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Lila Rose does it again

Lila Rose, of the LA Advocate, has done it again. Not only did she show us how willing Planned Parenthood is to break the law in order to force an abortion on an young, confused teenaged girl, she's now showing us that they're unbelievably racist. Of course, that shouldn't be surprising -- the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a flaming hate-filled racist who advocated eugenics. They're just following in their beloved leader's footsteps.

Watch this video. It'll make you so glad that your taxpayer dollars are going to such a good, wholesome, American organization.

Michelle Malkin has the press release also released with the video:

"This new video demonstrates a disturbing trend of racism at Planned Parenthood," said Lila Rose, editor of The Advocate. "Planned Parenthood has no shame in accepting donations intended to purposely abort minority populations. People have forgotten the organization was founded on these principles and has continued to operate under these same racist views for decades."

Irene Gray of Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque, New Mexico took the call from O'Keefe last summer when he wanted to make a donation to abort a black baby. In sympathetic tones, Gray_ replied "yes, yes, it's a strange time for sure" to the caller's rant about affirmative action and how there is a need for less black people because they compete with whites for admission to schools.

When asked if the organization takes donations specifically to abort black babies, another Planned Parenthood staffer from Tulsa Susan Riggs answered, "We can definitely designate it for an African-American."

"Clearly, Planned Parenthood has absolutely no shame in using funds to target and abort black children from racist donors. It's a jolting reminder that abortion is a big business, regardless of what the politicians and the special interest groups say and given that Planned Parenthood receives over $300 million in federal funding every year, it's time Congress investigate these extremely disturbing business practices," continued Rose. "Planned Parenthood must be held accountable for their actions. No one is calling them out - including supposedly minority civil rights groups like the ACLU and NAACP - for their despicable actions."

Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Where are the cries of outrage from the NAACP?

Oh, that's right. Abortion is women's rights, and a favorite cause of liberals, and therefore abortion clinics can say and do whatever they want without repercussions. Liberals will stampede each other to defend the racist baby-killers. Besides, only EEEEEVIL! KKKonservatives can be racist.

Abortion's bad enough as it is, but how can you defend willful breaking of the law, encouraging -- and practically coercing -- young, impressionable, frightened, confused girls to get abortions without informing them that they actually have other options, willfully hiding the facts about pregnancy and abortion so that women won't decide to keep their child rather than letting them know ALL the facts and make their own choices, flagrant racism, and the all-around evil that emanates from Planned Parenthood?

Abortion advocates, who call themselves "pro-choice" are never actually for choice, of course. They want to make your choice for you, which is abortion, because it's such a wonderful, empowering thing. If they wanted women to make up their own minds, they wouldn't push so hard. They wouldn't lie, they wouldn't distort facts. They wouldn't refuse to let women have 48-hour waiting periods and they'd show them sonograms of the child they're about to kill. Abortion advocates have to do these kinds of things, because if they didn't, most women wouldn't go through with it.

Planned Parenthood is disgusting enough with having to add in blatant racism. But the racism is there, for all to see, and I can't quite see why people are still defending Planned Parenthood.

I especially can't understand why MY tax dollars are going to this piece-of-shit organization when I don't want anything to do with it.

All you pro-life politicians out there: are you paying attention? I somehow think not.


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Comments (9)

Where is the Margaret Sange... (Below threshold)

Where is the Margaret Sanger evidence on eugenics I keep hearing that but never see evidence. One fact seldom spoken about is the fact the G.H.W. Bush was pro choice until given the V.P. offer for V.P. then he changed his ways

This article also explains all of the services offered by planned parenthood of which about 5% of their services include providing abortions. Calling Planned Parenthood clinics "abortion clinics" is an example of an ill-informed group of pro choice advocates.

One fact seldom sp... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
One fact seldom spoken about is the fact the G.H.W. Bush was pro choice until given the V.P. offer for V.P. then he changed his ways

It wasn't the V.P. offer that changed his mind. Someone explained to him what abortion was.

"Where is the Margaret S... (Below threshold)

"Where is the Margaret Sanger evidence on eugenics I keep hearing that but never see evidence."

Ever hear of something called Google? Even the Wikipedia entry about her describes her as an advocate...until someone like you attempts to whitewash it, of course.

Wow! GHW Bush changed his p... (Below threshold)

Wow! GHW Bush changed his position twenty years ago. I guess you told us.
There is much evidence of the eugenics label Sanger wore as well as Lindburg, and other elitists liberals who thought themselves superior. Like todays liberals really. If you listen to them, they are the only ones that could and should provide answers to problems. No dissent. I wonder how come many pregnant teenagers who go to restrooms to give birth then just throw away the child, get there ideas about how precious life should be respected? ww

Also, abortion is a money maker for PP. It may be 5% of the work they do, but 95% of the cash it gets. It is business. ww

Patrick, are you talking ab... (Below threshold)

Patrick, are you talking about a different Margaret Sanger? Because the one we're talking about said, "The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."

There is no doubt that Margaret Sanger wished to control the populations of certain people to create a "superior race". Sound familiar at all to you, Patrick?

Darn, I hope you were going... (Below threshold)

Darn, I hope you were going to provide some of your astute economic analysis again. Have you learned what a profit is yet?

This IS the way to attack P... (Below threshold)

This IS the way to attack PP appropriately. Bravo.

So Patrick, you are OK with... (Below threshold)

So Patrick, you are OK with taking money expressly to kill black children. That is good to know.

jp2 Do us a favor.... (Below threshold)


Do us a favor. Breakdown and explain PP financials for us.

Given your keen interest in astute economic analysis we will be waiting for your definition of what a profit is .






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