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Out with the trash

As a Floridian should I be happy that Canadians are as careless with sensitive documents as the Orlando Airport Authority is?

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada will probe how blueprints for the new headquarters of an elite military counter-terrorism unit ended up in a pile of garbage, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Thursday.

The Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit, housed inside an armed forces base in Trenton, Ontario, is designed to cope with the aftermath of an attack using weapons of mass destruction.

The 26 blueprints were contained in one of seven defense ministry files that a passer-by found on top of garbage bags on an Ottawa street. The other six files are still missing.

"We take this very seriously. So I want to hear first exactly what went on," Day told reporters, saying he had ordered his officials to examine the incident.

The plans -- which the passer-by handed to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper -- contain detailed drawings of the building's floor plan, electrical grid and the storage bay for robots designed to detect chemical and biological agents.

Some people were probably lazy and failed to destroy the blueprints as they were supposed to, rather than being placed in the trash by accident. I rarely throw things out that aren't intended for the trash. There is some stuff laying around here I should have gotten rid of ten years ago.


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ahhhhh.... The miracles of ... (Below threshold)

ahhhhh.... The miracles of paper shredders. How did we get along without them? If they were like U.S. documents and classified, they may have been stamped with a serial number. Or, more likely, some sub contractor was on vacation and found them stuffed in the computer bag and decided to ditch them in an anonymous place, after all, who goes dumpster diving in an airport? Idiot.

;) jeah... not bad.... (Below threshold)

;) jeah... not bad.

Oh good, Stockwell Day's on... (Below threshold)

Oh good, Stockwell Day's on the case! He's more likely to accidentally post these blueprints on his kid's MySpace than he is to find the person(s) responsible for throwing them in the trash.






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