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More patriotism from Michelle Obama

I have to say, I am really loving this Democratic race these past few months. I wonder if either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton understand what they're doing to themselves the longer they drag this out, the more they talk, the more skeletons that inevitably come out. But hey, by all means, keep it up! They're both doing a great job.

Here's some more, uh, patriotism from that America-loving couple, Barack and Michelle Obama. Michelle once again takes on the task of being the official idiotic mouthpiece for her husband, with glorious results:

Money quote:
Because sometimes it's easier to hold on to your own stereotypes and misconceptions. It makes you feel justified in your own ignorance. That's America. So the challenge for us is are we ready for change?

Wouldn't it be just great to have a President and First Lady with such unabashed, seething hatred for their country?

This speech is, apparently, from January so it's a little bit old. But it's just yet another example of how the Obamas do not love America, not even a little bit. This is a horrible, terrible, hate-filled, racist, greedy country, and we need the Obamas to come and offer us their magical change, and they'll fix everything for us! All we have to do is hand over control of our entire lives to them and their big government. They know better than we do, us small-minded, racist Americans.

Rachel Lucas has a pretty good take on this:

... I don't know what kind of time-space continuum Michelle Obama lives in, but in my world, there are only 24 hours in a day, which would preclude meeting every single student at your college. Maybe that's the reason the kids she was talking to might not be pals with all the others?

No, we have to assume that every action taken by every person (especially Whitey) has something to do with wanting to avoid diversity, having stereotypical ideas of other races, and operating on misconceptions, all fulminating in proof that we're ignorant because that's how Amerikkka is.

So are you ready for the challenge of change? I know I am. I'll start today by introducing myself to every single person in my immediate area, especially the non-white ones, because it's time to get out of my comfort zone of prejudice and ignorance. Forget the job and everything else I have to do each day, what's really important here is that I take advantage of living in a diverse community.

They're doing it. They're fixing my broken American soul, one step at a time. Hopechange!

I'd personally love to see some change from the Obamas. How about less people surrounding them who are race-baiting, hate-filled, America-condemning racists, instead of happily making them their pastor, friend, and spiritual and political advisor? How about we start with that change?

Speaking of Jeremiah Wright, he now has been criticizing Italians, calling them "garlic noses" and blaming Italians (huh?!) for Jesus' death.

Michelle, change your own stereotypes and misconceptions. Change your perceptions, get rid of your own racism. Until you do that, don't you dare preach to us measly little Americans about the changes we need to make.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit


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Comments (29)

Obama and his wife do not h... (Below threshold)

Obama and his wife do not have a snowball's chance in hell of ever setting foot in the White House. And every day another quote, another speech, another uncovered college thesis proves it more and more and more.

The more She open's Her gap... (Below threshold)

The more She open's Her gaping yap the less chance He has..

Keep it up Ms. Osama.

And doth sayeth his Changin... (Below threshold)

And doth sayeth his Changiness:

"Love the Sinner, but hate the Whitey!"

Ahhhhh, the nuance of his mentor shows through.

Blah, blah, blah, it's all horseshit.

This is why the lefties lov... (Below threshold)

This is why the lefties love him. They are all american hating self loathers that cannot see any kind of hope or redemption in the human species. ww

I am reminded of this:... (Below threshold)

I am reminded of this:


I don't like Obama but I think he deserves better than that hate filled harpy ...

I hope you both are correct... (Below threshold)

I hope you both are correct; however, I disagree. I don't think this will make it into the MSM....unless Obama himself does something out in left field (excuse the pun) a coronation should be anticipated.

I keep getting this horrible feeling that the plan has already been worked out behind the scenes and that Billary will soon be given the official heave-ho.

The MSM will then take to tearing McCain to shreds ... they'll delight in doing it. I could be wrong,

BUT it's just easier for me to hold on to my own stereotypes and misconceptions to justify my ignorance about the MSM.


You people are the cancer t... (Below threshold)

You people are the cancer that is in our country. Michelle and Barack are the real patriots in this country running for office and your prejudices won't let you see through the fog.

