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Lets talk about something else

Florida State Sen. Nan Rich has proposed legislation that would make it a felony to have any contact with an animal for the purpose of sexual gratification. Florida is one of 20 states that don't have such laws on the books.

When legislators are busy passing new laws for sex offenders, you would think a law banning bestiality would be a sure thing. Think again.

But Rich has not been able to get the bill before a committee. She has asked Sen. Paula Dockery, chairwoman of the criminal justice committee, to take it up. Dockery could not be reached for comment.

The taboo subject and graphic nature of the acts may be the reason the bill seems to be stalled, Rich said.

"I think there's a discomfort for people about discussing this," Rich said. "We don't understand why. People are very comfortable up here discussing sexual predators. Well, this is sexual predator."

Dee Thompson-Poirrier, director of animal control for Okaloosa County, said there was a lot of backlash in the community when she investigated the goat case last year in nearby Walton County.

When Thompson-Poirrier pushed to have a rape test performed, she said she heard: "'It's just a goat, lady, get a grip.' A lot of people said, 'You're wasting your money. You're wasting the court's time.'"

If a person is that sick to do a sex act on a animal, you have to wonder what they would do with a human.

State lawmakers don't have the stomach to tackle bestiality. Isn't Florida a great state or what?

Hat tip- The South Florida Daily Blog


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Disclaimer: I have never ha... (Below threshold)
Paden Cash:

Disclaimer: I have never had sex with an animal and consider people who do to be pathetic.

Having said that, I find a couple of things distressing about the story. 1. Why is it moral to kill and eat a goat but immoral to have sex with it. 2. Equating bestiality with rape denigrates the enormous pain and suffering felt by real rape victims (humans). I am guessing that a goat isn't likely to suffer much if any emotional distress as a result. This appears to be another attempt to equate animals to humans.

Relax ...Florida is just ke... (Below threshold)

Relax ...Florida is just keeping it's options open.

Some day a renegade court will legislate from the bench the "right to marry an animal they love."

That flushing sound you hear is society...

"If a person is that sick t... (Below threshold)
blacksmith Author Profile Page:

"If a person is that sick to do a sex act on a animal, you have to wonder what they would do with a human."

Uhmmm...chances are nothing. Bestiality is a fetish and fetishes tend to be specific. Kids aren't safe around the goatf-r, but children probably are.

And what do these laws really protect the animals from? There was a case a while back of some guy getting killed trying to do a horse. If you've ever seen the bat a stallion swings, the only thing that mare was going to be protected from was disappointment.






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