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Death Benefits

Normally, I make a point of avoiding the topic of abortion. I most frequently describe myself as "squishily pro-choice." I am extremely uncomfortable with it, but I am not so strong in my convictions that I would want the government to enforce my beliefs. In my own life, I took the coward's way out: several years ago, when I decided I wouldn't have kids, I went to a very nice doctor who gave me a very nice valium and then took a razor and a knife and a laser to parts of my body I would not normally want anywhere near such things, and I no longer had to worry about being even tangentially involved in an abortion.

But Cassy's piece earlier today about Planned Parenthood got me thinking. Several thoughts sprung to mind:

1) As several commenters noted, those numbers mean that Planned Parenthood had about an 11% operating profit. If they weren't a non-profit, that would make them a better investment than the oil companies, whose 9% rate of return was labeled "obscene."

2) In one year, the number of abortions Planned Parenthood performed jumped by almost 25,000, an increase of 9.3% over the previous year. Since they are the experts on this, would they care to offer some kind of explanation as to why the hell this happened?

3) Did anyone else immediately find their subconscious drawing parallels between Planned Parenthood's benefiting from... er... "unplanned impending parenthood" and the news that, at the shelter PETA runs at its headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, the percentage of dogs and cats that it takes in that it eventually kills has shot up from over 70% to over 90%?

4) If you divide the total number of abortions provided by Planned Parenthood in 2006 by 365, you find out that they performed an average of 793 abortions a week day -- presuming they operated 24/7/365. If you knock off weekends and holidays, it's probably closer to 250 days, which brings the total up to 1158.6. That converts to roughly, five years worth of American casualties in Iraq every three and a half DAYS.

That's one of the ways I avoid dealing with issues: I reduce them to numbers. It helps me keep a certain emotional distance from ugly realities.

Normally, I keep those sorts of things to myself. But in this case, I think they add a bit of context for Cassy's piece.


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Comments (22)

"...five years worth of Ame... (Below threshold)

"...five years worth of American casualties in Iraq every three and a half DAYS."

SHHHHH! We mustn't be divisive Jay.

On the other hand, it's not Adolf W. McChimpler doing the killing, so it must be OK.

"If you divide the total nu... (Below threshold)

"If you divide the total number of abortions provided by Planned Parenthood in 2006 by 365, you find out that they performed an average of 793 abortions a week..."

If you divide the total by 365 you get the total per day, no?

Excellent, and sad at the s... (Below threshold)

Excellent, and sad at the same time. I just finished a two part post titled why I blog parts 1 and 2, and mainly I blog about abortion.

Now I have other things that I post about, but this notion that it is my body, my choice has always offended me. I mean I consider myself fairly normal in intelligence, and I have news for you, my choice is preemptive or I not at all.

Meaning if I could not prevent getting pregnant...you know by maybe not having sex until I was prepared for a child...then tough I would have the child.(and folks there isn't a stigma anymore, and I would adopt several more children myself)

But Roe v. Wade like the social security number both began for reasons in addition to the reasons being used today...and the slope is slipping. Just recently I read of the baby born and lived only a few hours being determined a non person! Living breathing and yet a non person...soon it will encompass more.

Thanks for jotting down your thoughts. It is a subject that needs to be discussed often, as like it or not abortion is the cessation of life.

Just my thoughts.

That converts to roug... (Below threshold)

That converts to roughly, five years worth of American casualties in Iraq every three and a half DAYS.

That's true, Jay. But those brave men and women who died fighting the GWOT in Iraq volunteered for their duty. And they did so, God bless them, knowing what that duty may ultimately cost.

The aborted fetuses, human tissue, non viable material, not deliverable euphemisms that abortion rights proponents use to call these humans ignores the fact that the persons killed had no say in their demise although no one can dispute they are the truly innocent.