I am an African American and they are not just talking about whites, they are specifically talking about blacks. Michelle is telling me that I am comfortable in my stereotypes and misconceptions that every thing whitey says is bad. I have to let go of the stereotype that I am destined to struggle and whitey is out to get me. I have to let go of the long held believe that whitey my enemy and have to start to remember that we have more in common then what separates us.
I am willing to listen and I am willing to change and for once I am willing to work with my fellow Americans instead of fighting them. I see that Jane with the blue eyes and Blonde hair is more like me then she is unlike me. The stereotype is that Jane has it easy and is a racist when she says she is angry that she can't get in to college and I get in with a bonus of a grant to top it all off.
The Obama's are the best thing for America because they can address these issue and no one will be able to call them racist from the left. Barack can see both sides of the coin and understands both sides of the divide and is willing to let himself be the vessel to carry these concerns and finaly start to heal them. That is why he has offered a grant of $4,000 to all students without favourtism to any group.

People, look beyond our stereotypes and know that we all want the same things and we all want to be heard. With a Presidency like Obama's we can all finaly begin to address the real issues of what is separating us.

P.S. Obama is the only Politician (major) to introduce in the Senate that the Pledge of Allegience should still be recited in schools even though the left is apposed to this. That is true Patriotism, not weither you wear a $1 flag pin MADE IN CHINA.

Obama operatives finally fo... (Below threshold)

Obama operatives finally found this website. Welcome. Trying to respin Michelle's speech might work better if you didn't call me a cancer while doing it. Anyway...


I don't like Obama but I think he deserves better than that hate filled harpy ...

I think his demeaner is mild and calm unlike Michelle, but I don't think his opinions differ greatly from hers. I have trouble believing his opinions are 180 degrees from Wright's either. He's extremely misleading with the skill of minimally lying in a technical sense.

Great parody of a liberal l... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Great parody of a liberal loon, Karen.

Odd, Ms Obama champions div... (Below threshold)

Odd, Ms Obama champions diversity and 'getting out of one's comfort zone'. Does that include going to other than an ALL BLACK church? Ms Obama exhibts the first core tenant of a liberal;
Do as I say, not as I do.

Karen, you got to be joking... (Below threshold)

Karen, you got to be joking? I sure hope so. Really I do. ww

karen- "You people are the ... (Below threshold)

karen- "You people are the cancer that is in our country."

karen- "I have to let go of the stereotype that I am destined to struggle and whitey is out to get me. I have to let go of the long held believe that whitey my enemy and have to start to remember that we have more in common then what separates us."

Interesting. HAH! By the way, what would karen, as an african american, think if we addressed her as "you people"? Me thinks we would hear a whole raft of racist calls.

Keep it up MO everytime you... (Below threshold)

Keep it up MO everytime you open your yap you move your babydaddy another notch back from the nomination
This is a woman we are suppose to elect as a first ahem lady??
Shes as bad as Wright
Of course she approves of Wright so no real surprise there
No MO we arent ignorant thats why we see you and your clan for what you are
Go back to your mansion and your high buck job which by the way you wouldnt have if you didnt live in this country you call ignorant
She is worse than her babydaddy
I cant believe the BO campaign lets her out in public she has done nothing but look a fool every time she speaks
So now your reverant has chosen to bash the italians?
Is any one ok in his mind if they arent at least part black?
I certainly hope the Italian people are paying attention to his latest rants

Karen,When my most i... (Below threshold)

When my most indelible impression of young black culture today is "the gangsta"; when there is an effort to blame me - as a white man - for past transgressions even though my ancestors did not own slaves; when I am told I cannot possibly understand what a black person feels yet I am responsible for their sense of inequality; when the young black culture celebrates misogyny in rap "music"; and when Bill Cosby speaks out and I think he is exactly right but is condemned by prominent blacks, I grow very tired of listening to folks like Michele and Barak Obama talk about "uniting". I am not angry, it's just my eyes glaze over because it's just the same theme time and time again. And you know what, it's OK by me if someone wants to make this message a part of their campaign. But for a presidential candidate - call it self serving on my part - but I am not willing to cede that this should be the crux of the campaign message. Too many other issues worry me now that I deem are much more important, and the fact that Mr. Obama has made it this far in the primaries I just we're doing pretty good on the racial thing. But maybe I'm just an uncaring cretin.

