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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Brenda Kay Kelley. She gets the award for the following.

Tampa police arrested a woman Thursday night who they say told her daughter to score some drugs for her from school.

Brenda Kay Kelley handed her daughter $150 about two weeks ago and told her to buy her some acid at school, according to an arrest report. The daughter did as she was asked, police said.

The report does not identify Kelley's daughter's school.

Police went to Kelley's home to assist an investigator with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Offices' child protective services unit who was checking the welfare of the child, the report states.

Kelley, 37, told officers they could search her home, at 1923 W. North A St., the report states. Police found three glass pipes that tested positive for marijuana use and two wooden boxes containing a small amount of marijuana, rolling papers and other drug paraphernalia, the report states.

Kelley was charged with felony child neglect by exploitation and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors

Brenda Kay Kelley won't win any mother of the year prizes, but she is today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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