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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Terry Scott Petruzzi. He gets the award for the following.

A Palm Beach Gardens firefighter who used flashing lights in his personal pickup truck to slow a speeding motorist has been charged with impersonating a police officer, Boynton Beach police said Friday.

Terry Scott Petruzzi, 40, a lieutenant with Palm Beach Gardens Fire-Rescue, was following another pickup on southbound Interstate 95 near Gateway Boulevard around 7 p.m. Thursday, according to an arrest report. Petruzzi was traveling about 100 mph when a Boynton Beach police officer pulled both trucks over, the report said.

Petruzzi told the officer he was on his way to work as a private investigator in Fort Lauderdale. His red Toyota Tacoma had flashing strobe lights in the front and back.

"I was trying to slow him down," Petruzzi said, according to the arrest report.

Petruzzi has a concealed weapons and private investigator's license, police said. He also had a police scanner, a loaded 9mm handgun, and a video camera on the dashboard.

The man Petruzzi tried to pull over, Matthew LoGuidice, 24, of Tamarac, told officers he was speeding and thought an undercover officer was pulling him over, police said. LoGuidice received a speeding ticket and Petruzzi was arrested.

Stories of people impersonating law enforcement are a common occurence in my end of Florida. I tell the wife if she gets pulled over by an unmarked vehicle when driving alone, to first find a public place.

What makes this story above the run of the mill, is the fact the man works in public safety. Petruzzi should know better, and that leads me to believe this may not be an isolated incident. Isolated or not, I name Terry Scott Petruzzi today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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Completely OT (so sue me)-b... (Below threshold)

Completely OT (so sue me)-but I simply want to wish one and all a Happy Easter.

The Man has control issues ... (Below threshold)
Control Freak Monitor:

The Man has control issues he needs to address with professional help. And I am willing to bet this was not his first time doing this. Some one in his position ( Palm Beach Gardens Firefighter ) should know what he has been doing is totally illegal and know what the consequences are... But yet he went ahead and did it anyway. CONTROL ISSUES definitely!!

i can see that wat bill pos... (Below threshold)

i can see that wat bill posted was a newspaper article. the news didnt get the right info making Mr. Petruzzi to look like a bad guy. i have seen the video from the cop car and would like to say that the cop was an ass. he harassed him and even told LoGuidice what to write in his report. so technically bill, ur the knucklehead because you believed what a newspaper article said. and Mr. Petruzzi was licensed to have a concealed weapon and the other materials he posessed. and a lot of people have police scanners.






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