First, Karen, are you telli... (Below threshold)

First, Karen, are you telling me that the "change" which both Obamas keep talking about needs to take place in the black community? Specificallly in the black community? This is your premise? Michelle is talking to YOU?

Second: "The Obama's are the best thing for America because they can address these issue and no one will be able to call them racist from the left. Barack can see both sides of the coin and understands both sides of the divide and is willing to let himself be the vessel to carry these concerns and finaly start to heal them."

He cannot see both sides. He confesses that he grandmother confided in him the fear she felt passing a strange black man in the street. He calls her a racist in essence.

He failed to see that many seniors in the black community, both men and women, would suffer fear in passing a strange young black man in the street or hallway. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME IS RAMPANT!

Barack is employing all the cliches; offering up no solutions only platitutdes. It is becoming repugnant and a supreme insult to my intelligence.


If I thought that Michelle ... (Below threshold)

If I thought that Michelle was telling the black students to go sit with and make friends with the white students I would cheer.

It would be nice if Karen was right about that.

Still wouldn't vote for Obama, but I wasn't going to vote for him anyhow.

I'm a VICTIM too! Now, whe... (Below threshold)

I'm a VICTIM too! Now, where do I go to get my money?

"You people are the canc... (Below threshold)

"You people are the cancer that is in our country"

And You are not the cure. If You dont like our country You are free to leave.

IF you read Michelle Obama'... (Below threshold)

IF you read Michelle Obama's college thesis, you'll know she's NOT talking to blacks, she's talking to whites. Don't ever forget, it's ALWAYS white's fault with these people. Yeah, I said "these people." Sue me.

I am sick and tired of list... (Below threshold)

I am sick and tired of listening to all the crap the Obama's and Rev Wright are spewing everytime they get up to speak.
For all you black people, It is not my fault I was born white, it is not my fault I was raised in a white middle class neighborhood in Detroit, it is not my fault I went to all white schools and was taught by white teachers. Instead of blaming me, calling me a racist, and claiming it is my white fault for AIDS and claiming that I am as a white person responsible for slavery, I suggest you go to the source to the God that created me and take this shit up with him. He created me, he decided what family I would be born into, he made the choices for me, I had nothing to do with them. As for the slavery issue I suggest you take a look at history and see where slavery started, it was in Africa with some black tribes enslaving other black tribes, they bought and sold their own brothers. So I suggest you go take the issue of reparation up with the boys in the hood living in Africa.

You people are th... (Below threshold)
You people are the cancer that is in our country. Michelle and Barack are the real patriots in this country running for office and your prejudices won't let you see through the fog.


The next time you decide to do a drive by
post, and broad brush everyone who reads/posts
at Wizbang, your posts are going to need
cancer treatments.

Lots of black people have t... (Below threshold)

Lots of black people have the same feelings about racial stereotyping that Michele has. As a white person, I've always found it hard to relate to that until I had some black co-workers tell me how many times they had been pulled over for no reason or followed around a convenience store by the manager. These things happen in America. That's the reality that African-Americans live with. Rather than viliifying them maybe we should try and understand where they are coming from?

It's so obvious that she's ... (Below threshold)

It's so obvious that she's telling black students to get past their prejudices. She's saying that "That's America" is what the black students are thinking.

Larkin, I can understand wh... (Below threshold)

Larkin, I can understand where it's coming from and disagree what to do about it.

I *want* Bonnie and Karen to be right about who was being told to make friends and sit with whom.

I grew up with the stupidity of "So, how many black friends do you have?" and no one would ask, "So, how many white friends do you have?" I went to basic training where the black girls were hostile to the one black girl who was a military kid who was friendly with the white girls and they stayed hostile until she had to *chose* and not be so outgoing, not so much a natural leader, not so much organizing us all for bible study or whatever we could fit in the spaces between training. She was a power house and they shut her down. I've learned that black people will be your friend at work and ignore you on the street.

