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A tour of the blogosphere

Lots of interesting things happening out there.

Hooah Wife's husband gets a job teaching at The Naval Academy

Professor Bainbridge declares Sabranes-Oxley the best legislation ever passed by Congress.

Michelle Malkin endorses John McCain and offers to campaign for the Arizona Senator.

Our own Kevin here at Wizbang gives main board posting priviliges to a blogger once referred to as both a moonbat by Michelle Malkin and a hysterical right winger at Daily Kos.

The blogger known as ROK Drop is revealed to be a North Korean spy.

Want to read more? Check beneath the fold......

April Fools!

All the above is not true except for the bit about Wizbang. Which Wizbang blogger do you think I was referring to?


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Michelle Malkin endor... (Below threshold)

Michelle Malkin endorses John McCain and offers to campaign for the Arizona Senator.

I guess I missed that in the link.

I think you might have a ro... (Below threshold)

I think you might have a rocker bias. (I probably have a "nice guy/girl" bias) My ranking:
1. David Archuletta
2. David Cook
3. Jason Castro
4. Michael Johns
5. Kristy Lee Cook
6. Brooke White
7. Carly Smithson
8. Syesha Mercado
9. Ramiele Mulubay (by a mile--she's gone!!!)

I just didn't enjoy Carly at all tonight. I hated the song (bad 80's memories, I guess) and I'm so over staring at that tatoo.

I thought Jason Castro picked a great song and did a really good job with it.

David Archuletta finally picked another song/arrangement that showed just how awesome his voice is.

David Cook finally redid his hair, which was his biggest problem before. A few good weeks and he and David Archuletta will be the final two.

What the devil?? Sorry for ... (Below threshold)

What the devil?? Sorry for posting to the wrong thread!

You got me!... (Below threshold)

You got me!

You knucklehead!... (Below threshold)

You knucklehead!






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