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This Is Why I Don't Work In National Politics...

OK, this is just stupid.

Hillary Clinton is recycling her "3 a.m. phone call" ad -- you remember that one:

Apparently she thinks it's just the cat's pajamas, never mind that the most entertaining tidbit is that the little girl in the clip has grown up and is endorsing Barack Obama:

Well, getting slapped down like that apparently didn't take. Hillary's back, and now it's 3 a.m. -- time to attack John McCain over the economy!

This is where it is obvious why John McCain has his media advisors who aren't me.

I would have come back with her ad, but after she answered the phone, I would have had the voice on the other end saying "Madame President, we found the First Husband. He was at a sorority party, and the Girls Gone Wild film crew was here. I think we managed to confiscate all the video again."

Instead, McCain's team took a higher road -- and did it in about SIX HOURS:

I think I like it partly because it's saying the same thing I've been saying: if the economy's in trouble, the very LAST thing we should do is take even more money from people and dump it into the least efficient, most wasteful, and downright dumbest portion -- the federal government.

At a time like that, the thing to do is put MORE money in the hands of the people. Cut taxes -- such as the tax on gasoline, while gas prices are scraping record levels. Taxes on investments, when we need more money going into companies that want to hire more employees. Taxes on luxury goods -- because millionaires buy them, not MAKE them. (Remember back in the 90's, when we started taxing the shit out of yachts? Millionaires started buying and registering their toys overseas, and thousands of non-millionaire boat builders were thrown out of work. Yup, that worked out just fine.

Now, can we PLEASE find a new theme for a commercial besides phones ringing at 3 a.m? I need the sleep...


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Comments (15)

hilarious, or should I say ... (Below threshold)

hilarious, or should I say hillaryious?

Jay Tea, I just LOVE you! I... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, I just LOVE you! I'm not a big fan of McCain (marginally lukewarm to him), but this is a perfect - PERFECT! - response ad!

I admit, however, that I wish McCain's staff had a little more of your snark and been able to slip in some sort of comment like your suggestion - "Girls Gone Wild" indeed! LOLOLOL

McCain will get my vote sim... (Below threshold)

McCain will get my vote simply because of the three nominees, he's the one who will do the least lasting damage to my country during his term.

When I saw Hillary's new 3 ... (Below threshold)

When I saw Hillary's new 3 AM ad on FNC, I honest-to-god thought that it was a joke from SNL or some YouTube gurus.

Its 3 AM and my ears are st... (Below threshold)

Its 3 AM and my ears are still ringing. Will someone turn down the volume of these dang TV ads???

Here is an interesting theo... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Here is an interesting theological take on the politics of envy:


Alot of shit going on at 3 ... (Below threshold)

Alot of shit going on at 3 AM in the democrap fantasy world...can't it wait until:

1) 10 AM?...remember, I'm on CPT--b. hussein obama
2) I've douched?--h. r. clinton
3) I've thrown the phone across the room in a fit of rage?--J. McCain

What kind of economic crisi... (Below threshold)

What kind of economic crisis happens at 3 AM, necessitating The Phone Call? Maybe the foreign markets melting down big time? Other than that,if someone flew a plane into the Stock Exchange or OPEC announced they would never sell oil to us ever again, those are crises but the first is more terrorism than economic and the second is foreign relations based. I guess if all those evil predatory mortgage lenders and malevolent oil executives started rioting...

I'm interested in how far t... (Below threshold)

I'm interested in how far that girl can actually go in speaking against Hillary's ad, being that it is stock photography and the girl, or more likely her parents, signed away the rights for it. I work with stock photography on a regular basis, as well as model release forms etc..., I've always wondered how much recourse these people would have, I would think none.

While agreeing with the sen... (Below threshold)

While agreeing with the sentiment, there's an implied premise with the following statement that's wrong.


At a time like that, the thing to do is put MORE money in the hands of the people.

The only way government can PUT money into people's hands is if the money belonged to someone else, government takes it and then redistributes it. That is, your statement implies a redistribution of the money. Allow me to suggest a rephrasing.

At a time like that, the thing to do is to leave MORE money in the hands of the people.
In her next ad, a toilet is... (Below threshold)

In her next ad, a toilet is going to overflow in Detroit and they'll be calling her at 3:00 AM.

That woman really needs to ... (Below threshold)

That woman really needs to come up with some fresh ideas for her ads. Maybe you just keep recycling the ones that don't work when you've run out of money to pay for fresh ones.

The entire Clinton staff and the candidate herself are looking like they are yesterday's news. She's so . . . . . 20th century.

Someone need to remind Hill... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Someone need to remind Hillary that only in Marxist countries do people expect the government to create jobs.

Now our print & broadcast media, judicial system, and educational system might be full of marxists, but I think most Americans still reject that philosophy.

These are very smart ads. S... (Below threshold)

These are very smart ads. Six months from now, due to America's short attention span, the only thing that will be remembered is the 3AM phone call and by then it will be a positive. 99% of the people will not remember it was a joke. The object is to get her name in peoples mind, never mind if it was for a criminal act or whatever. people will remember the name in the news only.

Jay,I have to say ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


I have to say I'm very disappointed in you.

Why did you not schedule this post to publish at...3am?!






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