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Teresa Heinz Kerry passes the torch to Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama and Teresa Heinz Kerry together Wednesday at a Carnegie-Mellon University rally for Barak Obama. According to The Boston Globe Heinz Kerry was introduced under her late husband's (Republican Senator John Heinz) moniker, "Teresa Heinz."


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Comments (22)

Tuh-RAY-zuh looks drunk aga... (Below threshold)

Tuh-RAY-zuh looks drunk again - or was it pills?

At least it seems to have made Michelle proud of America - or whatever country Teresa is from, maybe.

Really, Jim. Why does she ... (Below threshold)

Really, Jim. Why does she always look like she just crawled out of bed fully dressed?

So the mantle of the most e... (Below threshold)

So the mantle of the most embarrassing spouse for a current presidential candidates has been passed. It early but I think it was the right choice.

No. Sorry, but clearly the ... (Below threshold)

No. Sorry, but clearly the candidate with the most embarrassing spouse is Hillary.

"And Teresa Heinz was heard... (Below threshold)

"And Teresa Heinz was heard saying 'Let them eat cake.' ww

Another poor, libera... (Below threshold)

Another poor, liberal housewife trying to make do on a multi-million dollar income!

Teresa: Tell me, Michelle, ... (Below threshold)

Teresa: Tell me, Michelle, how did you land a rabid liberal democrat on the first try? I had to give up a Republican to get mine...

Jim, Tuh-RAY-zuh must be ea... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Jim, Tuh-RAY-zuh must be eating those gin-soaked raisins she loves to talk about.

I ask you all 'Does either one really say "First Lady" to you?'

Not to me .. these are two women who would be IN YOUR FACE all the time.

You could use that pic for ... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

You could use that pic for your Caption of the Week contest.

How emasculating must it be... (Below threshold)

How emasculating must it be to John Kerry that Teresa would rather use the last name of her dead husband than her current husband? Even when she does include Kerry's last name, Heinz always comes first.

There's a pic that proves t... (Below threshold)

There's a pic that proves that 1 + 1 = zero.

"Here's My typical white tr... (Below threshold)

"Here's My typical white trophy"

"I actually voted for the 87th botox injection.....before I married the injector"

Pictured above are two marx... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Pictured above are two marxists who are ashamed of America, also known as typical Democrats.

(Oh, sorry-- I thought this was the caption contest.)

Black is black, I want My p... (Below threshold)

Black is black, I want My pastor back.

Sorry... thought it was Fri... (Below threshold)

Sorry... thought it was Friday.

My god the Dims are rushing... (Below threshold)

My god the Dims are rushing towards the cliff's edge like lemmings...what a beautiful sight.

This is the prefect photo f... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

This is the prefect photo for Don Imus's nappy-headed remark.

...and together they helped... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

...and together they helped raise over $35,000 for the treatment of spousal hoof-in-mouth syndrome.

THK looks like she's being led to the hardware store so she can buy the rope for her own hanging.

And presenting this season'... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

And presenting this season's Oscar for Best Performance as a Mainstream Presidential Candidate by the Person With the Most Liberal Voting Record in the United States Senate...

Why are all wannabee Democr... (Below threshold)

Why are all wannabee Democrat first ladies whiney bitches? Is there a special course they have to take, or just born with it?

Theresa is a witch; would love a catfight between her and Shrillary.

Hear, hear, Mitchell! More ... (Below threshold)

Hear, hear, Mitchell! More submissively unopinionated Stepford wives, please!

This should have been a cap... (Below threshold)

This should have been a caption contest.






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