Jay, I can understand your being uncomfortable with the subject because, honestly, I was also for most of my adult life. It's a hard to argue this point from a vicarious point of view. (And BTW, I've had the same procedure, if you know what I mean :)) But I have kids now and the PP industry simply takes on a different meaning when a person has a family and children.

I do appreciate your honesty in discussing this and appreciate the attention you gave it in your post.

Jay,I am ... (Below threshold)


I am extremely uncomfortable with it, but I am not so strong in my convictions that I would want the government to enforce my beliefs.

I understand this kind of reasoning in regards to prostitution and drug use, but if abortion is murder, shouldn't it be illegal? Even if you hesitate to call abortion murder, you seem to think that it is, let's say, morally unsavory; but isn't odd to say that a morally unsavory act of killing should be legal? Prostitution and drug use, though morally unsavory, at least involve consenting parties and do not directly cause harm. That's why it's not clear that we should legislate against them. But it does seem clear that we should legislate against all morally unsavory forms of killing.

One thing that's always str... (Below threshold)

One thing that's always struck me as two-faced about whether a fetus is a human is that a person who murders a pregnant woman can also be charged with the death of the fetus.

That sort of makes it out to be human if it's wanted and not human if it's not wanted.

A fetus is either human or it is not. The circumstances surrounding the conception are not the deciding factor.

Then again, I realize that laws are not always moral. Something may be legal and still not be right, but isn't the law supposed to be consistent?

4,000 beautiful live's ende... (Below threshold)

4,000 beautiful live's ended in every 3 and a half day's? I need to puke!!^%^&*( ...And then after some mouthwash.....Kiss My Children goodnight..

On the other hand,... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:
On the other hand, it's not Adolf W. McChimpler doing the killing, so it must be OK.
Mike, if your above-quoted statement was meant to be a jab at President Bush, then please be so kind as to extract your cranium from your rectum, because such a jab is totally off-topic and uncalled for.

If you weren't trying to make a jab at President Bush, then please explain your statement.

The climate MIGHT be changi... (Below threshold)

The climate MIGHT be changing because of human action. But we MUST change our economy and way of conducting our affairs because it MIGHT fix it. When it comes to abortion, is doesn't matter when the baby feels pain, or when the heart starts beating, the woman has a choice whether to kill the baby or not. Only in liberal la-la land can this even come close to making sense. ww

Dodo Dave,I think Mi... (Below threshold)

Dodo Dave,
I think Mike was being sarcastic. That is my take anyway. Kind of making fun of the way the left rationalizes their treatment of the "inconvenient fetus".

Dodo David: You misinterpr... (Below threshold)

Dodo David: You misinterpreted Mike's statement. And the nature of Jay's numbers comparison makes it completely on topic.

I know three women who have had a total of nine abortions between them. Each of these women were completely irresponsible in their behavior which resulted in each pregnancy and each of them elicited so much undue pity for their circumstances.

I was ostracized for saying to one woman after her third abortion, "When are you going to learn to say 'no'?" I was told that I wasn't being "sensitive".

From the strategic planning... (Below threshold)

From the strategic planning viewpoint, an NPO seeks increased profits for one of two reasons: to expand or to make itself free of entitlements/grants and the pain-in-the-neck government reporting requirements that go with them.

To me, that reveals that PP is possibly trying to position itself to be free of grants and or expand. I think the former is more likely than the latter. That would cut off one of many sources of conflict they have with anti-abortion groups.

The movement for the abolition of abortion, like that of slavery, has its organizational roots in religious organizations, but a deeper moral root common to many. It battles established economic and social structures that fear the consequences of abolition. While it took about 30 years for the anti-slavery forces to change laws permanently in the UK, it took 80 years in the US. Which means it could be another 40 years here, only after a horrible war. [The UK, however, if firmly under the clutches of the socialist Caliphate and there's no abolition of abortion likely there in the near future].

