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Want to date a hot conservative woman?

Then you should go check out the new article on just that at Right Wing News: Interviewing Six Conservative Female Bloggers on Dating. I was one of the bloggers my friend John interviewed (and there's pictures of all six of us, by the way!), along with another friend of mine, Melissa Clouthier. We were also joined by four other talented ladies, who I do not know but respect very much: Karol Sheinin of Alarming News, Sharon Soon from Conservatives with Attitude, Michelle Odis from Human Events, and Dawn Eden.

We were asked about the difference in dating conservatives and liberals, about our pet peeves, why we think women have such bad luck in dating... the article runs the gamut. The article has some liberals all in a tizzy -- maybe it's because I said stuff like this:

I tend not to date liberals, for a reason. Politics is so important to what I do and I follow it so much. I can't respect a guy who's liberal all that much because it makes me question his intelligence. So, that's a big minus because I'm thinking how smart can this guy be if he thinks John Kerry is a great politician? (Laughs) If he thinks Barack Obama would be a great President, I think, gee, how bright could this guy be?

Go check it out. Read the whole thing, if you're interested in the opinions of six beautiful, intelligent women on dating. And come on, why wouldn't you be? (wink, wink)


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Cassy,Sorry I got ... (Below threshold)


Sorry I got to pass. I'm already married to a hot conservative woman.



You know, I hear one of tho... (Below threshold)

You know, I hear one of those Wizbang guys is single...

Whoa! Cassy. I am married y... (Below threshold)

Whoa! Cassy. I am married you do know? Quit teasing! ww

From the pictures: Very pre... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

From the pictures: Very pretty
From their viewpoints: Very sexy

Quite flattering to have th... (Below threshold)

Quite flattering to have them all essentially describing me as their ideal date . . . where were these ladies when I was 25?

Yeah, yeah, I know . . . so before some Wisenheimer pipes up, I'll answer my own question: "Not born yet!"


Jim, maybe their mothers we... (Below threshold)

Jim, maybe their mothers were children then. Ouch! ww

Want to date a hot conse... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Want to date a hot conservative woman?

Nah, that's OK. Like Bill, I'm already married to a hot conservative woman. ;-)

Hot!... (Below threshold)


Ok, being a single ultra-co... (Below threshold)

Ok, being a single ultra-conservative guy I better go check this out huh?

I can't even associate with liberals, blood pressure issues...
So if I was ever to DATE a liberal the most likely outcome would probably be stroke, heart attack, or homicide.

Hey, did someone say that J... (Below threshold)

Hey, did someone say that Jay Tea was still available?

"how smart can (someone) be... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

"how smart can (someone) be if (they) think John Kerry is a great politician."

Ha! Bullseye.Dead center.

Ha! "If he thinks B.O. woul... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

Ha! "If he thinks B.O. would be a good president I think,gee,how bright could this guy be?"

HaHaHa! Perfect. I'm in love. Cassy call me.

---the struggler

I concur with the lady's op... (Below threshold)

I concur with the lady's opinion.

Quite amusing, that Karol S... (Below threshold)

Quite amusing, that Karol Sheinin, who thinks she can convert liberal men to conservatism. I suspect that she has completely deluded herself here. While conservative women stand with George W. Bush in support of stupidity, we liberal men stand with Albert Einstein in support of human progress, AND WE SHALL CONTINUE TO STAND FIRM IN THIS REGARD!

Were that Karol Sheinin to ... (Below threshold)

Were that Karol Sheinin to give me a thousand kisses to sway me to change my mind, after the last kiss I would still defiantly declare:

"Woman, I remain a liberal! I can do no less."

Party before country - I'm ... (Below threshold)

Party before country - I'm used to that. But party before humanity? Jesus H. Christ, now we're falling in love as a function of the 2 party system? If we had a coalition gov't. would it increase your choices? Is there a better definiton of shallow? I mean, really?






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