Yes, there is a lot of prejudice and people experience it and it's important to understand that but... that time a black customer walked out of the store in disgust I *really* could not understand his accent... probably it was low blood sugar combined with unfamiliarity but it was *not* that I didn't try. Or when my dad said "get rid of the cats and clean up the place" at a restaurant in Richmond, CA and spent months trying to figure out what the dirty looks were for and finally realized that "cats" had a meaning beyond cats and they didn't know he was talking about *my* housekeeping. Or a couple of days ago when my 10 year old pointed right at a black man eating his lunch and said, "Did you see that freaky cardboard thing... oooo... scary" but maybe he didn't hear "cardboard" and didn't realize she was talking about the Subway "fat pants" standee right behind him.

I can understand *why* people might assume someone having a bad day is a racist and I can understand *why* someone might interpret "cat" as a racial slur or any of the rest of it but my understanding doesn't help does it? Because the expectations of encountering racism is one of the things that causes problems. AS DOES the need to be on guard at all times in order to not accidentally offend. THAT makes you nervous and uncomfortable and THAT comes across as racism as well.

We got bigger things to wor... (Below threshold)

We got bigger things to worry about than this shit.

"RIC (routine infant circumcision) = MGM (Male Genital Mutilation)!!!"

Reading The Mothering.com: The Case Against Circumcision forum will change your life FOREVER!

Don't vote Obama, he suppor... (Below threshold)

Don't vote Obama, he supports a RACIST CHURCH!!!

I come from Africa and I feel ashamed of this type of man who lies to get ahead.

As for me I'm voting for a true National Hero Mr. John McCain

To every Jewish, Italian and white person please excuse Wrights comments. He is part of an Evil Church, not part of Africa.

Vince Mustafa

POINT BLANK, OBAMA AND HIS... (Below threshold)





I'm a VICTIM too! ... (Below threshold)
I'm a VICTIM too! Now, where do I go to get my money?

Just form a corporation, and offer to sell Kool-Aid at $10,000 a carton to US soldiers in Iraq.

Your no-bid contract from the Bush administration should be in the mail as we speak.

Hey all!Karen,... (Below threshold)
Proud Ameriacan:

Hey all!
I am an African American female and have faced and probably will face more prejudices in my lifetime. I know what it feels like to be followed around in a store or called the 'n" word because some people are too ignorant to have any other words in their vocabulary. Though this is true, I still do not think Obama is the one. Sen Obama is hidding something. Personally, i think he is a muslim in disguise. I do not have anything against Muslims but we do not need one running the country. That is what Obama plans to do. I know you are thinking i have bitter feelings about him since pastor Wright and his wife say things to incriminate him. No. I was suspicious of him when he first came on the "scene". I remember thinking...Bin Laden? i thought he was in hidding. I had heard the name wrong..They were saying Obama not Bin Laden. That should tell you something right there. His name sounds too much like Bin Laden. While i do feel Obama could relate to the difficulties we as blacks face, he is slightly using that speech to get his foot in the door. I believe he wants to gain all this trust by feeding us promises...Well people do not always do what they say they will do, especially those in power. He could get elected then turn on us. No one thought about that scenerio. America has come a long way. I am very proud to see a nice looking smart black man with as much knowledge as Obama, despite the discriminations he may face. I must say while that is true, his heart is not in the right place. I refuse to vote for someone just b/c they have the same skin color as I. In the words of MLK JR. "They be judged by the content of their CHARACTER and not the color of their skin" The contents of Barrack's Character contains half promises and the other half... no one knows. That is what makes him questionable. If you read the book of Revealations in the Bible it speaks of a MAN of MUSLIM descent who will appear christ like(Obama), will decieve the nations with persuasive language.The phrophecy says people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power he will destroy everything. I am not being negative so please do not take it that way. I know of a lot of black people including myself that will not vote for Barrack. We all say the same thing "he is hiding something"
As far as Michele Obama...What is up there? She opens her mouth but nothing seems to come out...people say she speaks her mind? Hmmmm,well she opens her mouth nothing comes out but air. That must mean there is air on her head.






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