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"But I really LOVE hominy, officer!"

An American high school student was arrested in El Paso after attempting to enter the United States with six jumbo cans of hominy and hot peppers - which were actually stuffed with marijuana. The Associated Press reports:

It didn't look quite right to federal agents when the high school student strolled into the U.S. border crossing while carrying six enormous cans of vegetables.

After agents took X-rays of one can, their suspicions were confirmed. It turned out the industrial-size containers of hominy and jalapeno peppers actually were stuffed with 25 pounds of marijuana, agents said.

Read the rest at the link above. "Sure, that'll work! Six five-pound cans of hominy and serrano peppers - no one will wonder why a 17 year-old girl would be bringing those back from Mexico!"

Too bad they couldn't just switch her cans out for some genuine vegetables - that would have made for an interesting reunion with her friends . . .


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Too bad they couldn't ju... (Below threshold)

Too bad they couldn't just switch her cans out for some genuine vegetables - that would have made for an interesting reunion with her friends . . .

That's actually an interesting concept. What if, instead of arresting people who carry marijuana across the border, the government had agents swap the weed for something more innocuous like oregano. Let them back in, thinking they got away with something, and then when it comes time to smoke it, have them believe they got ripped off by the seller (or, better yet, if they sell it, have their customers believe that he's ripping them off).

All business relies on some level of trust, especially illegal business. So, theoretically, if you can destroy all trust in a transaction, you prevent the transaction from taking place.

I wonder what the effect of... (Below threshold)

I wonder what the effect of marijuana would be if you cooked it up like a mess of collard greens with some salt pork in it. Things that make me go, 'hmmmm.'

You know how it is, once yo... (Below threshold)

You know how it is, once you get the munchies really,really bad, you'll eat damn near anything.

Guess I'll ditch the cans of hominy in the cabinet.

When I was a little girl, a... (Below threshold)

When I was a little girl, about four or five, my mom attacked our dinner plates with pork chops, mustard greens, and hominy, of all things. Like she really expected us to eat that crap. Come to think of it, were those really mustard greens...?






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