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American Idol - Top 10 Week


American Idol was back on track after last week's Beatles disaster. Here's our breakdown of the top ten performances.

    The Top Three

  1. Michael Johns

  2. David Cook

  3. Kristy Lee Cook
  4. Playing It Safe

  5. Carly Smithson

  6. David Archuleta

  7. Syesha Mercado

  8. Brooke White
  9. The Bottom Three

  10. Jason Castro

  11. Chikezie

  12. Ramiele Mulubay

Once you've seen all the performances feel free to rate your top performances, argue our choices, or generally discuss the show.

Idol producers seemed to have learned something from the Daugherty controversies of the past, clearly identifying David Cook's "Billie Jean" as the Chris Cornell version. If you remember fan favorite Chris Daugherty wowed judges and fans alike with innovative versions of his song, but it turned out that he was nearly always covering a cover version of his song. This is a vein that David Cook is mining again this year, but at least producers have to smarts to inform viewers, since the actual origins of the arrangements would become public knowledge on the Internet soon after the show.

Kristy Lee Cook might have saved her cute little behind by playing the patriot card and actually performing well, and Michael Johns finally showed some life by belting out Queen's "We Are The Champions." and not getting e. Yet again Ramiele Mulubay (voice or no voice) deserves to have her ticket punched, and it's pretty much anyones guess who will join her in the bottom three. If there's any justice she'll be the one to leave.

Here's our running tally of where the Idols stand for the entire season.

  1. David Cook
  2. Carly Smithson
  3. David Archuleta
  4. Brooke White
  5. Michael Johns
  6. Syesha Mercado
  7. Jason Castro
  8. Chikezie
  9. Kristy Lee Cook
  10. Ramiele Mulubay

And, as always, we offer up these embarrassing Idol pictures of the week:

Carly Smithson's devil face (Via Rickey.org)

Kristy Lee Cook and Britney Spears together (Via E! Online


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Comments (16)

Dang! Barely recognized Br... (Below threshold)

Dang! Barely recognized Britney with her legs crossed . . .

Can't argue with the top three, but I would have had Syesha in a close 4th.

The bottom three is hard to imagine. Yours may be close on merit, but the politics of the situation become a factor. Certain types of performers are fighting for various subsets of the audience (in addition to trying for general appeal). For instance, Syesha has an advantage being the only black female, but the market for blond females may be about to squeeze up.

Ramiele is creating a lot of pride among Filipino and other Pacific and Southeast Asian communities which may be enough to carry her forward a few more weeks. Johns and Cook are lucky they are both performing so well, as they represent an older demographic than Castro and Archuleta, who can't both survive splitting the bubble gum vote forever.

Bill Clinton favors Smithson, and wants to know what she likes on her pizza.

"Yet again Ramiele Mulu... (Below threshold)

"Yet again Ramiele Mulubay (voice or no voice) deserves to have her ticket punched,"

I agree Ramiele should have been gone a couple weeks ago. However as one who is married to a Filipino and has lived in the P.I. for the last seven years I can tel you she has created quite the buzz.

Every week the SMS's are flying stateside urging stateside Filipinos to vote for her.

She isn't going to win, and may last another week or two, but one thing is sure after the top ten tour is over she can make herself very rich by touring P.I.

I've been a Michael Johns f... (Below threshold)

I've been a Michael Johns fan since the beginning, except for last week. I thought he blew it out of the park tonight. David Cook hasn't sparked anything with me until this week and now I'm looking at him with new eyes.

I think you've nailed the top three.

I was glad to see Simon come around tonight on Kristie. I think she has gotten a bum rap and is much better than they've rated her up to now, whereas Carly has been overrated. I wasn't too excited about Brooke's performance tonight, but overall I think she has the best voice of all of the girls.

Your top 3 is right on for ... (Below threshold)

Your top 3 is right on for last night though I'd switch #1 and #2. David Cook has been more much more consistent.

I know it's never going to happen but I wish that David Archuleta would be the one to go. The voice just grates on me.

David Archuleta is starting... (Below threshold)

David Archuleta is starting to break under the pressure. I agree with most of the list.

Just for fun, I think the show should have Paula judge first to see if she actually has an original thought. She just apes Randy. ww

First of all, I have to be ... (Below threshold)

First of all, I have to be sure to have my coffee before reading comments. I thought Wild Willie said "...She just rapes Andy." and I was wondering who the heck is Andy? LOL...

