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I did some research too

A woman in Ocala Florida wants to ban BB guns.

A city resident will ask the City Council at Tuesday's meeting to prohibit shooting BB guns within Ocala.

"I just don't expect to look out my back window and see someone with a backpack and a rifle over their shoulder, said Glenda Vietinghoff, who is scheduled to address the council at the meeting.

Currently, residents over the age of 15 are allowed to shoot BB or pellet guns without supervision as long as they are not hunting in a city park, said Greg Graham, Ocala's deputy police chief.

"What most people do is shoot squirrels," he said.

Her reason for proposing the change in local law is not anti-gun, but pro-safety, Vietinghoff said.

The wooded area behind Vietinghoff's home has become a popular spot for young men to shoot BB or pellet guns, and the neighborhood is home to a number of young children that could be endangered by the activity, she said.

"BB guns of 20 years ago are not the same BB guns of today," she said, referring to her concern that some these weapons are "very realistic" in appearance.

And Vietinghoff has done her research and says several other municipalities across the nation have adopted ordinances similar to the one she is suggesting.

Ms. Vietinghoff says she did her research. I ask her- How many children have been hurt by BB guns? Here's what I found-

Each year in the United States, approximately 30,000 persons with BB and pellet gun -related injuries are treated in hospital emergency departments .
The report reports some eye injuries but no children killed.

I am apathetic when it comes to gun control. The only time I used a firearm was when I was training in the Navy. That's 30 years ago almost. When my father died, I came into possession of a revolver. It's in my night stand at home, and I doubt it has been more than touched twice in 11 years. Basically I think law abiding people should have the right to firearms, but I don't think guns are a cure all. After both the Va Tech and NIU tragedies people argued what would have happened if students were armed. I'm with Dr. Taylor, who thinks we'd have more incidents.

Ok shoot me for saying that, but remember I'm a masochist. That's just my opinion, and one held by other people more educated than I am.

Ms. Vietinghoff is well intended but misguided. She's welcome to her views. If she wants to get serious about child safety, here's an issue. 1500 children a year die from that drowning. Often in their family or neighbor's backyard but also in lakes, ponds, rivers. With Ms. Vietinghoff's wisdom, pools should be banned too. I wish her good luck in getting that done in Sunny Florida. She will need it.

Hat tip- Don Surber who writes-

Why do people insist on applying one bad experience to every experience? Conservatives and liberals alike do this. Some kid shoots his eye out and so we assume every child will shoot his eye out and ban them.

We called it group punishment back in the day.

Don is absolutely right. One recruit screws up so the RDC punishes every recruit. Since when was Florida like Navy Boot Camp?


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Outlaw bathtubs, stairs, bi... (Below threshold)

Outlaw bathtubs, stairs, bicycles, skate boards, automobiles of all kinds, chicken, steak, all choking hazards, just eat mush and crawl on all fours. You name it and it's harmed more people per year than BB guns. In 8 years of EMS I treated thousands for different injuries, some from everything listed above, but never one for a BB gun injury. That's the truth.

"What most people do is sho... (Below threshold)

"What most people do is shoot squirrels," he [Deputy Police Chief Graham] said.

What kind of fiendish, psychotic beast would shoot squirrels?

Herman wrote- "Wha... (Below threshold)

Herman wrote-

"What kind of fiendish, psychotic beast would shoot squirrels?"

Boris Badenov?


PS- I couldn't resist.

What kind of fiendish, p... (Below threshold)

What kind of fiendish, psychotic beast would shoot squirrels?

The kind that know how to make Squirrel Stew, Squirrel Pie, Fried Squirrel, Squirrel Kabobs, etc.

And a Moose that finally went over the edge...

Squirrels are small game an... (Below threshold)

Squirrels are small game animals, Herman. Most states have hunting seasons for them.

Frankly, BB guns are not the best choice for taking them.

Unlike you, SPQR, I will co... (Below threshold)

Unlike you, SPQR, I will continue to diligently oppose the Boris Badenovs of the world in their evil crusade to harm squirrels.

"Since when was Florida lik... (Below threshold)

"Since when was Florida like Navy Boot Camp?"

Hey, I actually WENT to Navy Boot Camp in Florida. For some of us, the two do go together..

Herman, I hope you amuse yo... (Below threshold)

Herman, I hope you amuse yourself because otherwise there would be no one in the world amused by your juvenile behavior.

Two questions for you, Bill... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

Two questions for you, Bill:

1) Large-scale murders keep happening in areas where people are prohibited from carrying firearms; don't you notice the pattern?

2) Why do you believe that people who carry handguns responsibly everywhere else would somehow become a danger because they continue that same activity at a school?

'sorry, but somebody had to... (Below threshold)

'sorry, but somebody had to add this:

Ralphie: "I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!"

Santa Claus: "You'll shoot your eye out, kid."






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