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This Woman Is D-U-M

In the great Democratic sweep of 2006, one of the people carried along with the tide was Carol Shea Porter, who represents New Hampshire's "other" district. (I'm represented by Democrat Paul Hodes, who's not quite as moonbatty.)

The other morning on the radio, the host mentioned she'd met Shea Porter at an event and happened to ask the Congresswoman her opinion on the DC guns case currently before the Supreme Court. Ms. Shea Porter reportedly told her that she sided with the district, seeing it as a matter of state's rights, but was trying to stay out of it.

I nearly blew several blood vessels.

First up, it might have escaped Ms. Shea Porter's attention, but we already had the fight about the supremacy of the Constitution over state's rights -- and the Constitution won. The battle was done in the 1860's, but it took about another hundred years to get properly pounded home. But that was still over 40 years ago.

Secondly, the District of Columbia is NOT A STATE. You might have missed it, but go ahead and list the rest of the states, then count them and compare that number to the number of stars on the flag. You'll come up with 50 and 50. So, since DC is not a state, "state's rights" are pretty much irrelevant.

Thirdly, the District of Columbia has a governing body. It's called "the Congress of the United States." Ms. Shea Porter might have heard of that -- she's been a MEMBER of it for over a year now.

In other words, she's a part of the government that is currently suing to keep its gun ban.

Ms. Shea Porter is a miracle of nature -- she proves that a moonbat and a dingbat can crossbreed.

But the results are NOT pretty.


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We have at least one of tho... (Below threshold)

We have at least one of those down here in
Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee comes to mind.

Sheila is in a class by her... (Below threshold)

Sheila is in a class by herself. Shea Porter is a rank amateur moonbat. She needs to keep at it for twenty years or so, without ever making any sense, to work her way to Jackson-Lee's level.

We're talking the sort of person who speaks only for about 30 seconds before you start wondering, "Hey! Where's her straitjacket?"

Perhaps keep the language ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps keep the language / intelligence equivalancy bar that high for others, maybe?

Well one thing you have to ... (Below threshold)

Well one thing you have to give to Sheila...she's smarter than Cynthia McKinney was. Sheila hasn't risen to the same level of foot-in-mouth that Cynthia reached...Sheila is still in office, or maybe Sheila is on the same spaceship as Dennis Kucinich. Of course, it may be that the eastern Atlanta voters are smarter than the the Houston area voters....

You're right...<a ... (Below threshold)
Someone has now identified ... (Below threshold)

Someone has now identified the problem. Botox shrinks the skin to remove wrinkles and science has discovered that Botox makes its way to the brain. We are dealing with a lot of people with shrunken brains, will their heads follow? Can we still insult Hanoi John, Silky hair, and Peeeeloshi since they have really small brains?

If memory serves, Sheila Ja... (Below threshold)

If memory serves, Sheila Jackson Lee was the one who asked a NASA official if the Mars Orbiter could see the flag that Apollo missions put on the surface of the moon.

So she may have the title of dumbest wrapped up.

Whoa, whoa, whoa - We got D... (Below threshold)

Whoa, whoa, whoa - We got D-U-M all wrapped up here in Jacksonville with Corrine Brown. Not only that, but she's got mean-spirited, racist and corrupt all wrapped up in the same taco.

Shea Porter, Sheila Jackson... (Below threshold)

Shea Porter, Sheila Jackson, Corrine Brown.

DUM-- coo coo for cocoa puffs for sure all of them, BUT they are who they ARE, they were BORN that way....

The REAL friggan DUM ones are the people who VOTE for these dip shits!!!!!!!!
It actually makes me wanna cry sometimes, how voters can be soooo stupid.

Y'all are changing the subj... (Below threshold)

Y'all are changing the subject faster than the leftist trolls do!

We were talking moonbattiness, not stupidity. If you want to talk DUMB, I'll concede Corrine Brown is right up there - although she (and her daughter) haven't done too bad in the gratuity department, and have avoided those messy indictments like "Freezer Bill" Jefferson.

If it's stupid you want, look no further than Patty Murray. The woman is so stupid it's a miracle she knows how to breathe. When they were handing out minds, she thought they said, "wine," and said, "Give me the weakest I can get."

She could challenge Cindy Sheehan to a "stupid" contest and send her crying to Hugo Chavez in ten minutes flat.

Ya'll sound surprised that ... (Below threshold)

Ya'll sound surprised that pigs are stupid.

That's an insult to pigs. <... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

That's an insult to pigs.
Pigs aren't as stupid as these moonbat pols are.






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