Regardless of tax-status, a... (Below threshold)

Regardless of tax-status, any organiztion that has an 11% overage after expenses isn't "Non-Profit." All it means is they are not returning money to investors. All those abortion providers, all the employees, all the executives and spokespersons for Planned Parenthood have at the very least a vested interest in making a profit. They are all in it to make money. If not, they are in it for the pleasure of killing unborn children.

Just think of what the uproar would be it PP was a non-profit organization that provided Leathal Injection services by contract for varous states and made a profit. The outrcry would be world wide if their services actually grew! Since PP is only about killing children, and mostly those of minorities, then everyone smiles, nods and accepts it as a neccesarily evil. The western world has executed people for killing fewer adults thatn children PP has killed.

Through my "young" years I was squishly pro-choice. Until I married, started having children, lost a couple along the way and had my eyes opened. The squishiness stopped about the time, that I understood a "fetus" was much more than a black and white picture in a science book.

While on the topic of non-p... (Below threshold)

While on the topic of non-profit organizations, making gobs of "overage" how about some new laws? Since these are non-profits, and many exist on governmental grants, how about they be required to return a significant portion of those excess funds to the government? They'd be allowed to keep a little for a rainy-day but the rest would go to the government. Then they would truly be non-profit. At a minimum they should have to return the sum they were given as grants from the government. We could allow them standardized deductions for operating costs, buildings, marital status etc.

Planned Parenthood netted a... (Below threshold)

Planned Parenthood netted a profit of over a billion dollars last year as well as collected over three hundred million tax dollars. They are not non-profit so why are they getting tax dollars????

Liberals promote murder to ... (Below threshold)

Liberals promote murder to solve their problems and call it "giving a woman her choice". Here's a better choice: Do I spread my legs or keep 'em closed?

OK, I'm cracked. But.....I ... (Below threshold)
Largin Testin:

OK, I'm cracked. But.....I can't help combining the open border down South with the number of abortions. The economy has to expand somehow and our sisters that can't cross their legs or take a pill once a day and our irresponsible hedonist brothers that don't think of consequences of their actions reap the law of unintended consequence that litters the last part of the 20th and now the 21st centuries with mistakes that take innocent lives. There is a God and there is free will. the Artman

One thing that's always ... (Below threshold)

One thing that's always struck me as two-faced about whether a fetus is a human is that a person who murders a pregnant woman can also be charged with the death of the fetus.

Not really. You can be charged with the death of a parakeet, but that doesn't make it human. (Don't bother harassing me about comparing a fetus to an animal. I was simply showing that the cited statement was logically flawed, not making a moralistic judgment.)

But what is two-faced is that those who claim abortion is murder completely freeze up when asked what penalty should be imposed on a woman who has one.

It's 4,000 abortions A DAY ... (Below threshold)
Plain Jane:

It's 4,000 abortions A DAY ... and those are the ones reported. Doesn't matter who's performing them ... you and I are paying for them as long as PP gets Federal funding ... which it does.

Brian, you can be charged w... (Below threshold)

Brian, you can be charged with the death of a parakeet. But it isn't murder. Which I think you know is what moseby meant.

And people do get charged with a double muder(homocide) for killing a pregnant woman.
Peterson leaps to mind as an example that can't seem to stay out of the news.

As for those that freeze up, perhaps they are not as cavalier about punishing and killing as Planned Parenthood are...

Murder is a legal term, and... (Below threshold)

Murder is a legal term, and abortion is not murder nor has it ever been - not when abortion was illegal in the US, not after the Constitution was written, when abortion was legal to a point in gestation, not during the writing or before the writing, when abortion was legal to a point in gestation.

And it wasn't murder in biblical times. Most pregenancies are already being continued willingly - we don't need to try and take away the freedom that women have in the matter.

For hospitals, doctor's off... (Below threshold)

For hospitals, doctor's offices, drug companies etc., to make an 11% profit is not unusual. God bless Planned Parenthood for all the good they do and all the women they help.






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