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Carville vs. Daschle in Cage Match

John McCain needs to raise as much money as he can to be competitive in the general election, and there is one simple thing he could do that would raise a bundle.

Sell popcorn.

Thanks to Duane Patterson at Hugh Hewitt.


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I'm sorry, but every time I... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, but every time I see Carville I can't help but imagine him as Gollum hunched over saying, "Those filthy little Republicanses. They tricksied us!"

Once again, "Rush is Right!... (Below threshold)

Once again, "Rush is Right!"

My optimism for McCain grow... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

My optimism for McCain grows with each passing day.

Perhaps some Tums for the p... (Below threshold)

Perhaps some Tums for the poor Democrats having to watch this.

This just helps McCain. It... (Below threshold)

This just helps McCain. It's time for Hillary to drop out so the party can unify behind Obama. Enough is enough. She can't catch him in the delegate race even if they have re-votes in Fla and Mich.

Larkin...isn't it GREAT!</p... (Below threshold)

Larkin...isn't it GREAT!

Hilarious!... (Below threshold)







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