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So when will Hillary walk on water?

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's endorsement of Barack Obama hasn't gone over well in some corners.

The reaction of some of Mr. Clinton's allies suggests that might have been a wise decision. "An act of betrayal," said James Carville, an adviser to Mrs. Clinton and a friend of Mr. Clinton.

"Mr. Richardson's endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic,"

If Richardson is Judas, is Carville implying that Hillary is Jesus Christ? If so who is Peter, and when will the cock crow?

I thought the 2008 presidential campaign jumped the shark when Hillary came out attacking Obama's kindergarten record. If I set the bar any lower, it will have to be underground.

Hat tip- Ann Althouse


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There's a cartoon in this w... (Below threshold)

There's a cartoon in this week's New Yorker showing Moses parting the sea right under Jesus's feet (and the Messiah falling into the void). Now that sounds a little more like the Democratic kerfuffle.

Obama will fix your compute... (Below threshold)
Bill Vroom:

Obama will fix your computer - and more! Check out http://obamawill.com

Don't keep setting the bar ... (Below threshold)

Don't keep setting the bar lower, sit down and grab a bag of poopcorn.

Considering Richardson woul... (Below threshold)

Considering Richardson would have remained an obscure congressman before Bill Clinton tapped him for the two biggest-paying jobs he ever had, yeah, it does amount to a betrayal. Carville may be exaggerating the level of betrayal, but doesn't he always?

Did you catch Mark Ambinder's find about Richardson endorsement speech? Here's an excerpt:

In part because of these experiences, Barack and I share a deep sense of our nation's special responsibilities in the world.

[Turn toward Obama and smile]

Barack Obama, you are an extraordinary leader who has shown courage, sound judgment and wisdom throughout your career.

Heh. One of the commenters there had some fun with the thought, mentioning the directions they didn't forget to delete from the media copy:

Hey, it's Bill Richardson.

Fat Greasy "Taco Bill" from down New Mexico way. Obviously they have to supply stage directions. At least they removed most of the embarassing ones, like -

(don't let mouth hang open all the time)

(don't scratch ass)

(don't pick nose)

(don't let shirt tail poke out through pants fly zipper)

(don't raise arms to show sweat stained pits)

(Obama is the off grey colored guy with the massive ears)

(wipe saliva from corner of mouth periodically)

(it's pronounced Bar-AACK, like CRAAACK. NOT "Barracks" like in the Army)

*(the money has been deposited, don't worry)

Perhaps Richardson has grow... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Richardson has grown tired of supporting and enabling the Clinton's.

When will Hillary walk on w... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

When will Hillary walk on water?

I've got a sneaking suspicion that something's going to have to freeze over first...

Hillary has plenty of betra... (Below threshold)

Hillary has plenty of betrayal to consider. First and most, the black community. The same community that the Clintons have championed over the years.
Supposedly friends and now this Richardson guy. Should she become president, there's going to be hell to pay. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. The democratic party is being led by an Idiot (Dean). It is now greatly split. The blacks are bucking for ascendancy. What next, should Obama be president, rename the White House the Black House?

I guess we will have a blac... (Below threshold)
Jim Richmond:

I guess we will have a black person and a Mexican representing us democrats. What a tragedy, we will have a socialist and a back stabbing Mexican as our representatives. The democratic party is going down to a level that can't be describe in a proper tone of voice.

Complain all you want...but... (Below threshold)

Complain all you want...but Paul v. Clinton - next month going to trial....Hillary, Bill and Chelsea will be called to testify.....sit back and watch while they swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth...WON'T HAPPEN - BILL is used to perjury

BTW CNN - play the entire video of Rev. Wright to the the people of the United States know EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID...not the snippet that you played. People..go out and google it yourself...you will see he was repeating the words of a WHITE MAN.

Don't let the media fool you....let's just see if this get's posted....THE MEDIA FUELED THIS WRIGHT FIRE...THEY NEED TO CORRECT IT.


Carville is an asshole, on ... (Below threshold)

Carville is an asshole, on the same level as O'Reilly and Coulter.

Richardson ran for Presiden... (Below threshold)

Richardson ran for President arguing that he has experience. Then he went ahead and endorsed Obama, whose experience even his supporters agree is thin. Irrespective of who you are supporting, Richardson's endorsement just doesn't make sense. It looks like Bill Richardson climbed to positions above his natural level.

Richardson worked for Bill ... (Below threshold)

Richardson worked for Bill Clinton not Hillary. Bill and Hillary are separate people. Therefore, it is okay that Richardson did not endorse Hillary, hell, he even ran against Hillary in the presidential election.

He did not betray Bill, because Bill is not running for president.

Is Hillary's campaign a dual presidency?

I find Hillary just another... (Below threshold)

I find Hillary just another rich upper class professional incapable leader like Bush or Cheney. We can expect nothing new from her. We are talking about betrayal -how She can smile and invite her most disgraced husband to attck Obama?
Lets try for a change that America really nead under a non-traditional capable leader who will work from heart.

All the negative responses ... (Below threshold)

All the negative responses to Gov. Richardson's endorsement indicates that Obama is right. This nation needs to get on the couch and deal with the race & gender issues. Since the candidates are running neck & neck in most states; constituents may be looking to their Governor or other officials to make a choice, shed some light or bring them together. Most Democrats like them both, so I don't see the need to be so negative.

