obama.

It is either dumb or dishonest to deny that Iran is willing to fund AlQ to fight against the US. Please keep up attacking McCain on Iraq and GWOT. This will make voting for him easier.

"I just went outside, co... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"I just went outside, collected a bunch of rocks, put them in a bag, then brought them in and read them my article, and they got the point."


Earlier this year in Housto... (Below threshold)

Earlier this year in Houston McCain said Iran was linked with al Qaeda. In the ME McCain made over a half dozen references to Iran training al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists. In an interview with H. Hewitt he made further references to the Iran/al Qaeda kink. On his website he says Iran is linked with al Qaeda. WetWilly and Lovie think Iran is linked with Al Qaeda in Iraq and you think that McCain has made only one reference.

It is you that is dumber than a bag of rocks.

Barncommie is not tired of ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Barncommie is not tired of carrying water for the dumb and dishonest anti-American left. No wonder they can support Obama and Hillary.


Iran's Link to Al-Qaeda: The 9-11 Commission's Evidence

It is you that is dumber th... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

It is you that is dumber than a bag of rocks.
That 's why you can support the clueless Obama (he doesn't know how to treat his grandma right, yet he is spouting silly slogans about Iraq!)

Barney, the point was NOT t... (Below threshold)

Barney, the point was NOT the genus and species of various and sundry Islamist psychopaths and the differentiation thereof, but of courage and principle.

For my next trick, I think I will buy a sack of hammers and compare their educability with Barney.

Or, if it's cheaper, a fence post. Either way, Home Depot should have what I need.







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