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Dumbest. Criminals. Ever.

Here's your non-important news story of the day.

Two men walk into a building. They claim to have guns, and demand that the lady behind the counter hand over all her cash.

Now, I worked in banking for 3+ years. We're well-trained on how to handle robberies, so much so that I was never, not once afraid of being robbed (violent robberies, with teller-line takeovers, are very rare, but that would scare me shitless -- most bank robberies are fairly straightforward). Comply with the robbers. Give them everything they want. All the money is insured, so just let it go. Don't fight with them, don't talk back. Just give them the money and let them go. No biggie.

You are not supposed to do what this woman did, which is run for help.

Except these two robbers weren't robbing a bank. They weren't robbing a gas station or a liquor store.

They were robbing a police station.

http://view.break.com/473917 - Watch more free videos

It took approximately 2.2 seconds for police officers to calmly walk out in a single file line with their guns drawn. The two idiots were taken down in about, oh, 4 seconds.

Now, robbing a bank (in my opinion) is incredibly stupid. With fingerprinting, dye packs, cameras recording your every move, evidence you may leave behind (like the robbery note)... it makes it pretty easy to get caught. But robbing a police station?

What were they thinking?!

Hat Tip: Ace of Spades


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Comments (9)

The DA and the Judge aren't... (Below threshold)

The DA and the Judge aren't going to believe it.

This is the all time, Guiness Book, stupid criminals.

Maybe in all the feel good, self-esteem training in their local school, they didn't actually learn how to read, "POLICE DEPARTMENT!"

Obama supporters, no doubt, lookin' for "change."

Does this mean Barney won't... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Does this mean Barney won't be posting here any more, or did he make bail?

I think they were 12 or 13,... (Below threshold)

I think they were 12 or 13, so "men" might be a stretch.

However, while boys/young teenagers tend to do some very stupid things - and I certainly did my share at that age - trying to rob a police station rises to a whole new level of stupidity beyond my generation's wildest dreams and aspirations.

I salute the public education system and the teachers' unions for breaking this new ground and inspiring the youth of America to new depths of moronity. All too often we criticize them for failing to instill the traditional knowledge and skills education is intended to provide, and fail to recognize their revolutionary work at the opposite end of the scale. It's apparently working for students of all ages.

So here's to you, public schools, for all you do in expanding our definitions of stupid.

Gosh when it come to intell... (Below threshold)
Spurwing PLover:

Gosh when it come to intellegent leavels a ant or turkey is smarter then those two idiots

I'm sure the Reverend Wrigh... (Below threshold)

I'm sure the Reverend Wright will tell a different story. These two young lads were merely going door to door seeking donations for the local church. The clerk, probably a TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN, over-reacted. Because these young men were BLACK, she naturally assumed their REQUEST for donations was a DEMAND. You'll note that the POLICE immediately took her side of the story.

Let the children go.

Wow. I had a smartass reply... (Below threshold)

Wow. I had a smartass reply all cooked up, but I can't beat GarandFan. We have a winner.

I <a href="http://wizbangbl... (Below threshold)

I mentioned this at wizbang 12 days. No one even made hay of it. Good for you Cassy(I didn't have the video)



If these kiddie clowns are ... (Below threshold)

If these kiddie clowns are an example of the direction this world is going.......

Then this planet will need a comet to wipe it clean and give it a DO OVER...

It is Port St. Lucie so don... (Below threshold)

It is Port St. Lucie so don't be too shocked.






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