As for Carville's statement, we've had enough of the, "stick by your buddy no matter what," game in the last 7 years. Remember!!!

Robin, that shows you the i... (Below threshold)

Robin, that shows you the intensity of Racism in America.

People can accept an impeached President and the numerous fraudulent acts that he and his wife committed during his governorship and presidency over a black person.

The black person MUST be perfect, no flaws whatsoever, in order to be accepted.

James Carville compares Bil... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

James Carville compares Bill Richardson to Judas, and yet the entire nation has seen Hillary fall like lightning.

This is a slap in the face ... (Below threshold)

This is a slap in the face of the Clintons. That doesn't mean that Richardson HAD to endorse someone else. No, it just means that he should have kept his mouth shut! That's a flaw in his own character, HURTING another under these circumstances -after 2 Cabinet posts and a close association with the Clinton Administration -when it could have been avoided altogether by his silence.

Obama has ALREADY ADMITTED being "SHOOK UP" by the Pastor incident. Hmmmmm. If his nerves are that WEAK and FRAGILE, THAT SHAKY...
WHAT would he do if there was another 9/11?
Or if that RED PHONE rang at 3AM - God forbid!

All we need is for him to come UNGLUED under pressure with his mind fogged up, sending him over the edge. That's the MESSAGE I got!

Also he never stood up against his Pastor's
vitriolic messages - ergo, he's NOT STRONG ENOUGH for this demanding job where he will come in contact with such people elsewhere.

Francine,Richardso... (Below threshold)


Richardson worked for Bill, not Hillary. Maybe he don't like the b#$#@@ch.

Hell, he ran against her for the presidential nomination.

Bill Richardson believes th... (Below threshold)
Dolly Weaver:

Bill Richardson believes that he will have a better chance in 2012 if a person of color gets in this time. If he throws the Clintons under the bus now, what would he do to the american people.

Governor Bill Richardson ca... (Below threshold)
Martha Davidson:

Governor Bill Richardson came out to finally endorse Barrack Obama. Richardson said that Obama's' speech on race was his deciding factor. The speech showed the leadership qualities Richardson was looking for. I have to agree with Richardson, as he said that, it's time for Clinton to step down, and the Democrats to come together.

Clinton cannot beat Obama's numbers no matter HOW they parse it. That is an undeniable fact. Clinton's campaign knows this very well. As Nancy Pelosi (speaker of the house) said "This is a delegate race, period. If the superdelegates turn over the will of the people, it won't be good for the Democratic Party" When Clinton thought she would have it in the bag, after California. Florida and Michigan did not matter to her then. Just like Clinton dismissed the 11 state streak Obama had, because "NONE OF THOSE SATES COUNT ANYWAY". How "disenfranchised" do those sates feel, by Clinton? What an atrocious thing to say.

Obama has two former presidential candidates backing him now. They know who has the best chance with the Republicans in Nov.

Just because Obama did not bring up the past with Clinton, do not think the republicans won't.

When the Clintons tax records, Bills' Foundation, and Library funding sources are revealed, it could destroy the party for decades. There is 1/2 BILLION dollars in funding alone to explain! If it were all kosher, it would have been known long ago. There is an ongoing fraud lawsuit in California, which the media has not been reporting as well.

There will be another time for a woman to run the Whitehouse. It's not this woman, not this time.

If gov. Bill Richardson wer... (Below threshold)

If gov. Bill Richardson were to endorse Hillary solely in gratitude for the posts (positions) that he were given by Hillary's husband (the former president Bill Clinton), would gov. Richdson be serving his country's interests? I think he would be serving a political friend's interests! People who are patriot and loyal to their country, who are they called to serve between the country and personal friendships? I find gov. Richardson's endorsement of Sen. Obama as an act of high patriotism, great loyalty to America, and a denial of one's "self" for the achievement of a high "common good". Had gov. Richardson been a self-oriented, selfish man, he would obviously have endorsed sen. Hillary in a sign of gratefulness to the family that elevated him politically. But, since he is not self-oriented nor selfish, he decided the opposite: he endorsed sen. Obama. I think he should stand as an example, not only to other super delegates, but to primary voters. What is greater between a "common good (collective interest)" and a "personal interest"?

Another terrorist figure wi... (Below threshold)

Another terrorist figure with connections to Obama..

Obama and the Bill Ayers connection..

From 1999 to 2002, Obama served as a Board member of the Woods Fund of Chicago. A fellow Board member was William Ayers, a University of Illinois education professor who, in the 1960s and 70s, was a leader of the domestic terrorist group Weatherman.

As the Democratic Party moved center in the 2004 campaign, Obama's website quietly removed a blistering anti-war speech he had given in 2002 and replaced it with a milder statement more in step with the party line of Senators John Kerry and John Edwards.


I think endorsements are si... (Below threshold)

I think endorsements are silly, anyway. They sure don't influence me, and obviously a lot of other people. Did Ted Kennedy's, or Caroline Kennedy's endorsement make any difference in the outcome of the MA vote? How many other endorsers can you name?

I do my homework, make up my own mind and vote. No "Monkey-see, Monkey-do" for me.

Richardson should have show... (Below threshold)

Richardson should have showed some respect and have waited till the primaries were done to endorse Obama. His political career is done. Obama won't touch him with a ten foot pole to be his VP. Richardson flip-flops on everything he says, and his loyalty will always be in question.






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