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Ah, Sweet, Sweet Justice...

First up, the founder of Err America and husband of a Democratic senator is busted engaging the services of a hooker.

Then it turns out that Hillary Clinton's campaign -- which numbers among its planks "health insurance for everyone" -- is almost $300,000 behind in paying the premiums for its employees.

The Germans, who seem to have a word for most every situation, describe one of the darker aspects of human nature: "schadenfreude," the thrill we get when we see someone else's misfortune. It's why we laugh when we someone slip on the ice, or why "America's Funniest Home Videos" is still on the air and showing an endless clip of men getting hit in the groin.

I'm not proud of it, but right now I'm feeling it.

And liking it.

And hoping it continues.


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JT, the fact that Hillary i... (Below threshold)

JT, the fact that Hillary is behind in the health insurance payments suggests that if she were ever in charge and encountered the money problem (which she most certainly would if the govt took over health care insurance), the only solution would be to decrease the coverage available to everyone.

Either that or suddenly she'd invoke a "means test" so that if you made too much money, you wouldn't be eligible for the insurance.

"Then it turns out that ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Then it turns out that Hillary Clinton's campaign -- which numbers among its planks "health insurance for everyone" -- is almost $300,000 behind in paying the premiums for its employees."

Well it appears that most Democrats believe that the American taxpayers should be responsible for paying for everyone's healthcare insurance, rather than employers or individuals, so there's really nothing inconsistent here.

Yeah, I heard that senator ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I heard that senator got a discounted one--only $150. What a deal!

Can't really blame Stabenow... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Can't really blame Stabenow's husband though. If I was married to something like that I'd prolly seek sexual fulfillment elsewhere, too. And if I looked like him I'd have to pay for it too.

At least it was oral sex wi... (Below threshold)

At least it was oral sex with a woman.

"At least it was oral se... (Below threshold)

"At least it was oral sex with a woman."

Is that a whiff of intolerance I smell? That couldn't be coming from a liberal, could it?

The Democrats have gone dow... (Below threshold)

The Democrats have gone downhill in a hurry. We find out 2 or 3 of their leaders have been caught visiting hookers. That's a long cry from the hey day of the Clintons. Bill was much better in that he at least got his women for free. He needs to get off the campaign trail and a do a consulting service for senior politicians to get laid without having to pony up a couple large ones an hour.....

Sweet Culture of Corruption... (Below threshold)

Sweet Culture of Corruption!

I'm not proud of it, but... (Below threshold)
Bob Fleetwood:

I'm not proud of it, but right now I'm feeling it.

And liking it.

And hoping it continues.

Your being a huge asshole has a lot to do with that, Jeigh Tee.

I can tell you hit the mark... (Below threshold)

I can tell you hit the mark JT. Nothing but insults and a weird attempt to justify bad behavior from the other side so far.

Debbie's never been a favor... (Below threshold)

Debbie's never been a favorite of mine since she was in the State government. She divorced her first husband and then married this jerk? Perhaps there is some form of justice here, but it is twisted. I sure hope its not a set up to make her a Hillary clone. I wouldn't put it past the Err America Crowd.

And Randi Rhodes is suspend... (Below threshold)

And Randi Rhodes is suspended for calling HRC a whore?
HT HotAir.

Oh the irony.

hmmm. Patrick is tolerant ... (Below threshold)

hmmm. Patrick is tolerant of killing black babies, but not of gay felatio. Good to know.

The fact that Hillary's cam... (Below threshold)

The fact that Hillary's campaign can't afford to pay the premiums for their employees' health insurance only proves they need to able to take the money from YOU. Then everything will be okay - at least until they figure out something else they could do if they took enough MORE money from you.






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