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The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winners are Jack McWilliams and Vincent Paul Marlyne. They get the award for the following.

TAMPA - Almost a ton of metal cremation remnants snatched from a St. Petersburg cemetery vault has been returned to its rightful place, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

The metal, including parts from hip and shoulder replacements, was sold in Tampa to Fortune Plastics and Metal, 8751 Maislin Drive. It was taken from two vaults at Memorial Park Cemetery, 5750 49th St. N., on Jan. 26, deputies said.

Jack McWilliams, 19, and Vincent Paul Marlyne, 42, both of St. Petersburg, are accused of breaking in to the buried, unmarked vaults, which were filled with titanium and other metal from funeral homes. It came from people who had been cremated.

McWilliams is a former employee of the cemetery.

Richard Gates, owner of Fortune Plastics and Metal, saw reports of McWilliams and Marlyne's arrests in February and contacted the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

Marlyne told Gates he was cleaning up a Pinellas County construction site as a contractor and found the metal in boxes, deputies said.

Gates told deputies he bought the mix of cobalt, titanium and stainless steel from the two for $5,416 and then sold it to a recycling company in Mobile, Ala. The parts then were shipped to Pennsylvania for recycling.

Gates called the companies and paid to have the metal shipped back to Pinellas County. It was reinterred at Memorial Park Cemetery this week.

These thieves are scum. Some Wizbang readers will remember how the flower vase at my dead Son's grave was stolen, along with others.

Stealing the body parts of the dead makes Jack McWilliams and Vincent Paul Marlyne are a pair of pig-fucking asswipes and worthless piece of shits both of them(Thanks Jay) plus today's Knuckleheads of the Day.

One last note- I'm skeptical of Richard Gates story. It sounds too convenient. Why would a reputable firm buy the parts from hip replacements from just anyone? Anyone else think Gates story sounds like bullshit?

I was also skeptical in regards to the company who purchased flower vases in this story.

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Please read the following w... (Below threshold)

Please read the following which was found Here

Look I don't know about you but I never knew that the implant parts that are left over from cremation were protected by law. It is something that never crossed my mind. Hell personal opinion I think cemeteries should offer the option of recycling the parts to make the cost of the funeral a bit cheaper.

Next thing is it was stated by now a former employee that the containers that these parts were in had already been broken and lids off them. After this employee states this fact and only then he is accused of doing drugs and then fired. I used to be a supervisor for a large call center. This is what one would do when they want to fire someone and have little ramifications of it. The cemetery stored these items in an area where garbage is kept in and open container as if they are to be thrown away.
In all of these story reports except this one they have made it seem as if these individuals dug up graves or at least broke into a casket as it was sitting next to the hole it was supposed to be entered into. this was instead a broken container that was sitting in a garbage area which anything that is in the garbage is free for anyone to take. So I understand there are some disgraceful individuals out there that do some despicable things but before you go pointing fingers at people just remember one very important thing. You are reading a report done by someone that is putting their own feelings/opinions into the report maybe not by saying things that are not in the actual report but by not saying important things that are in the report as to make it more of an interesting read.

Stephen Thompson The Tampa Tribune and Mark Douglas News Channel 8

ST. PETERSBURG A week after two men were accused of stealing metal parts from a cemetery that were left over from cremations, a former employee says the cemetery never properly maintained the parts anyway.

A lid on one vault containing the titanium pieces -- which were used for the deceased clients' hip and shoulder replacements -- was busted, and no one thought any of the pieces were worth anything, Ray Rusinko said.

"We all thought it was garbage," he said.

Bob Simpson, the operations manager at the cemetery, said the vaults were intact before they were broken into in January.

Rusinko lost his job this week at Memorial Park Cemetery. He thinks it was because he criticized the cemetery to the media. Simpson said it was because Rusinko refused to take a drug test.
Last week, one of Rusinko's co-workers at Memorial Park Cemetery, Jack McWilliams, 19, of St. Petersburg, and a man described by authorities as McWilliams' accomplice, Vincent Marlyne, 42, were arrested on charges they broke into the vaults.

Each man was charged with a single count of a third-degree felony -- injuring or removing a tomb or monument, or disturbing the contents of a grave or tomb. Pinellas sheriff's officials say the men pried open two cement vault tops, stole the 1,500 pounds of titanium metal inside, and then sold the metal pieces as scrap in Tampa for $1,500.

"Jack came to me and said he found a bunch of metal, scrap metal, that him and his buddy took to the scrap yard and got about 1,500 dollars for it," Rusinko said. "Not until the company found out it was gone did it come to our attention what it really was. I mean, we all thought it was garbage."
Jack "discovered it when he was out here dumping brush," Rusinko said. "He decided he needed money to pay his bills and so he was gonna do a little scrappin'. He never thought he was breaking the laws."

In a brief interview, McWilliams also said a lid was already off a vault, and he thought he was merely "recycling." Then McWilliams brought the conversation to a close. Rusinko also said the area where the vaults were kept was essentially the cemetery's dump. There were also ashes in the vault Rusinko looked into, he said.

Simpson said the cemetery was going to store the parts until they could be properly buried.
"It may be scrap metal but not to us," Simpson said. "We've just never thought of it that way." He conceded, however, the vaults were in the same area where cemetery workers put dirt after digging graves.

After Rusinko criticized Memorial Park Cemetery to a reporter, he was fired, he said Wednesday. He admitted he was accused of using drugs on the job, which could also result in his termination. Rusinko said he doesn't do drugs.

Simpson, the cemetery's operations manager, said Rusinko faced termination for refusing to take a drug test, but declined to provide more details. He said it had nothing to do with the titanium case.

Wild as this seems it's rea... (Below threshold)

Wild as this seems it's reall a major problem and not just in the US. There is a huge amount of theft, destruction and desacration happening in all types of cemeteries and all over the world. This is partly because cemeteries are easy targets. There's little or no security and no one around after hours. Cemeteries are filled with dead people so the police don't consider them as high priority places to patrol. You might be interested in this blog post: http://www.cemeteryspot.com/blog/?p=27






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