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Whip It Good!

The other day, I pulled into a parking lot behind a car with an interesting bumper sticker:


Later, as I was leaving, I saw the woman who presumably owned the car getting into the driver's seat.

And her presumptive boyfriend getting into the passenger seat.

I think he knows a little how Guy Ritchie feels...

And it was all I could do to not go over and kick sand in his face.

Trust me, this is March in New Hampshire. There's plenty of sand on the ground.


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Comments (3)

So many women complain and ... (Below threshold)

So many women complain and wonder why they never get a winner...well, with this kind of attitude you're bound to only get a jerk who wants to set you straight, or a spineless dupe who won't say "boo" without permission.

I wonder if this girl would find it acceptable for her boyfriend to get a bumper sticker for his car, saying "Women are great-on their backs, with their mouths full"? They want respect, but won't give it.

So many women with an attit... (Below threshold)

So many women with an attitude
So many men who deserve it.

I'd say its a draw.

A weakling, weighing 98 pou... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

A weakling, weighing 98 pounds...
Will get sand in his face when kicked to the ground...






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