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93 year-old nabbed in sex sting

They actually got TWO 93 year-old men, but one only promised to come back later with the money . . . from Tampa Bay Online:

Prosecutors are moving ahead with a case against one of two 93-year-old men picked up during undercover prostitution stings.

In the case of Frank Milio, prosecutors have issued subpoenas and plan to take him to trial in April.

Milio, according to police records, tried to pay $20 in November to an undercover officer on 14th Street West.

Milio recently told the Herald-Tribune he was only flirting with the woman.

"I haven't had that in years," he said. "Ninety-three is kind of old."

Read the rest at the link above, and note the comments, too. My favorite: "I thought at that age Viagra was only to keep them from rolling off the bed."

Before the advent of ED drugs, I saw a newspaper article headlined, "Blonde stenographer, 22, sues man, 85, for breech of promise." I thought, "What the heck could he promise her at 85?"

But that was then. Nowadays, he could at least promise not to roll out of bed . . .


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Comments (9)

He is being charged with at... (Below threshold)

He is being charged with attempted assault with a Dead Weapon.

*Standing up*Clap.... (Below threshold)

*Standing up*


Yes, props to Matt with tha... (Below threshold)

Yes, props to Matt with that first comment.

I half expected the old man to say something like "I'll be back in 30 minutes to an hour when the drugs kick in.

God bless Viagra... (Below threshold)

God bless Viagra

He's fallen and He cant get... (Below threshold)

He's fallen and He cant get it up! ha ha ha

A ninety-year-old man goes ... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

A ninety-year-old man goes to see the doctor.

"What's the problem?" asks the doctor.

"Doc, my sex drive is too high," he said. "I need it lowered."

"That's remarkable," says the doctor. "Most men your age have the opposite complaint."

"Yep," says the old-timer. "It's all in my head. I want you to lower it."

Lol Mark..... (Below threshold)

Lol Mark..

Hell, I'm worn out at 45. ... (Below threshold)

Hell, I'm worn out at 45. It must be that little blue vitamin pill.

ROFLMBO! Viagra to keep hi... (Below threshold)

ROFLMBO! Viagra to keep him from rolling out of bed! That's rich! I've got to remember that one. As for the 93 year-old man, God love him for even wanting to.






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