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It's A Typical White Person Thing

Whenever I find myself lacking for something stupid to mock, I turn to the Boston Globe and its stable of columnists. Apart from the token conservative, Jeff Jacoby, they're a never-ending font of liberal idiocy.

The best, though, has to be Derrick Z. Jackson. And his latest defense of Barack Obama and his association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright is absolutely typical of his denseness.

Listen very carefully, Mr. Jackson: we are not in the least troubled by Obama's clergy-congregant relationship. Well, maybe a little, but we can get past that. Obama's running for president, not pope, so I personally don't care too much about his religious beliefs as long as he isn't trying to make them the main issue.

No, it's his relationship with Wright beyond the church that I find so troubling. Obama has publicly praised him on numerous occasions, in the most laudatory terms. He has spoken of seeking his counsel on political matters, including on whether Obama should run for various and sundry offices. He boasted of Wright's whole-hearted endorsement on his web site. And he named him to a very important and influential post within his campaign.

Of course, those last two have since been undone, once Wright's more... well, "nutty" beliefs came to the public attention.

("Paranoid" and "batshit crazy" might be a bit more accurate, but we'll stay with "nutty.")

Obama's defense is that he wasn't in church when Wright went off his nut. That might technically be true, in a truly Clintonian evasion, but that leaves unanswered if he didn't hear them on recordings of the sermons he bought and took to DC, or if Wright had brought them up in other settings besides Sunday mornings at the church, or if he even heard about it from some of his fellow congregants.

Personally, I don't think that Obama shares Wright's more wacky convictions. But that Obama would personally associate himself with the guy for so long, in so many ways apart from their church (which was the biggest recipient of Obama's charitable donations over the years), calls into question his judgment -- which he touts as his most important qualification for the presidency. (Lord knows it isn't executive experience -- or any other sort of experience. Or accomplishments.)

Obama, as I've said before, neeeds more seasoning. I'd like to see him leave the Senate and spend a few years in the Dreaded Private Sector, learning a bit of how the real world works and seeing the consequences of his policy decisions. Let him try making a payroll, living up to federal regulations and policies, paying taxes, and the like. Then, once he's seen what it's like living off the sweat of his brow and not on the public largesse, he might make a decent president.

But that ain't gonna happen. To the best of my knowledge, out of this last batch of presidential candidates, only Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson had really had great successes in the private sector, fully separate from their political ambitions -- and they were sent packing by the voters. It seems the American people are bound and determined to elect a career public servant (or, in one case, the spouse of one, a spouse whose own private sector experience was intimately entwined with her husband's various and sundry public offices).

Maybe it won't be so bad after all.

But I ain't holding my breath.


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Comments (37)

JTchange one or tw... (Below threshold)


change one or two letters in that last line of the paragraph so it reads:

"...and sundry public offenses."

I think it works much better that way.

Obama's close association w... (Below threshold)

Obama's close association with Wright is only one instance where the junior Senator's judgement is questionable.

Obama rubs elbows with unrepentant domestic terrorists, shady political contributors, antisemite foreign policy advisors, and corrupt political hacks... He either excuses their behavior or uses lame excuses that if it was a Republican who used them, the MSN would never let up on him.

But..but...He is the Obamas... (Below threshold)

But..but...He is the Obamassiah! He will bring us together! Others more knowledgeable than we have pronounced him "articulate" and "clean". Look at all his "accomplishments". 130 "present" votes in the Illinois legislature, his leadership at critical moments in the the US Senate. The man is a veritable dynamo of legislative action! Don't judge him by what he's done, vote for him based on what he promises. Remember, when the moom is in the 7th House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, peace will guide the planet and LOVE will fill the skies.
Can I have an "Amen" brother!!!!!!!

I think you mean "fount" of... (Below threshold)

I think you mean "fount" of idiocy, insofar as you speak of it as a source (like a faucet or spring), and not (e.g.) a Baptismal pool.

The first black president a... (Below threshold)
Typical White Person(formerly Pretzel_Logic):

The first black president and/or the first woman president is going to have to have a killer resume and be appealing to most, if not all voter blocks. These two liberal nobodies have neither going for them. No way either one gets close to the white house.

Name one person that's appe... (Below threshold)

Name one person that's appealing to all voter blocks.

