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Obama's Rev. Wright: Israel created a dirty bomb to kill Arabs and Blacks

More from Obama's spiritual advisor and pastor of twenty years, the oh-so-noble Rev. Wright.

Here's the money quote:

I must tell you that Israel was the closest ally to the White Supremacists of South Africa. In fact, South Africa allowed Israel to test its nuclear weapons in the ocean off South Africa. The Israelis were given a blank check; they could test whenever they desired and did not even have to ask permission. Both worked on an ethnic bomb that killed Blacks and Arabs.

Now, I'm no physicist or chemist or anything like that. But I have to wonder... how is it that you can make an "ethnic bomb" that will only kill Blacks and Arabs, and leave the Jews and Whitey immune? I can see it now: we put a bunch of white racists, Jews, Blacks, and Arabs into a room and discharge this "ethnic" bomb. Only the Jews and Whitey will be left standing! Woohoo!

This was published in a church bulletin during "Family Month" (see Media Mythbusters for the image), in which Wright claims its a "great honor" to be labeled a terrorist state by the United States, a la Libya.

C'mon, didn't you know that Libya wasn't really a terrorist state, but was simply trying to overthrow oppression of Whitey in Africa?


Oh well. Aren't you glad to know that this is someone who Barack Obama keeps very close to him? These are just the kind of opinions we need advisors whispering into our President's ear.

Hat Tip: Moonbattery


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And thanks to the good Reve... (Below threshold)

And thanks to the good Reverend, the cylce of hate goes on and on. But's somehow he's "entitled". Can David Duke make the same argument?

As we noted <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

As we noted when we covered it yesterday at Politics, the letter was not from Wright, but from Ali Baghdadi, Middle East Adviser to NOI founder Elijah Muhammad and also to Louis Farrakahn. It was reprinted in the church bulletin on "The Pastor's Page[s]," so it certainly seems to have been endorsed by Wright, though.

When you can't find a plaus... (Below threshold)

When you can't find a plausible scapegoat for your personal failings, then the implausible is all that's left.

The "ethnic bomb" allegatio... (Below threshold)

The "ethnic bomb" allegation was a repetition of anti-semitic libels and had currency about a decade ago. ( Such would be biologically impossible )

See who Wright likes to share opinions with.

As followers of Jesus Chris... (Below threshold)

As followers of Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit, true Christians say and pray "God Bless America," and many are now saying and praying "God Please Help the US." However, the Holy Spirit of God would never inspire a true follower of Jesus Christ to say or pray "God Damn American" in any context, much less as part of a taped public sermon.

Holy Scriptures say to test the spirits (1 John 4:1). Reverend Wright obviously has a fiery spirit that is condemning at times, particuarly when he curses our nation in public sermons and says spooky things like "your pegions are coming home to roost." It is certaintly not Christ-like or characteristic of the Holy Spirit.

Sentor Obama apparently agrees with Reverend Wright in spirit, though he does not say "God Damn America." However, most of his life he has trusted and tollerated this particular pastor, which is almost scary. Although Reverend Wright is retiring, he will remain as Senior Pastor, and his replacement essentially agrees with him in spirit and truth. Senator Obama must agree with him, at least in spirit.

There is reason to not trust the spirit in which Reverend Wright made such remarks, and so there is reason to question the spirit leading the youthfull Senator Obama as a professed Christian and prospective president of our nation. May God's Holy Spirit be our guide.

Hope Page: http://itsallaboutjesusnotme.blogspot.com

"It's the gift that keeps o... (Below threshold)
Typical White Person(formally Pretzel_Logic):

"It's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year Clark!"

Pretzel Logic,Are ... (Below threshold)

Pretzel Logic,

Are you formerly formal now, or formally former? :)

Barack Obama is an e... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Barack Obama is an ethnic bomb.

thank you--long day... (Below threshold)
Typical White Person(formerly Pretzel_Logic):

thank you--long day

Nothing surprises me but re... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Nothing surprises me but remember the Pentagon in the 90's, seriously considered and pretty high up in the military chain of command, before finally rejecting a proposal to build a gay bomb, to use aganist our enemies to turn their soldiers gay.

