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Train Wreck

Depending upon how the Democrat "superdelegates" split their votes -- and that too will fall largely along racial and gender lines -- there is the distinct possiblity of a complete deadlock in Denver.

Clinton's backers include various "dirty tricks" merchants, such as Rendell, Torricelli and Villaraigosa.

Obama's supporters include the airheaded liberal media and stupefied liberal college and grad students.

Labor unions are divided over whom to support -- largely along income, racial and gender lines. Ironic, huh?

The media/union/Democrats have been defeated in seven of the past 10 presidential elections. They've not won a majority of the popular vote since 1976. With George W. Bush having been in office over much of the past decade leftists quite literally have gone insane.

All of which raises an important question, doesn't it?

This year's Democrat presidential nominating convention will be most akin to which of the following?

-- 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 --

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Comments (17)

Answer: All of the above.<b... (Below threshold)

Answer: All of the above.
Pass the popcorn!

I think you need a picture... (Below threshold)

I think you need a picture of mud wrestling!

Number 1 For ... (Below threshold)

Number 1

For the Democrats,at the end of the day, the Supreme Court is the "go to the matts" issue. Electability will be the final consideration. Said another way, what are the real core issues that will not be abandoned?

I will go with number 1. A... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I will go with number 1. A lot of punches thrown. Some damage done. And in the end both can go to the penalty boxes for another 4 years.

Add in the protestors that ... (Below threshold)

Add in the protestors that have vowed to destroy Denver (not much of a loss) and you need a picture of the Bullet train crashing at 300 MPH.

Years ago, I heard George C... (Below threshold)

Years ago, I heard George Carlin do his "incomplete list of impolite words." Five minutes or so later, I was confident I had understood every single term but two.

That's just been reduced to one -- "Mother Strapalonian." Because I'm now quite certain that the Democratic National Convention will finally give me a working definition of "Mongolian cluster-fuck."


#1 inside the convention an... (Below threshold)

#1 inside the convention and out on the streets.

Scrapiron, shame on you with the Denver comment. Though I do agree the city could use some downsizing. A few too many Californians have come this way. (Sorry JJ.)

#3 for me, as I don't think... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

#3 for me, as I don't think that Hillary! will give up even when she's hit by the LART/clue-by-four.

Yeah, gee, it's such a sham... (Below threshold)

Yeah, gee, it's such a shame that the Democrats actually have TWO candidates they like. If only they were more like the Republicans, where loser after loser dropped out until there was only one mediocre candidate left that NOBODY liked.

On the other hand, if there's one thing that's more entertaining than seeing a party nomination come down to the wire, it's seeing the right get into an absolute bloodthirst frenzy over fantasy scenarios that have no chance of happening.

I preferred Jayson's long string of posts about how fundamentally super duper strong the economy was but that the media was conspiring to hide that fact from us. How'd that work out for ya, Jayson?

All of which raises an important question, doesn't it?

The reaction by Republicans to the results of this year's presidential election will be most akin to which of the following?

-- 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 --

All of the above. A ... (Below threshold)

All of the above.
A shark (he without middle name) encountered a wolf (insert joke). It started as a friendly game. One bad penalty lead to another and a fight broke out. The fight continued a lot longer than expected and both were on the ropes. It ended with a fight to the death.

When the dust settled it turned out the battle was just the qualifying round. The wounded survivor lost to an old warhorse.

Hey! There's no choice for... (Below threshold)

Hey! There's no choice for "bunny hugs and butterfly kisses" on this post!

And I'm sure that's what it will be, what with all the Sapphic priestesses lighting candles to Gaia and the Afro-centric pastors dancing in the streets . . .

. . . just one big ol' happy LOVE-IN!

I suppose it's too late to bid for the "loose joint" and "crack rock" concessions, though. Those coulda made some ready cash . . .

where loser after lo... (Below threshold)

where loser after loser dropped out until there was only one mediocre candidate left that NOBODY liked.

It all depends on perspective. That description fits the Democrats quite well.

Brian nice try...but no mat... (Below threshold)

Brian nice try...but no matter who the bloodied Dim nom is they lose...because they are liberal and McCain is a centrist and the US is firmly in the center. Simple but I gues too simple for a simpleton like yourself...now pas the popcorn.

And back a few months ago t... (Below threshold)
Spurwing PLover:

And back a few months ago the demacrooks and the left-wing news media were predicting the end of the GOP even JIMY HOFFA Jr the leader of the corupt mafia related TEAMSTERS was predicting this now rhe train BRAYING JACKASS is about to be derailed itself

McCain is a centrist... ... (Below threshold)

McCain is a centrist... Simple but I gues too simple for a simpleton like yourself

Just because McCain isn't a rabid, far-right, lunatic does not make him a "centrist". Simple, but I guess too simple for a rabid, far-right, lunatic like yourself.

Gee Brian as usual you have... (Below threshold)

Gee Brian as usual you have your head up your liberal ass again. I cannot tell you how many moderate Democrats have said that given the choices there pathetic party is giving them that they are voting McCain. So lets see...McCain gets the Pubbie vote, he gets a majority of the independent vote AND he gets a nice slice of the Dimo vote. That smells like victory to me. Too simple for you....simpleton?

Why no picture of the Phila... (Below threshold)

Why no picture of the Philadelphia Teamster mob that Rendell let beat down Clinton protestor Don Adams in October of 1998? Would seem most appropos...






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