You wanna sit around waiting for a tax-cutting, anti-war, pro-war, liberal democratic conservatarian version of... Indira Gandhi to show up, Pretzel? It's politics, and it's about winning, not about placating 100% of the people who demand placation.

Obama also took recordings ... (Below threshold)

Obama also took recordings of Wright's sermons with him to Harvard.

It simply defies belief that he could attend the church regularly for two decades and NOT be fully aware of his "close friend, mentor, and adviser" being a wacko, given the amount of evidence flowing from the pulpit and in the bulletin. We already KNOW Obama LIED about it, because he pretended he knew nothing of it until he ran for President: "I don't think my church is particularly controversial."

And yet Wright says Obama bumped him from giving the public prayer(to a private prayer without reporters) at his announcement press conference, telling him, "Some of the sermons get pretty rough."

If you believe Obama, you'll swallow anything - and have no hope of changing.

It's politics, and it's abo... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

It's politics, and it's about winning, not about placating 100% of the people who demand placation.
Good point about the politics of the left. Obama and Hillary and their enablers are lying, so what 's big deal? Winning is all important. All this talk about hope and change and new politics are simply propaganda to fool as many people as possible.

Jay Tea:Persona... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea:

Personally, I don't think that Obama shares Wright's more wacky convictions.

I don't share that view. His wife has made milder or at least more civil statements to much the same effect.

I've heard it described as the America that is and the America we would like it to be. Most people appreciate both. Radicals in the negative sense of the word only appreciate the America that they would like it to be.

From around the edges, I feel that Obama only appreciates the America he would like it to be and probably holds the America that is in low regard.

I've suspected this before Rev. Wright's more extreme sound bites came to light and found them more as confirmation to what I suspected.

Ill put it to you this way.... (Below threshold)
Typical White Person(formerly Pretzel_Logic):

Ill put it to you this way. White men will not vote for Hillary. Blacks will not vote for Hillary Hispanics will not vote for Obama. Evangelicals will not vote for Obama. I could go on. This is without calling into question their "accomplishments" which we will have to do during the general election.
McCain wouldn't be my choice, but he is positioning himself for a landslide victory in November.

No, McCain is overtly posit... (Below threshold)

No, McCain is overtly positioning himself as an angry old man with a total lack of understanding of geopolitics and domestic issues. His fluffers in the press are creating the contrary perception that he's competent and likable, but he really isn't. Read what the media in Arizona think about that piece of work.

Hey Pretzel, which study with a sound sample size and statistically significant group differentiation did you mean to cite when you blanketed all white men as non-potential-Hillary voters and all Hispanics as non-potential-Obama supporters? Funny, I thought Richardson was Hispanic... Anyway, I hope you're having fun projecting your stereotypes across the entire voting population and then pronouncing conclusions as though they mean anything.

"The black man's burden"</p... (Below threshold)

"The black man's burden"

ahhh yes, and for one Mr. Jackson that burden is writing for a liberal rag while having the biggest chip on his shoulder regardless of the topic.

Matthew, relying on the pre... (Below threshold)
Typical White Person(formerly Pretzel_Logic):

Matthew, relying on the press and resorting to name calling to defend your position explains a lot. It's really just my opinion based on history. I could be wrong. However, I believe when Americans pull the curtain, most of them anyway, take it a little more seriously than an American Idol vote. Hey-you couldn't beat George Bush with guys with resumes--George Bush!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA

No, McCain is overtly posit... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

No, McCain is overtly positioning himself as an angry old man with a total lack of understanding of geopolitics and domestic issues. His fluffers in the press are creating the contrary perception that he's competent and likable, but he really isn't.
McCain is far more knowledgable in foreign policy and even economy compared to the clueless and less than honest Obama or Hillary.

Is Barack Obama funding his... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Is Barack Obama funding his campaign legally? At least he's doing that, right? I mean, it's the very least thing you would ask of a candidate. If he can't even fund HIS OWN CAMPAIGN legally then I wouldn't have much confidence in him, know what I mean? Like . . . zero.

Is Barack Obama funding his... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Is Barack Obama funding his campaign legally? At least he's doing that, right?
Barack has been shown to be a liar . He lied about the new politics (latest one in long list now, Obama, freely trading in dishonesty). Oh, you are saying that Obama can associate himself with people like Tony Rezko as long as he doesn't break the law! If you want to support Obama, at least be honest as Matthew. Let 's not pretend to care about experience, knowledge, honesty, sacrifice, and new politics. Obama and Hillary have none of those. A likable liar is what you are after (eg. Bill Clinton and now Obama). Hillary is not a likable liar, so the left turns on her big time now.

