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Will Al Gore rescue the Democrats?

Who better to make peace amongst warring Democrats than their very own Peace Prize winner? Salena Zito considers the subject for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

In a campaign year full of Lazarus moments, one rebirth that American voters will not see is the second coming of Al Gore. Not as the reluctant candidate on a white horse, saving the day at the Democrats' convention in August. Probably not as a peace-maker between the two candidates beforehand, despite his Nobel Peace Prize.

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Another scenario to consider is an Al Gore caucus. It is brilliant, really: Lock Gore and the nearly 800 superdelegates in some "green" fire hall with a Ryder truck full of pizza and soda, and don't let them out till the deed is done. Problem solved.

Caucuses are a beautiful thing, full of horse-trading, bossy precinct captains, and lots of animated opinions. This exercise in democracy just might make the Democratic Party a more perfect union, when all was said and done.

Read it all at the link above. Zito concludes, probably correctly, that Gore is unlikely to do anything, since "he is into being a citizen of the world right now . . . "

The super-delegate caucus idea is one being floated by Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, and would meet DNC Chairentity Howard Dean's goal of settling the nomination by July 1st (although, as others have noticed, this isn't much of a healing idea: it allows the bloodletting to go on for three more months).

I don't get it. Democrats are deathly afraid their nomination will be "power-brokered" by super delegates at the convention "in some smoke-filled back room." So the solution to that is to have the nomination "power-brokered by super delegates before the convention in some smoke-free hotel conference room," then?


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Jim: I think some Democrats... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

Jim: I think some Democrats are conclusing that the smoke filled room solution might be inevitable, and if it can't be avoided, its better to have it done in June, so there's time to patch things up between Obama and Hillary's supporters before the convention, and the winner can then move from the convention to a general election campaign.

The alternative -- to keep this Political Celebrity Deathmatch going on until the convention and decide the winner then -- would clearly be a disaster. A repeat of '68 is probably unlikely, however the convention will be much more acrimonious than voters are used to and the nominee will have to spend all of September patching things up with dissafected members of their party when they should be campaigning for swing votes. As a Republican, I would love to see that unfold, but realistically, we can't expect our opposition to be THAT stupid.

The preference is, of course, for one of the nominees to win convincingly enough to prevent the other from claiming the election was stolen somehow. I think this -- rather than any ideological affinity or grudge against Hillary -- is what's moving party insiders like Dodd and Richardson into the Obama camp.

Sean P ~ I don't disagree w... (Below threshold)

Sean P ~ I don't disagree with any of your analysis. That is indeed what Democrats - especially the DNC and many establishment types - want to happen.

Unfortunately, when it is down to two candidates, it's almost impossible to devise any "settlement" which doesn't favor one candidate over the other. It appears an early "super-caucus" would tend to favor Obama, since he is ahead in the delegate count and, having successfully ducked "re-votes" in Michigan and Florida, will likely be ahead in popular votes cast, too.

Hillary, OTOH, benefits from a longer period of time. More time to win contests and finish strong. More time to contact delegates - including Obama delegates, perfectly within the rules - and remind them of what the Clintons may have done for them in the past, or may in the future. More time for Obama to make mistakes. More time for information about Obama, which the press has only just started looking for, to come out. More time for the Tony Rezko trial to finish up and see what else Obama didn't tell us about their relationship.

It's clearly to Obama's advantage to seek an early resolution, and just as clearly to Hillary's benefit to delay the resolution as long as possible (unless she somehow takes a one-vote lead at some point, in which case she'll agree to call it then).

Just because something might be in the Democratic Party's best self-interest does NOT mean they will do it.

She's gonna blow, Jim. Al G... (Below threshold)

She's gonna blow, Jim. Al Gore won't save it. Why, because Al Gore would have to sacrifice himself on the alter of Global warming -- And he is making too much money from the hoax to do that.

The racists in the Democrat party are causing the most tension. The real problem with race identity politics.

My opinion is that Gore is ... (Below threshold)

My opinion is that Gore is all about the AGW legislation that makes him and his friends rich. He doesn't want to alienate a potential President.

So Gore won't get involved until its clear who has won or possibly if his endorsement clinches it, then he will speak.

"Democrats are deathly afra... (Below threshold)

"Democrats are deathly afraid their nomination will be "power-brokered" by super delegates at the convention 'in some smoke-filled back room.'" -- Jim Addison

As a Democrat, I can state that what the Democrats TRULY ARE DEATHLY AFRAID OF is four more years of wars based on lies, an increasing poverty rate, wiretaps without warrants, more "Machine Gun Sammy" Alitos on the Supreme Court, lack of preparation for natural disasters, lies, lies, and more lies, cronyism and corruption, more torture (McCain having flip-flopped on it), greater EPA indifference toward toxins in the environment, shame and dishonor brought upon the nation, tax cuts for the wealthy in the name of Jesus, and still yet more lies.

Don't worry: we Democrats will be united by the time our convention in Denver is over.

Oh, silly me: in my list o... (Below threshold)

Oh, silly me: in my list of what to expect under a Republican Administration, I left off $400 billion-dollar deficits that we taxpayers are still paying interest on!

My god the Dims are such am... (Below threshold)

My god the Dims are such amazing fools. If they had just nominated a moderate like Bayh or Warner this election would over. But no they have to continue their trend of nominating liberal losers. I am so enjoying this.

Ironic that "Democrats" are... (Below threshold)

Ironic that "Democrats" are afraid of "Democracy." Tells you in what low regard they hold their voters. For good reason, in my view, still, I'm a Republican, they chose these idiots as their fellow partisans. Fools all.

He's dead Jim.Yah,... (Below threshold)

He's dead Jim.

Yah, ManBearPig has the Nobel prize, the Academy Award and is beloved by the Prius progressives, but how will said racial and gender obsessed progressives react to having a white male usurp nomination victory from a female, a person of color?

I dunno. If I was locked i... (Below threshold)

I dunno. If I was locked in a room with AlGore and had to listen to him bloviate until I came up with a solution, I'd think of something, and quick. It's either that or blow your brains out, and libs don't have guns or brains.

The "Goracle" would take th... (Below threshold)

The "Goracle" would take the nomination in a heart beat. After all, he's an Alpha Male, said so himself. Money? He has all he needs. What Gore craves is attention. In addition, he'd get to cut the Clinton's off at the knees as pay-back for 2000. Nothing is so sweet as political revenge. I can already see his slogan; no, not the old He's Rested, He's Ready. How about:
"Savior of the planet, Savior of His country". Got a nice warm-and-fuzzy to it. He can even campaign with his Peace Prize medal around his neck. What other candidate can do that?






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