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More "Tasering" in Florida

Yesterday, I posted a link to a video of a recalcitrant woman getting "Tasered" by a South Carolina State Trooper. Now it seems Florida uses them, too. In this case, on an 11-year-old girl. Not your typical elementary school kid, though, reports WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando:

An 11-year-old Orange County elementary student was tasered at school Thursday morning after police say she tried pushing another student into traffic.

* * * * *

Officials say when officer Hudepohl arrived she asked the student to go with her to the office and she refused, pushed Hudepohl, and then punched her in the face, causing her nose to bleed.

Deputy Hudepohl attempted to secure the student however but the student continued to fight so Officer Hudepohl then tasered the girl.

Officer Hudepohl was transported to Florida East with a possible broken nose. The student was also transported to Florida East to have the prongs from the taser removed. She had no other injuries.

Read the whole thing at the link provided. Kids sure are growing up fast these days! Why, when I was in school, we didn't start pushing people into traffic and punching out cops until 10th or 11th grade, at least.


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It sounds like the girl may... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It sounds like the girl may have bipolar disorder, which can result is unusual aggression. Then again, the girl may just be aggressive. The downside of using a Taser is that where the probes strike is unpredictable and some areas of the body can be permanently damaged by them, such as an eye. Also, a Taser is not "tuned" for a given individual. There's no need to use as much power on say an 11 year-old brat as a 300 pound man high on drugs. There's also the expense of having the probes medically removed.

The solution is similar to the policy of requiring every student to have immunizations before being allowed to attend public school. We have the technology to build a better student. Simply require every student to have a Taser like device implanted under the skin. Teachers would have a remote control that they could use to deliver the precise amount of shock needed to gain compliance. No need for cops to intervene, no risk of getting a probe in the eye, nor of needing to medically remove them. It's like the Star Trek episode where the crew had pain rings attached around their necks to motivate their compliance. The only downside is that some kid would figure out how to hack the system either to deactivate their implant or activate others. /kidding off

What a land of opportunity ... (Below threshold)

What a land of opportunity America is. It's the opportunity of a lifetime for some lucky attorney and the family of the poor unfortunate child. Riches beyond their wildest dreams. Every parent dreams of bettering the lives of their children.

It's obvious that this is all the fault of the thuggish police and school administration. Imagine using these barbaric instruments of torture on mere children. Somebody must pay, if for no other reason than to discourage like-thinking school systems elsewhere. An example must be set.

//sarcasm off

"It sounds like the girl ma... (Below threshold)

"It sounds like the girl may have bipolar disorder" Just what the world need, more long distance doctors? Sounds more like a typical a**hold child that has no parents, or at least no parents that give a hoot if she lives or dies, just stay out of their face. Best thing that could happen, the child goes to a home and the parents go to jail. What happened to the old time 'reform' schools you didn't want to go back to? Oh, I forgot, the liberal democrats outlawed any punishment for crime. Now they're talking (or giving a timeout to) thousands of people into the graveyard every year. The one of one hundred citizens (well a good part of them are criminal Mexicans with no right to be here, just doing the murders Americans won't do) in prison prove just how ineffective the democrats have been.

I was once driving along a ... (Below threshold)

I was once driving along a street, with a pack of middle-school kids on the sidewalk. The kids were coltish, struttin' and boppin', and I just knew one was going to push another into traffic. Sure enough, one wit pushed a mate off the sidewalk into the street. I would never have hit him, but I made an exaggerated swerve around him and laid on the horn. I got a hate glare from the whole group in return.

"Sounds more like a typical... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

"Sounds more like a typical a**hold child that has no parents" Just what the world need, more long distance psychics? We all wonder what's happening in our society when we hear such stories. One guess is likely as good as another.

I think the taser was warra... (Below threshold)

I think the taser was warranted. Taser the parents,too, if the child has any.

Aggressive and antisocial b... (Below threshold)

Aggressive and antisocial behavior in a child can be from any of a number of reasons from medications (prescribed or abused), mental health problems, seizure disorders or just plain poor parenting/homelife.

Removing an electrode is a lot less traumatic than the old fashioned beatings with batons that have been used in the past to subdue an unruly individual. Pepper spray can work, but has its own dangers in children. Overall, the risks to the individual being subdued and the subduer are less when a taser is used.

Those taser videos just cra... (Below threshold)

Those taser videos just crack me up. I can watch em for hours. They have zillions of em on you tube.






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