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That's My Homey!

Every now and then, I have to confess that not every single great person comes from New Hampshire.

Sometimes, they are born elsewhere, but soon realize the error of their ways and move here.

As brilliant as he is, the single smartest thing Dean Kamen ever did was to leave New York and come to the Granite State.

Thank you, Maker Of Worlds, for sharing this bit of pure, undiluted awesome to the attention of so many.


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Hey, Jimi Hendrix was great... (Below threshold)

Hey, Jimi Hendrix was great, but I am pretty sure he wasn't from New Hampshire.

I can come up with other counterexample, JT!

Brett Favre?Lou... (Below threshold)

Brett Favre?

Louisiana, baby.

Yeah, Kamen's so brilliant,... (Below threshold)
M. Murcek:

Yeah, Kamen's so brilliant, he actually thought that the segway would be a big deal. Go figure...

Have to add that Dean Kamen... (Below threshold)
Real Author Profile Page:

Have to add that Dean Kamen founded FIRST Robotics, which is pretty much Battlebots/Robot Wars minus the flames and pits of doom.

That's the coolest thing I'... (Below threshold)

That's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time!

I'm sure Medicare will re-imburse about 5% of the actual cost and leave the rest to the patient.

Let's give a big Bronx chee... (Below threshold)

Let's give a big Bronx cheer for the tort lawyers who lined up to sue DEKA before the Segway was even released for sale. Some people do brilliant things with their lives, other people sue the brilliant people, and still others, feeling petty and inadequate, try to make fun of the brilliant people.
All we need is a lightweight, portable power source. Here's hoping the slow discharge capacitors work out.

That's so awesome!... (Below threshold)

That's so awesome!

My daughters have been invo... (Below threshold)

My daughters have been involved in FIRST Robotics and one will be in Atlanta in a couple of weeks for the World Competition. You can find video's of some of the regional events at 'thebluealliance dot net'

Thanks for posting this. I ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for posting this. I met Dean Kamen last year at the ASME Honors Assembly where he was honored wtih the ASME Medal for his work. Hes quite a nice man, very unassuming, and absolutely brilliant. I have forwarded this news and video to many who are so interested in his work.

The First program is a wonderful program for young engineers.. and it encourages kids to step beyond their scope and expand their imagination.... its a great program that my organization is very very involved in. I hope to meet the First program winners in Boston in November at our awards program to show these kids where they can go in life in the engineering world.....

thanks again for the video.

See ya






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