I'm really impressed by the... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I'm really impressed by the way Barack Obama is funding his campaign. He's doing it legally. He seems bright, creative, law abiding. All-in-all an admirable young man -- and he respects the law.

All I know is that I am enj... (Below threshold)

All I know is that I am enjoying the hell out of watching these 2 commie nincompoops self destruct. It beats AI and Survivor hands down!!! Hey, now they're talkin bout that fat POS al gore throwing his hat in the ring--I cannot wait!!!

Imagine if Obama belonged t... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Imagine if Obama belonged to a church where hundreds of its priests and brothers had sex with little boys.

You would think any member of a church like that would resign and condemn it immediately.

Gee, Adrian, getting your t... (Below threshold)

Gee, Adrian, getting your talking points now from FireDogLake?

If you really wanted to make your point, you'd also bring up Norman Hsu to drag Hillary into it, too.

Or, perhaps, if you were honest, you'd mention how Obama and Clinton have, collectively, raked in well over $800,000 from the top ten subprime mortgage lenders... lenders who will take it in the shorts if a bunch of their loans collapse on them.

Oh, and did someone say Rezko?

But that does keep people from talking about how Obama put such stock in Wright, such faith in his opinions and wisdom, right up until too many people learned what had apparently escaped Obama's attention in the scant 20 years of association... that the guy was a race-baiting, paranoid, hateful whackjob. And keeping people from talking about that HAS to be Obama's latest top priority, since the Rezko thing has fizzled for now.


I don't even see any compla... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I don't even see any complaints filed against Barack Obama's campaign with the FEC nor is there irrefutable evidence that he is funding his campaign illegally.

He isn't parading around in front of everyone giving us the finger.

I don't even see any compla... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

I don't even see any complaints filed against Barack Obama's campaign with the FEC nor is there irrefutable evidence that he is funding his campaign illegally.
His church is under investigation by the IRA now. Obama is using his church for political purpose.

He isn't parading around in front of everyone giving us the finger.
He gave the finger to the flag of the US of KKKA. His wife lectured American about how mean, racist, and ignorant this country is.

Obama was carried away with his superior judgement here

"I am looking forward to a debate with John McCain. John McCain is a good man. He's an American hero. We honor his service to this nation. But he has made some bad choices about the company he keeps."

BTW, more More Obama fabulism . At least McCain was enduring real torture at the hand of the communists so that spoiled brats like Obama/Michelle can lead a privileged life while spouting their self-rightneousness.

Bill Clinton is at least tr... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Bill Clinton is at least trying to sell himself as a likable scoundrel. Obama is selling himself as a savior!
But he is as likable liar as Bill Clinton. Maybe that 's why the liberal left loves him.

Special Interests For Me, But Not For Thee

A man who claims to have dedicated his career to good, clean government chooses to buy his house with Tony Rezko, and a man who claims to have dedicated his life to racial reconciliation chooses to attend a church that teaches that the government created AIDS to commit genocide against minorities. Obama has this strange habit of choosing a path that takes him in the opposite direction of his stated goal.

Creative (and legal) proble... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Creative (and legal) problem solving in action from the Washington Post:

Obama Rewriting Rules for Raising Campaign Money Online

Obama has targeted unlikely sites, such as the conservative Washington Times, where an ad for the candidate appeared yesterday on the same page as a story about an economic speech he gave that morning. But a click on the ad did not lead to a request for donations; instead, it took users to a page where they could sign up for invitations to campaign events.

This approach -- not directly asking for donations -- has been part of the campaign's strategy of slow-walking its way into supporters' wallets.

. . .


Not being able to run your own campaign doesn't garner much confidence that he can do the job.

There's an interesting phen... (Below threshold)

There's an interesting phenomenon at Wiz Blue - and some of the best criticisms, lowest mudslinging, and evaluations of Democratic swing voters to McCain - can actually be found there. I suspect this is a Rovian, nay a Kevonian plot.


Adrian's hypocrisy is amusi... (Below threshold)

Adrian's hypocrisy is amusing. The standard for Obama is whether or not there is "irrefutable" evidence of wrong doing but for McCain evidently a complaint being filed is sufficient for his condemnation.

