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Take my wife, please.

Canada has its share of immigration insanity. Take this story for instance.

Ricardo Manalang thought his financial, emotional and psychological nightmare was over when the woman who duped him into marrying her and bringing her to Canada was ordered deported.

Federal courts issued an order demanding the woman be returned to her native Philippines because of misrepresentation during the immigration process.

I'll remind everyone, that my dear wife is a Filpina and resided in the Philippines till 1989. When we married, I was told by some people Leonita was marrying for a green card. Those people were wrong, when Leonita got here in the US she would cry her eyes out at the drop of a pin because she missed her family.

There are con artist immigrants, but I think they are the exception not the rule. Lets hear a little about Mr. Manalang's wife, Gloriza Dela Rea Manalang.

All despite the fact court documents prove she falsified birth certificates of her two children, fudged details of her life in the Philippines and forged her still-living first husband's death certificate in order to marry and enter the country with her daughters.


The couple divorced in 2003 when Dela Rea Manalang walked out with her children two months after arriving in Canada, leaving her ex-husband $26,000 in debt after he covered her expenses.

Such a nice lady, NOT! The fact she forged documents to get entry in the first place, would make yo think Mrs. Manalang would be deported from Canada by now five years later.

Think again.

Four years later, however, Gloriza Dela Rea Manalang, 36, remains in Canada, where she will stay until an application for spousal sponsorship filed by her latest husband is either approved or denied.
She married again. A sucker is born every minute. Does the new husband know of his wife's past?
The deportation order for her and her daughters, now 15 and 17, was issued in June 2004, but the woman moved in with Rouel De Leon just months later. She gave birth to that man's child little more than a year ago.

Her latest appeal was denied late last year and Dela Rea Manalang and her daughters were scheduled to be deported on March 25 on the basis that, according to court documents, her misrepresentations were "serious and at the high end of the spectrum."

According to Dela Rea Manalang's lawyer, the removal was postponed because immigration officials were slow in processing the application for permanent citizenship filed by De Leon -- whom the woman married illegally last April, according to a provincial marriage license.

Canada is slow to process immigrants too. Are there any fast moving bureaucracies in the world?

Mrs. Manalang committed fraud in her second marriage. I share Ricardo Manalang's disbelief that after all what is known about Dela Rea Manalang, that she isn't deported. Gloriza Dela Rea Manalang must have a good lawyer.


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The debate <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

The debate continues.


The opposition will likely get the chance early next week to topple the Harper government over a controversial immigration bill that gives the federal immigration minister more power to decide who gets into the country.
Canada is slow to proces... (Below threshold)

Canada is slow to process immigrants too. Are there any fast moving bureaucracies in the world?

Slow moving, or maybe on purpose, as then the dependency programs have numbers, and the politicians have a platform to stand on(all the while back handedly stating that they are working to solve the problem)

Just my thoughts

"fast moving bureaucracies"... (Below threshold)

"fast moving bureaucracies"

Oxymoron. If they were fast moving they wouldn't be a bureaucracy. It would be effective government.

Green: "This body's flat as... (Below threshold)

Green: "This body's flat as a pancake."

Lupo: "Got red pen marks all over it, too"

Green: "You know what that means."

Lupo: "Yup. Run over by a fast-moving bureaucracy."

Green: "No way he couldda seen that coming."






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