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Morale booster

Exhibit 3183 in why Boards of Education are often dumber than the children in the schools they are supposed to be running.

To soothe the bruised egos of educators and children in lackluster schools, Massachusetts officials are now pushing for kinder, gentler euphemisms for failure. more stories like this

Instead of calling these schools "underperforming," the Board of Education is considering labeling them as "Commonwealth priority," to avoid poisoning teacher and student morale.

Schools in the direst straits, now known as "chronically underperforming," would get the more urgent but still vague label of "priority one."

The smart thing to do would be to ensure children get a proper education would, not worry about symbolic words or labels. Or as Joanne Jacobs says- "They must think their administrators, teachers and students aren't very bright."

In other news- A Florida school board may ban energy drinks from school because four children got sick after sipping one. If my children were alive, they would be going to Catholic school.


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Catholic/private schools ar... (Below threshold)

Catholic/private schools are only marginally better. Really the only way to go now is to homeschool. We homeschool/homeschooled all four of our children. Two are still "in school", one is in medical school, and the other is a chef (after finishing culinary school).

Catholic schools are most o... (Below threshold)

Catholic schools are most often better. I sent all three of my kids through a Jesuit high school and never regretted it for one second.

The kids in these schools are being so miserably served its stupefying. It is why the US is losing its edge and Massachusetts is leading the way.

And maybe when we write the... (Below threshold)

And maybe when we write these things on paper we can use purple pens, so as not to offend anyone.

Liberalism at it's finest.

Massachusetts could fix all... (Below threshold)

Massachusetts could fix all this by providing all these "priority" children with scholarships to Harvard regardless of their grades. That's sure to make them feel better, and feeling better is where it's at these days.

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