As for McCain's foreign pol... (Below threshold)

As for McCain's foreign policy understanding, I've not heard him threaten to invade one of our allies yet - unlike Obama.

Did Obama call for the head... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Did Obama call for the head of Imus? But he didn't give us a finger in the typical liberal doublespeak.

An Elegant Farce
Barack Obama's Tuesday sermon was a well-crafted, well-delivered, postmodern review of race that had little to do with the poor judgment revealed in Obama's relationship with the hateful Rev. Wright, much less the damage that he does both to African Americans and to the country in general.

Obama chose not to review what Wright, now deemed the "occasionally fierce critic." said in detail, condemn it unequivocally, apologize, and then resign from such a Sunday venue of intolerance -- the now accustomed American remedy to racism in the public realm that we saw in the Imus and other recent controversies.

Not being able to run your ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Not being able to run your own campaign doesn't garner much confidence that he can do the job.
Good point again. Obama doesn't know what his pastor/mentor/advisor have been saying or believing in 20 years. If he cannot handle his relationship with his pastor, how can he do the job? Also, given how Obama is willing to throw his grandma under the bus, how can we be sure that he will not throw America under bus given his real feeling about the country?

If Obama was funding... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

If Obama was funding his campaign illegally I would be afraid that sometime in the future all my support would be nullified by some stupid ruling by some stupid judge in some stupid courtroom.

But I don't have that fear.

<a href="http://www.slate.c... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

White Man's Greed
Obama's very first service at Wright's church was ... controversial.

If you had the ability and/... (Below threshold)

If you had the ability and/or honesty to discuss the matter at hand, Adrian, I'd be more concerned. But as you merely want to change the subject (politely, yet desperately) away to McCain's being the subject of a legal complaint, I have to wonder just how worried this Wright mess will hurt Obama.

And just to indulge you for an instant, there's a part of me that finds McCain's difficulties a smidgen enjoyable. After all, he was behind the odious McCain-Feingold bill, so it's appropriate that he should be called on it.

It reminds me of Bill Clinton getting nailed by the same laws covering sexual harassment and disclosure and admissibility during Paula Jones' lawsuit... the whole affair with Monica was fair game due to laws he himself had signed.

Yes, sir, there's something downright poetic about poetic justice...

Kind of like Obama being so damned proud of his buddy Jerry that he praises him in public numerous times and names him a key campaign advisor, right up until the rest of the world discovers in a week or so what Obama was utterly oblivious to for decades...


More and more we're seeing ... (Below threshold)

More and more we're seeing just how 'capable' and 'competent' the candidates are.

If they're floundering like this, how are they going to cope with the thousand and one things that will crop up during their administrations? Are we going to see domestic policy catfights? Wholesale character assasination of anyone who dares say that the Queen might be mistaken about what she desires, or mass accusations of racism when there's resistance when Obama tries to take the US to the cleaners with reparations or something equally insane?

And what about foriegn policy? Do they even have any concept of the long-term effect of their plans? Or are they too intent on pleasing the folks they've been pandering to on the far left to worry about something like that?

Heard on the radio today that Obama's got a new stim package - $30 billion. Woo-hoo! But then you do the math... spread it across 100 million families (roughly) and you get... $300 each, assuming no overhead. But he can raise taxes on the rich - that'll pay for everything.

(Better get a definition of 'rich' soon... I get the feeling that bar's a lot lower than folks might think.)

Pastor Wright had it tough ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Pastor Wright had it tough in the US of KKKA

Chicken Comes Home to Roost in $1.6 Million Home
White folks' greed runs a world in need.

He's done.... (Below threshold)

He's done.

LoveAmerica, Immigrant ~ S... (Below threshold)

LoveAmerica, Immigrant ~ Seems odd for a guy who often railed against "middle-classedness" as "the white man's way," doesn't it?

Seems as if he was really saying, "You don't need those middle class material things, that's too white. Give your money to the church instead, so it can build me a mansion bigger than Barack's, and I can retire in style like some rich honky."

Hey Jay, I had a comment th... (Below threshold)
Typical White Person(formerly Pretzel_Logic):

Hey Jay, I had a comment that was sent to you rather than posted. Can you e-mail me and tell me why that happened??







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