Ramiele is driving me nuts. I would just kill to see some personality or maturity. ANYTHING would do!

Wondering who everyone thinks will be the actual winner? I'm tossing my hat in for David Cook - not my fav, but I think he'll win. Maybe I'm old, but I just want to straighten out his hair, especially near the ears!

On last year's AI cycle, I ... (Below threshold)

On last year's AI cycle, I thought the women singers were clearly superior to the men. This year, it's shaping up to be just the opposite. The women seem really mediocre this year, despite occasional flashes of brilliance from Brooke White.

Amanda whatsherface, the generic rocker chick, got bounced last week and rightfully so. And Ramiele Mulubay needs to leave next. She has a nice voice, but she is equally forgettable. Syesha has the same problem.

I agree with Kevin's top 2,... (Below threshold)

I agree with Kevin's top 2, but think Kristi belongs in the "playing it safe" range". Also agree with poster who said she is better than her critiques have been.

Carly's voice is good, but I can't stand to watch her sing--she also needs a stylist.

Many very good voices this year---some are just limited with their styles (Jason, Brooke, David A.). Ramiele needs to go.

Based on just last night, h... (Below threshold)

Based on just last night, here's my take. Pretty close to yours.

David Cook
Kristy Lee Cook
Michael Johns

David Archuleta
Syesha Mercado
Carly Smithson
Brooke White

Jason Castro
Ramiele Mulubay

Kristy has a big voice, just a little personality. I don't know that the "patriot card" helped, but I'm sure she appeals more to the 'country' music lovers.

Carly has a good voice, but didn't have the right emotion for the song. Bonnie Tyler and Airsupply can be found on youtube singing 'A total eclipse of the heart.' The original eclipses Carly's performance.

Jason may have played it too safe to actually beat Brooke in the performance, but I think he still has too much of a following to get voted off.

Your overall is pretty close to the way I think it will play out, but with a lot of good singers there is room for some shuffling across the full top 10.

Am I the only one who would... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Am I the only one who would have rather heard Michael Jackson's (Randy's brother, BTW) version of "Billie Jean" than the one we were treated to last night? Brave? No. Dull? Yes.

I am increasingly frustrate... (Below threshold)

I am increasingly frustrated with the judges this year. Well at least Randy and Simon, Paula is an incoherent wreck as usual. Seriously is there a less insightful person alive? There was a stretch earlier in the season when she was sober where she actually made some sense. Anyway, they are so inconsistent about what they want from each contestant. One week the song choice is worng, the next its the arrangement, next it's how boring they are.

This was the first AI we've... (Below threshold)

This was the first AI we've watched since the first couple weeks of auditions.
David Cook impressed us much more than the rest of them. Michael Johns was good. Thought Syesha was the best out of the women.

You all may have already had this discussion, but is it just me, or are some of the better singers already gone?

If I were more cynical, I'd say that talent had been sacrificed for a Multi-Cultural Top 10.

I think these are pretty mu... (Below threshold)

I think these are pretty much the better singers Timmer. As a whole (group) they are probably a stronger group than earlier seasons. I do see A LOT more inconsistency from week to week with this group. No one has become a week to week top performer.

Damn! Britney was on there?... (Below threshold)

Damn! Britney was on there? I gotta start watching tv.

I thought there were severa... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

I thought there were several who were passed over in Hollywood Week who would have been better than half the remaining field. This is the first year I've seen that happen.

Syesha sang well last night, but she fell back into the '70s-Soul-Train-Dancer wardrobe area. Last week was the only week she looked like she belonged in the 21st century.

I didn't know that David Cook's arrangement of "Billy Jean" wasn't original. Thanks for the heads up.

Glad to see that Michael Johns finally found some material that suited him last night. Now, if he can just do Queen songs for the rest of the competition, he'll be OK. But he does need to show that he has more range than that.

I actually thought Carly's performance was pretty good last night, and up until then I had not been impressed with her at all. She actually made me like that song... well, almost.

Ramiele clearly has reached the limits of what she is capable of.

Thanks Rodney, I just remem... (Below threshold)

Thanks Rodney, I just remembered a couple of really good auditions from folks that aren't there now.






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