Here is the <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Here is the CBS story for the last link;

Steve,Jokes often ... (Below threshold)


Jokes often travel fast. I have little doubt that this one got raised at a high-level meeting or two (and at some low-level ones, too, right after "what goes vroom, screech, vroom, screech ... a blonde at a flashing red light").

But it still doesn't explain how a bomb - an explosive, according to Wright, being tested offshore - was going to target blacks and Jews.

Wright's just a narcissist, full of rage, an idiot ... and Obama knew it ... and ... worse ... embraced it.

Obama's Rev. Wright</... (Below threshold)

Obama's Rev. Wright: Israel created a dirty bomb to kill Arabs and Blacks
OOPS! Looks like you misspoke! Might want to check your facts a little closer next time. He's not the author.

If you're biracial (like Ob... (Below threshold)

If you're biracial (like Obama), does the Ethnic Bomb just make you really, really sick?

Only Steve would compare a ... (Below threshold)

Only Steve would compare a US military proposal for a non-lethal weapon with Wright's reference to a hoax genocidal israeli biological weapon.

As a Black woman in America... (Below threshold)

As a Black woman in America, I have worshipped in both predominantly white congregations and predominantly Black congregatoins. There is a marked difference betwen the two.

While I have experienced some "fiery" and political sermons, thses types of sermons do not occur every Sunday, so one id not sitting under years of wild fiery preaching that occurs Sunday after Sunday, It just doesn't happen that way, and I have been in numerous Black churches and heard the preaching. Understand that persons sitting in the pews are not brainwashed by what is said in the pulpit. As intelligent reasoning beings, individuals take what is helpful and leave ther rest.

Church life in Black congregations and in White congregations are very very different. Historically the Black church has played a critical role in the life of the Black community. Friendships and relationships are highly valued. One does not just get up and leave the church as there is more to it than just the preching. There are friendships, support networks, prayer partners and a community of believers who see you through thick and thin. That has not been my experience in congregations that are predominantly white. In predominantly white congregations, the preaching is about all there is. There is not the same sense of community and support.

People need to move away from thinking that Senator Obama sat under this fiery preaching every Sunday for 20 years. That is just not the case. Let's look at Senator Obama for the person he is, the character he portrays and stop making assumptions about him based on the snipets of sermons heard from Pastor Wright.

If you have not been a part of a supportive church congregation where the pastor is only one element of the church life, then you cannot understand the important role that the church plays in the life of an individual.

how is it that you can m... (Below threshold)

how is it that you can make an "ethnic bomb" that will only kill Blacks and Arabs, and leave the Jews and Whitey immune?

Wright said: "Both worked on an ethnic bomb that killed Blacks and Arabs."

To me, that doesn't mean the bomb would single out blacks and Arabs (and spare Jews and whites), but rather that it could have been used against blacks and Arabs.

PookieJ ~ I already noted t... (Below threshold)

PookieJ ~ I already noted that in comment #2. Do try to keep up.

Larkin ~ No sale. Obviously ANY bomb could be "used against" blacks and Arabs, as could any other weapon. So how would that be an "ethnic bomb" then? Remember the author of this piece is associated with the NOI and Farrakhan, and a similar claim has been made for years by ol' Calypso Louie.

So, Israel created a bomb t... (Below threshold)

So, Israel created a bomb that discriminate's according to race and ethnicity? Ingenious...

Rev. Wright better stay hid... (Below threshold)

Rev. Wright better stay hidden for a while with all of his ignorant racist rantings coming out there might be some people that would want to see him dead.

Some much goes rig... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Some much goes right over the heads of conservatives. Subtly and nuance totally absent from the conservative mind.

I guess that explains why so many Wizbangers are in the movie "Idiocracy".

My deepest apologies... (Below threshold)

My deepest apologies, Jim. I completely forgot the #1 rule of posting: No two posters may ever make the same point.

I think the Rev maybe right... (Below threshold)

I think the Rev maybe right. I mean we are close to creating bio-weapons that target people based on race - Google it for proof. To use Sherlock Holmes' approach, you CANNOT prove taht DNA based bio-weapons don't exist or will not in the near future.







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