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Thieving Scum

I have a few pet peeves. One of them is plagiarism. I have absolutely no patience or tolerance for those who take others' work as their own. I've busted a few people who rip off my stuff here at Wizbang -- it's remarkable how well a "Google trap" can work. I just make sure to make up certain phrases or words or deliberately misspell a couple of words every now and then, then do a Google and a Technorati search on them after a couple of days. It works remarkably well.

Anyway, one of Rob Port's co-bloggers over at Say Anything, "pilgrim," is currently being ripped off. And by a fairly popular Gulf Coast talk radio show who apparently don't give a rat's ass that they've been caught.

The first thought I had was that Rob needs to post a copyright notice on Say Anything, stat. I looked for one, but didn't find one.

Under copyright law, he doesn't need to post the notice to hold the copyright, but it's a damned good idea. It'd give him a bit more leverage with these assholes.

The second thought I had was that these dipshits don't quite know what they're dealing with. Yeah, they ripped off pilgrim, who's a listener of theirs. And they ripped off Rob, but he's off in North Dakota. And they say they don't care who knows it.

But they have a platform from which to shout their grievances, one that's caught the attention of this guy in New Hampshire -- at least a thousand miles from their home base. And I have a platform, too, and I'm spreading the word as loud and as far as I can.

Any Wizbang readers who also listen to Walton and Johnson -- keep in mind what they think of blogs and blog writers and blog readers, and how much contempt they have for us. And if you feel like it, call 'em up and let them know what you think of them.

Remember, you might get bleeped, so keep it clean. "Stealing scum" and "thieving vermin" and "ripoff artists" might get through, but "fucking assholes" surely won't.


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Comments (14)

Pilgrim should sue KPRC-AM,... (Below threshold)

Pilgrim should sue KPRC-AM, the corporation that owns it, and all affiliates that carry the show.

Why not? They have deep pockets, and Pilgrim stands to make some real cash even from some kind of settlement.

Hey, it isn't as if this is some bloodless turnip blogger who is infringing here, there could be some real money in this.

Be an American, Pilgrim: S... (Below threshold)

Be an American, Pilgrim: Sue Somebody!

Of course if some Muslims c... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Of course if some Muslims called in a death threat to Walton & Johnson for that post you can bet they would be quick to give credit to the real authors.

Ken's right. I live here in... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Ken's right. I live here in Houston, and these yodel-snots need a whupping!

He should at least consult ... (Below threshold)

He should at least consult an attorney, and be willing to settle for attorneys' fees plus a public correction, accreditation, and apology.

Having to apologize on the air is the most humiliating punishment imaginable for these sorts of radio jerks. Maybe he should be made to go to an elementary school and write "I will not steal" 500 times on the blackboard, too.


By the way, didja see the email from the MORON accusing one of our Wizbang writers of "plagiarism" for posting "unattributed work of another" yesterday? The IDIOT didn't understand that the little tinted box means a quotation. Nor, apparently, that AP doesn't mention the original writer or source for everything on the wire, and doesn't have to (by contract with their outlets).

I love it when someone rides in on a high horse to show us how freakin' STUPID he is!


I live in Houston also. I h... (Below threshold)

I live in Houston also. I have only two words for them. Thieving Scum. Oh...er...nevermind. ww

I used to the contact form ... (Below threshold)

I used to the contact form to put my two cents in - their show plays here and I actually started listening to those guys back when I was in high school twenty years ago. Here's the result from the contact form:

Your e-mail has been sent. Whether W&J will care about what you have to say or even bother to open it is a different matter. This website can't work miracles.

I always used to think that kind of thing was amusing, but then, I didn't think they really meant it. Clearly, my mistake.

I wrote this to them...... (Below threshold)

I wrote this to them...

John Walton
"I came from a listeners letter.... We frequent many sites to gather
material but I have never heard of Say Anything....not big on blogs...But If you wrote we fully agree with you viewpoint it was a cool analogy...thats why we posted it...We check out the site"

No wonder you have to plagiarize material when your own writing is that atrocious.

I got this in reply!

John Walton

We answer 300 emails per day....sometimes you don't get to cross all of the T's and dot all of the I's.... Sorry I answered this on at all. This kind of rudeness deserves no reply. So don't bother sending anything back. We don't plagiarize anything. PS Fuck off.

I live in Houston also.... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

I live in Houston also.

I've tried listening to these clowns a couple times since they came to KPRC.

I can't take more than 60 seconds of their inane, assinine, juvenile ramblings before I want to stick an ice pick in my ears just to guarantee that I never have to hear them again.

Yes, it's that bad.

Jees, not only did they ste... (Below threshold)

Jees, not only did they steal Pilgrim's writings, they are using the whole theme as the image and title on their website now.

Hey, Jay Tea, we stopped by... (Below threshold)

Hey, Jay Tea, we stopped by to let you know that you didn't have to misspell words to search for your own writings on Google. There is this amazing feature in Google which allows you to search for an exact phrase. All you have to do is put it in quotation marks. Easy! So just put one of your sentences in quotation marks and if someone has stolen it, the Great Gazoogle will tell you.

By the way, we'd be curious to see who's plagiarized your stuff. Care to provide links?

Sad, you might notice I sai... (Below threshold)

Sad, you might notice I said "or phrase," but thanks for the kind advice. And I can't give you the best link -- it was over at MyLot, and the site is now a smoking crater. But it WAS at http://www.mylot.com/w/blogshome/238.aspx.

Your concern is noted and appreciated, though.


Misspelling seems like a gu... (Below threshold)

Misspelling seems like a guarantee that the smart will get away with stealing your content while the stupid won't.

---Anyway, one of Rob Port'... (Below threshold)

---Anyway, one of Rob Port's co-bloggers over at Say Anything, "pilgrim," is currently being ripped off. And by a fairly popular Gulf Coast talk radio show who apparently don't give a rat's ass that they've been caught.---

What is it about those talk radio people, anyway?






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