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Spring Break starts with a bang

Three college students thought their spring break needed shaking up, so they rattled the windows - with dynamite. WFTV reports:

Three spring breakers were arrested after an explosion rocked two hotel guests from their bed and shattered the windows of their Daytona Beach Shores hotel room around 2:30am Friday.

* * * * *

Police said unreleased surveillance video from the hotel showed three hotel guests running from the scene. The guests, three college students, were identified as 21-year-old Timothy Bechtel of La Grange, Illinois, 21-year-old Christopher Romano of Dayton, Ohio, and 21-year-old Michael Bolt, also from La Grange. When officers contacted Bechtel, he was found to have a cut on his arm and he admitted to being involved in the incident.

Bechtel told police Romano had detonated a partial stick of dynamite while he and Bolt acted as lookouts. A search of the room the three were staying in found no other explosives.

"They're really nice guys, they were just really drunk yesterday," said spring breaker Dan McDonough. "We saw 'em before dark and they were so wasted that I don't think they remember doing that."

Read the rest at the link above. Why is it that everyone is so quick to blame alcohol? Lots of people drink - heck, lots of people get falling-down drunk without ever once lighting a stick of dynamite. My guess is these three aren't the brightest bulbs on the Christmas Tree even when stone-cold sober . . .


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An event planned, not by dr... (Below threshold)

An event planned, not by drunks. Where did they just happen to come up with dynamite? I'd have to pledge my three youngest grandchildren to get a stick of dynamite to remove a stump.

Easy sol'n: Since ... (Below threshold)

Easy sol'n:

Since alcohol makes them a demonstrable danger to others, they are henceforth banned from using it for life.

If caught drinking, they will serve the sentence they should have gotten in the first place. In either case, their ban from using alcohol stays in place.

They themselves, by citing alcohol as the major contributing factor, have made it clear they should never be allowed near it again.

/why don't we do this all the time?

Alcohol is not the frickin'... (Below threshold)

Alcohol is not the frickin' problem. A Saturday night in Berlin or Seoul features packs of completely wasted people stumbling around outside, often vomiting, but rarely fighting and/or destroying things. In the U.K., however, there is an epidemic of violence, and it's always blamed on alcohol by crotchety old wankers who see fit to opine on something they choose not to understand, rather than some sinister feature of "Britishness". (They sometimes blame football fanaticism too, though the correlation between football and a psycho smashing pint glasses over some other idiot's face is obviously lacking.)

Though thankfully not as bad as England, the same thing can be said about college towns in North America. There aren't rowdy retards breaking shit around Columbia or NYU or the University of Toronto, but head to Daytona or Michigan State or some small hick university town in Canada that values football above or on par with academia and you will find violence. I've seen it, and been the victim of it (some people tried to murder me at a keg party by throwing me in front of a speeding car--at least the beer was cheap! HAHAHA!!!). In a large cosmopolitan town like New York or Toronto, though, the atmosphere is totally different. The problem is very deep within certain cultures. Nearly every culture involves abuse of alcohol to varying degrees, but random acts of violent stupidity are far more prevalent within certain cultures, ones that seem to encourage the assertion of one's status as an alpha male.

I have a cousin who would h... (Below threshold)

I have a cousin who would have been in there with them - not out of drunkenness (though he is going to AA) but just to see what the explosion would do. He had the mis-fortune to decide to blow up an old pick-up truck to see what would happen (out in the middle no where) - the same week as the OK City bombing. I think you know the rest of the story. He once blew up his parent's kitchen experimenting with a rocket. (His paternal grandfather was a big-time rocket engineer with Pratt-Whitney). He once set himself on fire experimenting with fire-works. He once blew a huge crater in his mother's lawn. And one time, after watching a James Bond festival on television he decided he wanted a jeep with a smoke screen. He took the doors off his pick-up truck. He then invented a working smoke-screen, that I saw in action one time. After running afoul of an alphabet soup of Fed Agencies he retired and is now a very successful contractor (housing).

The Pink Flamingo

The report says "partial st... (Below threshold)

The report says "partial stick". An M-80 is a partial stick. And if can't get one, you aren't looking.

What were they trying to pr... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

What were they trying to prove as terrorists in training. or an act of stupidity.






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